January 17th, 2005

Peace up, a-town down

Ultimate Force was great this week. Explosions, decapitations, South African accents… oh and Becca of course. Woo girls with guns! (though how posh is she, anyone? I’m sure she didn’t sound quite that posh last week)

Haven’t watched Sea Of Souls yet, I think tonight I’m going to either recap Spooks 102 or transcribe the Spooks Access All Areas programme. Might watch the first part of Sea of Souls too. Depends how long the damn recap takes.

Had my hair cut Saturday and it’s currently in its BIG phase. Like, *whoomf*. This is what happens when it comes into contact with products that make it curl. I like it, is just trimmed and layered. I’m thinking I might colour it again soon…

Also, I got the best invention ever for lazy people: spray-in conditioner!!!! I have to do even LESS to my hair!!

So, I had a good weekend – Saturday wandered round Bromley after having my hair done, forgot I needed three different things so kept having to come back from bus stop/shop to return to Library. Got Excel 2000 for Dummies – a little light reading :). Also picked up some random textbooks, I think they were sociology this time.

I’m reading Out by Natsuo Kirino atm, which is a Japanese crime novel. It’s really good so far, though they seem to pack such massive amounts of info in on the pages, so it’s taking a while.

Claire came round Saturday evening and we watched the first series of Phoenix. Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha Peter Kay is so funny. Also saw the live thing on Friday too. Will repeat myself, but never mind: Peter Kay is so funny. Plus, Paddy *swoon*.

Sunday I decided to go to see Crishna for milkshakes. And to see Crishna, obviously, I wasn’t just going so I could get a mars bar milkshake and a snowball milkshake. How could you think that!?

So, yeah, went to Kingston, was good fun. Went round shops and didn’t buy much (though did get 2 steak knives for 95p each. Bargain!) but Crishna did, which made a change. Then went back and collapsed briefly at her before being fed (yay Bolognese) before making my way home just in time to record SoS part two. I would say I rule, but dad picked me up from Eltham, so really, he rules.

Then slept lots and wished for the alarm not to ring this morning, but of course it did.

Apparently (well, I say apparently, I did agree to it), am going to a school disco type thing next week. Have been bribed with promise of free broadband. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think that’s worth putting up with school disco (plus, may get a nice long rant out of it).

I think we were going to go and see Look At Me in the cheap cinema, which is, of course, French, but I’m not sure what day this school thing is.

To sum up: good weekend, I'm confused. Business as usual, non?