January 11th, 2005

But I don't have answers or say them in time...

Went to see White Noise Friday night. The original reason for going – no-one else wanted to go see it – ended up being untrue because Dear’s bf came along. Should have taken this as a sign and not gone. Really freaky film, during which I sat there with my hands over my eyes and covering my ears as best I could, and may have been muttering to myself along the lines of ‘I hate this film, I hate this film’. Then - bad for film but thankfully for me – the climatic bit was less scary due to usage of CGI. Not sure I’ve ever been so glad to see CGI. It was a freaky film, but not a freaky you’re-going-to-think-about-this-for-weeks film like Dawn of The Dead 2004.

So, yeah. Went shopping to Canary Wharf with Claire on Saturday, was good fun and got some very funky stuff, including loads of jewellery in Wallis (yay! Jewellery), and some tops in Next, including a pink cardigan with a feathery collar oh yes. Will take pictures now I have my camera back *hugs camera*. Also got some more lemon crisps, woo.

We’ve organised our Germany trip for the middle of February. Chocolate orders in the comments.

Watched The Pornographer Saturday night, which had depressingly little porn in ratio to pretentious French twaddle and guy with bad hair looking mournful. However, it did have Jeremie Renier who was the marquis in BOTW, and he’s so damn cute. He’s not my movie boyfriend but my movie pet. My movie boyfriend is of course Vincent Cassel and omg omg omg it’s nearly time for Ocean’s 12!!!!!!!!! May faint with anticipation. Or not.

Caught up with Hollyoaks Sunday, and my is it getting silly. Not that it ever isn’t, but case in point – Lisa/Jake wtf? (that is his name, isn’t it?) And whhhhhyyyyyy does that Bella woman speak. Really slowly. With lots of unnecessary. Breaks?

Watched Ultimate Force in the evening, YAY, though sadly tape ran out before the end. Luckily Meg had already informed me I’ve got her addicted so she could tell me. And yay the SAS girly is the one who was in London’s Burning. Oh, and what happened to Jamie? I can’t remember, did he die or did he leave? The beginning was v funny.

Then watched most of Sea of Souls from Sat/Sun and it’s rather good, isn’t it? I only vaguely watched the last series because I had my normal ‘aaargh where is the tape, oh bugger I’ve missed it anyway’ thing going on (have now started actually writing the titles on tape labels rather than trying to remember what’s on them according to the old labels).

Got to watch the rest of that tonight, and then will possibly be recapping Spooks 102, which is of course the chip fat episode. Hm.

Also yesterday, worked on screencapping more of L’appartement. Well, worked on it after the laptop went mad and refused to play dvds. Had to delete one of my drawing programs because it kept trying to install it (no, I have no idea what it means, either). Had loud conversation with laptop while watching Yeading v Newcastle in the lounge with dad, which was a very good match by the way. It’s taken me about 2 -3 hours so far, and I’m not even halfway through. Gah for people looking good (or alternatively for the non-Bellucci/Cassel members of the cast, looking French). On a related note, must watch Birthday Girl.

So now Tuesday, and Dear’s a bitch. Apart from being ludicrously, laughably paranoid and unable to take a joke (oh but of course I’m supposed to take it from the other direction, of course I am), she’s a bitch. She got stroppy with me last night basically because she owes me money and I wouldn’t leave off paying it in till next month (note it’s the 11th and she’s running out of money and doesn’t get paid till next month). Well, tough shit. Not my fault she can’t look after her money. Then, at dinner, Lesley said about the theatre trip we said we’d get them as a wedding present – they just had to say when and where and we’d pay. So Dear said ‘oh well if you could wait till next month when I’ve got some money that’d be great.’ Which, hello, you don’t do with a wedding present. So I said to Lesley, just book it, I’ll pay and Dear can pay me back, because it’s not like Dad and Lesley get a lot of spare time and it’s their present to have whenever they want it. So Dear turned round and said ‘You don’t have to sound pained about it, for God’s sake. At least I go out and do something with my money.’ Fucking bitch. Dad then shouted at her about it, which was gratifying for a change, because what exactly did I do wrong? Excuse me for trying to be fucking considerate. So, yeah. Not sure whether to drop it or ignore her and then have the ‘what’s wrong?’ conversation, where I could actually for once inform her that’s she’s a bitch. Only problem is she’s staying at Bf’s till tomorrow, so is that carrying it on a bit long?

One other thing. Don’t know if anyone else gets this, but have you ever noticed how when people tell you that you’re too much of a doormat and shouldn’t be so nice, they never complain when it’s in relation to them?

One other thing. Wish people at work who don’t understand what I’m doing would just leave me alone to do it and not come and have a go at me about something they don’t anything about.

***A couple of additions to this entry: Germany trip is now 12 - 16th Feb (YAY), and I forgot to mention - whoever did the subtitles for Le Pornographe or whatever the French title was did not speak very good English. However, they did give Claire and I a new phrase in that they translated d'accord (okay) as oké. Sweet.