January 7th, 2005

Rarr and Gah and stuff (this entry not good English, nor does it make sense)

Work hard. Brain spinny all of the time. Good tv on Saturday (on bbc ghostly things, on itv explosions. I call that a result) but Claire coming over so must record. Forgot about Desperate Housewives. BUGGER. Claire said was good. Might be going to see Blade Trinity on Friday. Dear mainly coming to stare at Ryan Reynolds again.

Have The Killers stuck on constant heavy rotation in my head. Last week was Somebody Told Me and briefly Mr Brightside, but brain has now moved on to Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine. Also Kirsty MacColl best songwriter lady ever. Tropical Brainstorm FANTASTIC album. Also *nsync song called ‘the game is over’ is stuck in my head due to blippy noises. Claire tells me that Uri Geller designed *nsync’s logo. Eh?

Lance and Boyfriend Whose Name I Have Forgotten got married on The Bill last night. Was sweet and sappy (he got kidnapped first but of course they got there just in time ahhhhh). Led to a long conversation this morning about what Theo’s brother’s name in Hollyoaks was (because Theo and BWNICR died in same van crash that made Ben want to give up being a fireman and I really need a life, don’t I?). Is Norman, and he was still in it until recently. Or may be still in it but I hope everyone who lives in that pub has gone far away because they were all crap except Norman. Also, stupid Candice with the high voice and her dappy friend: GO AWAY. You bug me. And Bella, what the hell? Oh, and on the subject of Hollyoaks, Dan OMGWTF??
Going to see Noel Fielding do comedy next week. He’s one of the Mighty Boosh which Dear, of all people, is addicted to. Could be great, could be crap. Going to see An Evening With Nick Ferrari (LBC dj who am like my dad) in Feb with Claire too. Oh, which reminds me, was listening to Resonance on my way home and Chicks On Speed in Music Matching Up To Ideas Shock! Was called Who Plays Guitars? Or something and was good.

So the above was when my brain was dead, and when we still thought Blade would be on ins Kino. This is what is now happening:

Spoke to Claire last night for first time in aaaaages. Two weeks, I think, actually *speaking*, which for us is woo big. Going out on Saturday to shop and ting. May buy some clothes and not just dvds. Getting wasabi. Must wear trainers so feet do not hurt. Will get camera back YAY.
Going to see White Noise tonight as B:T not on anymore. Have a feeling will not be as bad as Saw but may creep me out. Almost hoping it’s bad so it doesn’t.

So I made myself a tape last night. It was supposed to be synthy/ poppy stuff on one side and latino stuff on the other, but then I couldn’t be bothered to get the KB soundtracks out so it ended up like this (quoting random lines here):

*Nsync – Pop (‘or the ice around my neck…’)
*Nsync – The Game Is Over (‘You’re so beautiful, but there’s more that they eyes can’t see…’)
Girls Aloud – The Show (‘Should have hung around the kitchen in my underwear acting like a lady…’)
Girls Aloud – Love Machine (‘So Mr. Prehistoric make your wheel, and I’ll breathe underwater ‘cause I like the way it feels…’)
Girls Aloud – Wake Me Up (‘Feels like I’m back in school, makes me want to break the rules…’)
O-Zone – Fiesta de la Noches (um…don’t know anyone of the lines, they’re in Romanian…)
The Killers – Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine (‘there ain’t no motive for this crime…’
The Killers – Mr Brightside (‘open up my eager eyes…’)
The Killers – Somebody Told Me (‘never thought I’d let a rumour ruin the moonlight…’
JC Chasez – All Day Long… (‘school’s back in session, get ready for a lesson…’
Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit (‘I’ll never fight again, and this is how it ends…’)
Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence reinterpreted by Mike Shinoda (‘All I ever wanted, all I ever needed…’)

Raul Malo – Today (‘Got my pockets full of dreams today…’)
Raul Malo –Where Was I (‘Did it happen all at once or little at a time?’)
Raul Malo –I Said I Love You (‘I didn’t mean to, but the moonlight just gave me away…’)
Kirsty MacColl – In These Shoes (‘He said oh let’s make love on a mountaintop, under the sky on a big hard rock…’)
Kirsty MacColl – Celestine (‘I can hear their wicked laughter…’)
Kirsty MacColl – England 2 Colombia 0 (‘you lied about your status, you lied about your life, you never mentioned your three children or the fact you had a wife…’)
Kirsty MacColl – Wrong Again ('So now you tell me you love someone else ,you were thinking of her all along...')
Kirsty MacColl – Designer Life ('There’s a brand new car in your driveway, and a blonde new girl in your bed, you’ve everything you ever wished for, happy little bubblehead...')
Darren Hayes – Crush (1980 Me) (‘The Go Go's Pretty In Pink PacMan Asteroids Miami Vice Too early for Vanilla Ice…’)
*Nsync – Bye Bye Bye (‘I want to see you out that door…’)
*Nsync – It’s Gonna Be Me (‘And it made you believe in no man, no cry…’)

Have written loads of stuff this week that will never see the light of day thanks to a few words from my own brain/other people. GAH. Brain WILL NOT SHUT UP. However have written Hustle fic. When is it back on, anyone? I can’t believe I’m looking forward to it, but I guess with the whole Kudos Swap Shop, there’s a chance of some Spooky people turning up.

Things going better today. I may be childish, but A at work wrote on a whiteboard with the wrong kind of marker. Heh heh. Always funny. Plus, Desperate Housewives is repeated on Tuesday at 11.35 so can record.

My hair has been dead since before New Year. And I’m using the decent (read: expensive) conditioner and it’s just meh. :(
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