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January 4th, 2005 - I'm only going to say this once — LiveJournal
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2005-01-04 13:49
Subject: tv stuff and icons
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Yay for good tv and films. Big Cat Week on teh BBC (I LOVE Big Cat Week), Bend It Like Beckham, a proramme about Cathedrals THAT I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT until five minutes before it came on, and OMG OMG OMG next saturday ULTIMATE FORCE. HELL YEAH!!!!


And animated icons. 1 Kylie, 4 Spooks, 2 gargoyles for sensaes. Spooks ones aren't spoilery, I don't think - they refer to/are capped from S2.

IconsCollapse )
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