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WTD 512 recap


What’s going to happen? Will Elliebitch be okay? Will Stella burn her dungarees? Will Spence actually be nice to someone? Will Boyd give it all up to become a monk and take a vow of silence? And most importantly, what am I going to watch now this is finished?

The director’s name is Richard Standeven. What an odd surname.

Hazard-suited people are wandering around, and someone with Elliebitch has taken their mask off. Boyd, Grace, Stella and Harry get locked in one of the interview rooms because they are, apparently, categorised as contaminated. Oh dear.

The room is being tested for…dangerous stuff.

Spence goes to Clifford Day’s place, which looks like somewhere in Docklands to me. He arrests Day.

Boyd is shouting at the windows asking about Elliebitch :( Harry points at something on his arm.

‘Does this look red to you?’
‘No, it’s fine, you twit.’

Boyd gets on his mobile and rings Spence. He tells him what’s happened, and then OMGOMG, someone shoots Day!!!! So Boyd’s shouting, and everyone’s looking worried, and Spence is trying to drag Day out of the way of the bullets.

‘I think I heard a gunshot.’

The gunman is chasing them as they run down to Day’s car, and he’s not even trying to hide the damn gun. Whatever happened to subtlety, hm? They manage to get in the car and Spence starts driving, but the gunman still manages to shoot out the back window.

Then we see Spence’s mobile on the floor :(

Then we find out that Drake is in charge, and if that isn’t fishy, I don’t know what is. The useless Hazard-suit guy says he believes Elliebitch is hanging on, which is a lot of help, obviously. He wants their phones, and Boyd gets very shouty (which is fair enough, really). Then Grace NICKS HIS PHONE OMG YAY.

The guy goes out and Boyd raises his eyebrows at her.

‘Yes. Why didn’t you tell him about Spence?’
‘What are the anti-terrorist operations doing here?’
‘Well, it’s probably something to do with the fact that a bomb’s gone off.’

She gives him the phone, and he doesn’t even say thank you, the bastard.

‘No, I mean in the building. What are they doing in the building?’

Stella looks very worried.

‘For God’s sake, Boyd, stop being paranoid.’

Then funky dramatic music and a car chase. Woo hoo.

Boyd reports the incident and tells the police where to go, and that they need an armed response unit.

‘Ok, so, tell me about Spence.’
‘You’re going to think I’m being paranoid. [She doesn’t even answer, just gives him a look] Now, look, alright, we’ve got the anti-terrorist operations turn up, Drake heads them, yeah? Eighteen years ago, Drake headed the Atomic Energy Constabulary, and he ran informers and agents. Clifford Day worked for him; Clifford’s blood turns up at Cherry Tree Farm. McQueen worked for AEC, he was the arresting officer, he suddenly turns up. I mean, they’re all here, what do you think?’
‘You’re not paranoid.’
‘Thank you.’

She looks almost surprised to be saying that.

Spence is still driving and they’re still being followed. Then the engine starts going because it must have been hit. Oh dear, oh dear. Is it still Spence’s birthday?

Then he turns into some industrial estate, which looks totally empty, and manages to get away from the gunman.

Then Boyd rings McQueen. Er…why? He tells him about Spence and asks McQueen to go check if Spence is ok.

The gunman gets out of the car and starts searching on foot. Spence and Day are still going through the empty offices. The gunman s not as daft as he first appeared, because he notices the tracks where the car suddenly turned, and he follows them to find the car. :( And of course there’s a blood trail to follow.

Spence notices this ad they double back on themselves to hide from the gunman.

Then back at the office, Drake finally appears, and yes, it’s this week’s ‘oh, it’s him’ that I can’t place. I think he’s been in Spooks though (I’m fairly sure he’s been in everything, but I’ll check if I recognise his name at the end). A paramedic lady says they haven’t been able to identify whatever the stuff in the bomb was, and she tries to get him to stay outside until they actually know what’s in there, but he won’t.

‘Well may I suggest you conduct your interviews over the phone?’
‘No, I need to speak to these people face to face.’


Over in the industrial estate, it seems that the gunman has gone.

‘Why does he want to kill you?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘Bollocks. I could walk out of here right now…’
‘Why don’t you, then?’
‘Because I want some answers.’

Then Spence uses his tie as a tourniquet to try and stops the bleeding [?]

‘This is about Cherry Tree Farm, isn’t it?’

Then in the interview room, Harry drops Stella in it.

‘There’s something I don’t understand, Stella.’
‘You know you helped us with the hard drive, well, after you left we printed off a command history.’
‘For someone who says they know a lot of computers, you do realise you were going down the route of deletion?’

She very badly fudges saying she got distracted, and then Harry points out there were warnings.

‘But it looks like you’re not sure about it.’
‘No, I’m sure, I’m sure about this.’
‘Why would I destroy evidence?’
‘Why would he make something like this up?’
‘Well, I don’t know, he’s obviously confused.’

Then they all dam well talk over each other, though the gist of it is: oh no he isn’t. Stella tries to say he’s worried about getting into trouble for removing the hard drive so he’s trying to get the attention onto her. No one believes her.

‘I’m Commander Drake. What’s the situation?’
‘We need to get her to a hospital, sir. There’s a limit to what we can do.’
‘No hospital’s going to take her until we find out what she’s been contaminated with. You’ll just have to do the best you can.’

Then someone else notices the hard drive on the desk, and presumably is has a big old label saying ‘I WAS TOLEN FROM CENTRAL LAB’ because a) the casing has been taken off and b) I can’t see any identifying marks.

The gunman is still pacing around looking for Spence and Day. Spence handcuffs Day to a pipe, which probably doesn’t have much point as he’s bleeding all over the place, and then he goes to find a phone.

Then Boyd appears in the lab, and you can tell its Boyd even through the distorted voice. The hand movements help.

Stella won’t talk about what Harry said.

‘Stop looking at me like that.’

Well then learn to be a better liar *sigh*.

Spence finds an office with some phones. But they’re disconnected. Day is unpicking the lock on his handcuffs.

Drake wants Boyd to sign something that will essentially make Drake Lord and Master of the Universe, and furthermore, the boss of Boyd. Pfft, doesn’t he know only the deputy commissioner, Grace and Stella get to boss Boyd around?

‘Well, you’ll still have overall operational command. But under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, my authority supersedes yours if there’s a conflict of interest. If this was my place, I too would be truly pissed off. So, let’ try to get along, eh? Catch the bastards responsible.’
‘Sounds like a plan.’
‘Now this package was addressed to Spencer Jordan. Where is he?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘Is it normal for you not to know where your officers are?’
‘It is if it’s their birthday and they have the afternoon off.’

‘Tell me, has anything out of the ordinary happened in the last twenty-four hours?’
‘You mean apart from the chemical attack?’
‘Apart from the chemical attack.’
‘That was a test of your co-operation, Peter. I’m sorry to say you’ve failed.’

Oooh. Bastard. I don’t like him. They glare at each other a bit.

Spence finds Day walking about, and tells him the phones are all out, but it’s ok, because he’s a phone engineer by trade. That was lucky. Imagine if he’d been a plumber or something.

‘I have just placed Harry Barton is custody for removing evidence from a crime scene. Now he tells me that somebody attempted an unauthorised entry into your evidence room at 3 o’clock this morning.’
‘That is right, yes.’
‘And that the main suspect was Spencer Jordan, as it was his access card.’

Did Harry know that many details? And if he did, who the hell told him all of it?

‘Access cards can be faked or manipulated if you have an overriding code.’
‘Is there any reason at all why one should believe these implausible explanations?’
‘Yes. I trust Spencer Jordan.’
‘What, even though you heard only two hours later that another forensics lab was burned down just twenty miles away?’

Boyd doesn’t answer.

‘How many of these evidence boxes had been tampered with?’
‘Just the one. Cherry Tree Farm.’
‘Cherry Tree Farm? Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Spencer Jordan the arresting officer in that case? Where is he now?’
‘I’ve already told you, I –‘
‘Stop covering up for him, Peter.’
‘No, honestly, I don’t know.’

Then we’re back at the industrial estate and Day is trying to fix the phone line.

‘The Book of Job. Any thoughts?’

Yeah, anyone?

Drake seems a little too willing to let Boyd get back to normal…oh, he wants access to all Spence’s case files. Boyd lets him. I wonder if Drake is at all fooled by Boyd being very quiet and calm? Then Drake gets a call telling him the substance used in the bomb was pretty much benign. Drake wants them to stay within the building.

‘The safest place to be is here.’
‘I understand.’
‘We both know you should have called the cavalry about Spencer Jordan. My guess is you wanted to have it out with him man to man.’
‘I am going to have a talk, yeah.’
‘Can you give me assurance now of your full co-operation?’
‘Of course.’

He’s got the anger-management smile on.

One of the ATO people comes and tells Stella and Grace about Elliebitch.

‘What do you mean exactly, ‘no present threat’?’
‘No idea. Sorry. Commander Drake will fill you in later. We’ve organised some clothes for you.’

McQueen drives to Day’s place and sees all the police. Then he phones Boyd and lets him know what’s going on.

‘Is Spence involved?’
‘Someone was shot, that’s all I know.’

Boyd still can’t get hold of Spence. Grace has a report on Day, and there are connections with Drake.

‘Yeah, but how do you go from surveillance and double murder to mutilation?’
‘I’ve no idea, but Drake must have used Day to run Penny Coulter. He knows that if Day finds out we’re reopening the investigation, he’s going to start bargaining, so he’s going to get hold of Day and get rid of him before he squeals.’
‘So poor old Spence was in the wrong place at the wrong time.’

On the industrial estate, they attach a phone to the line and Spence calls into the office (as opposed to a bloody ambulance, which might help). Drake picks up. Great. He tells him everything he needs to know. Gah.

The other ATO bloke who’s been wandering around is obviously quite nice, and he’s not convinced by Drake, who is rather unconvincing. Nice Guy then goes off, and oh no! Drake sends the address to the gunman!!

Then, just in case we’d forgotten the horribleness, we get *another* flashback to Jackie Holmes. Hey, thanks for that.

‘You know, when I close my eyes at night, I still se Jackie Holmes’ face.’

or lack of it. Sorry.

‘Me and my partner were the first to arrive on the scene. I was a kid. I wasn’t ready for what I saw in there. They found your DNA at Cherry Tree Farm. Your blood was at cherry Tree Farm. Did you kill Jackie Holmes and Marcus Coulter?’
‘No. Christ, no.’
‘So why was your blood at the scene?’
‘There’d been a Shut Down Dunwell meeting, and my lords and masters wanted a recording of Marcus and Jackie’s post-match analysis. I taped the murders. Toby Holmes making his wife beg for mercy. But there was no warrant for the bugs, so I had to get them out of there before the regular plods found them’
‘So you went back?’
‘Yeah. One of my devices was in the light fixtures he’d strung her up to, so I had to climb up there and remove it.’

EW. He says he snagged his thumb on the wire. And he gave the tapes to his 5 contact.

‘Is that what paid for your merchant banker’s pad.’
‘I earnt my money more than any merchant banker. We sent more criminals down in a year than you will in your whole career. So just you pay me some respect and get me out of here.’
‘You said we sent down more criminals.’
‘I had a mate. Helped me in and out.’
‘Took care of any interruptions?’
‘Why don’t I hear any sirens?’

Oh no, then the gunman comes back.

‘Let me get this straight. Jackie and Marcus left the meeting early because she was upset after her husband turned up. You hadn’t planned for that. You weren’t expecting that, were you?’
‘I told you what happened.’
‘I don’t think you were taking bugs out. I think you were putting them in. Jackie and Marcus turned up early and surprised you. Your mate panicked and killed them. That’s what really happened, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it? What’s his name?’


‘Forget it.’
‘Do you want me to walk out of here? Cause if I do, you’re a dead man. Either that guy out there’s going to get you, or you’ll bleed to death. Now. You tell me his name.’
‘[Long pause] McQueen.’
‘Tom McQueen. Your old partner. He killed them. Cut her face off. Happy now?’

OH NO! Poor Spence. Basically, they were caught out and McQueen did it to pin the blame on the husband. OH HELL then the gunman comes in and shoots Day, and then there’s a struggle with Spence for the gun, and then oh no Spence gets shot in the leg! He manages to kill the gunman, but ow. He uses his belt as a tourniquet, and there’s a lot of blood.
Stella asks Drake if she can speak to him.

‘This is all you, isn’t it?’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Felix, Spencer, the fire at Central Lab. It’s all you. I don’t give a toss about national security or my bloody career. I care about Spencer getting shot, or Felix in an oxygen tent. And I helped make these things happen!’
‘No, you didn’t.’
‘Harry Barton knows I was trying to corrupt the drive.’
‘Harry Barton is in deep trouble, he’s out of the frame.’
‘Felix will confirm it anyway.’
‘No she won’t. [Slight pause] there’s no evidence. It’s been seen to.’
‘It is all you. It is all you. You expect me to trust you, but you don’t tell me anything.’
‘How can I, when the little you do know causes you such problems?’
‘Don’t patronise me.’
‘Difficult decisions have to be made, whatever the cost.’
‘Don’t give me that ‘end justifies the means’ crap!’
‘It’s not crap. It’s an unpalatable truth. One I thought you’d grasped.’
‘Oh, Stella. My [unclear].’

Anyone catch that? He goes to touch her, and she pushes him off.

‘I am not your Stella. Not anymore.’
‘I need you to keep your nerve, Stella. If Boyd knew, he’d – he’d understand if I could give him the full picture.’
‘So why don’t you? [No answer] I’m going to Boyd.’
‘So what’s he going to do when he finds out he’s got a spy in his own household?’

Before she can say anything, Grace walks past. Then Stella starts crying.

Spence tries to get the phone working and then passes out.

One of the hazard people (now sans mask) gives Elliebitch some water.

Then Grace checks the computer for links between Stella and Drake, and the link that comes up is Stella’s father.

Stella’s still crying in the bathroom when Grace comes in.

‘Are you spying on me, Grace?’
‘Thanks for your help, DC Goodman. How long have you known Drake? I looked in your CV, you’ve never worked with him.’
‘My father worked for him. At [Leestock?] station.’
‘See, I didn’t even know your father was a police officer.’
‘He was killed the year I was born, when he was called for a domestic disturbance.’
‘And Drake?’
‘Bill Drake was my legal guardian.’


Drake tries to ring the gunman, but of course, he’s dead.

Stella tells Grace about how Drake helped them when her father died, and then when she moved back to England

‘So he’s been like a second father to you?’
‘I suppose.’
‘And now is he using that to his advantage? Stella?’
‘He told me it’s in the public interest that Clifford Day never steps inside a courtroom.’
‘God. Did he say why? [Stella shakes head] But you went ahead and did it anyway?’
‘I trusted him.’
‘Explain that to Felix.’
‘I’m sorry.’
‘You should be.’
‘Will you tell Boyd?’
‘No. You will.’

Boyd goes to see Elliebitch.

‘Well, on the first test they told me that the package just contained a fluorinated hydrocarbon agent.’
‘Well, is that good, or –‘
‘Basically just a turbo charged anaesthetic. Looks like they just wanted to give Spencer a scare.’

Poor Elliebitch :(

Then Stella turns up and asks if she can speak to Boyd.

Then they’re in his office, and she tells him what happened and that Bill asked her to help remove the evidence.

‘And that was enough for you to betray us?’
‘I didn’t see it like that then. Bill said this man’s –‘
‘I don’t want to talk about him, I want to talk about you.’
‘I know. I have no excuse but that I trusted him.’
‘Even when he asked you to destroy evidence?’
‘Yeah. I had no reason not to believe him. He was like a faster to me.’
‘The history of what he was to you and what he did for your father is irrelevant to me. Alright?’

He’s getting a bit shouty, but not quite caps lock level yet.

‘Sir, you have every reason not to trust me and insist I walk out the door, but I don’t want to give up working with you. I’m sorry I let you down.’
‘I hope you get the opportunity to say that to Spencer Jordan. And that you don’t become responsible for his death. [Then he sees Drake outside the office] Come out here and pretend you’re looking at the computer. Does Drake know where Spencer is?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘What’s his relationship with Day, apart from having arrested his twenty-six years ago?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘Well, we’ve got to find out, are you prepared to help us?’

Then one of the ATO people knocks on the door.

‘Sorry, sir, I need a login code for Spencer Jordan’s PC.’
‘It was the target of an attack, sir, and we need to know why. [pause] SWAT team should be there in a minute, sir.’
‘Should be where?’
‘When Jordan called in we got a grid reference. Did Commander Drake not tell you?’
‘Yes, I just didn’t realise they’d get there so fast. Where is it they’re going?’

ATO bloke tells him the address.

Then Stella fakes a panic attack so that Boyd can slip out of the building. It’s very funny.

Drake is talking to McQueen on the phone. Oh no!!

Then, sadly, Boyd gets caught by the policeman and gets taken to face Drake. :(

‘You can’t make this go away. Felix Gibson, the fire in Central Lab, Cherry Tree Farm.’
‘What’s your point, Boyd?’
‘Clifford Day was working for you. You arrested him in the mid 70s for illegal bugging. We found his blood at Cherry Tree Farm. I don’t think Toby Holmes killed Marcus coulter or Jackie Holmes, I think Clifford Day did. But what I don’t understand is why you covered up for him.’
‘You’re nowhere near it, Boyd. Clifford Day never killed anyone.’
‘But his blood was at the scene. Or are you telling me he was never there?’
‘Yes, he was there. Are you telling me you’ve never requested a listening device? A not so kosher listening device? Now let me guess. You phone up Special Branch, ask for their help. They say ‘well, we’ll see what we can do’. Well who do you think they phone? You really think a Special Branch officer with two kids, a career and a mortgage was going to break into a property, risk everything, and plant an illegal bug jut to help you with your investigation?’
‘So why are you trying to kill him now?’
‘Because if he blabs, all the scum that he has helped put away are going to walk. Is that what you want?’
‘So it’s not because he knows what happened at Cherry Tree Farm? Because if he wasn’t responsible for the deaths who was?’

Grace is telling Elliebitch about what Holmes said about Jackie’s face being intact when he was at the farm, and asks if there’s any way to check. Elliebitch says she’ll check the still from the report.

‘Do you know how long it took me to become who I am? The time it took for a jury to say ‘not guilty; about a man I knew to be as guilty as sin, a dangerously evil man. Well, God bless the liberal justice system. How many times have you seen that, Boyd? Ho many times have you had the desire to destroy them? A desire so overwhelming that sometimes you think you’re going to be consumed by the fire of it. Well. Once was enough for me. There’s no sensation like it, when you look into the eyes of your enemy, and they realise you will do anything. You’ll play by their rules, you watch them slowly realise they’re finished. That’s what I do, that’s what I’m good at. Now the frontline’s here. Our city. That’s all I have, there’s no wife. There’s n rose-covered cottage.’
‘ What’s your problem? You’ve been commended for it, your record is exemplary.’
‘Don’t you play me, Boyd. I’ve sacrificed everything for this.’
‘Oh, that’s alright, then. You try telling that to Jackie Holmes and Marcus Coulter.’
‘They worked against the interests of this country. It was my job to find out what they were doing, stop them –‘
‘What about the WPC who was killed in the Central Lab fire?’
‘An accident.’
‘Collateral damage?’
‘Stuff happens.’
‘Try explaining that to her son.’
‘Don’t get sentimental, Boyd. If I break the bones of a terrorist and stop fifty people from being blown apart, are you going to sit there and tell me I’m wrong, eh? Or is it only wrong if the man turns out to be innocent? Well someone’s got to be there, someone has got to make that decision.’
‘It’s not about saving lives, we stand for something. We have a moral, ethical position.’
‘What’s that? Truth, justice, the rule of law? Bollocks. We do the best we can.’
‘Oh, so you send Toby Holmes to rot in jail for eighteen years, that’s doing the best you can?’
‘I sleep at night.’
‘The man was innocent! And now he’s in a hospital for the criminally insane. And what have you done to Stella? She trusted you and you betrayed her.’
‘She has nothing to do with this.’
‘She has everything to so with this! And she’ll testify to that’
‘She’ll never testify.’
‘Even if it means going to jail. Unless of course you kill her, you could do that, couldn’t you? You promised her family that you would look after her. Instead you put her through hell. What would her father think now? What would you say to him if he was here? You’ve made her the guilty party, you’ve corrupted her. She broke the law for you. And she will suffer because of you. What are you going to do about that?’

Through the last bit, Drake keeps having flashes – first to Stella, then to her father.

‘What can I do?’
‘I promise that I will do everything in my power to make sure no action is taken against Stella if you promise to help me find Spencer Jordan.’

Then Drake and Boyd leave, pissing off the paramedic girl who’s just trying to do her job.

Elliebitch explains to Grace that, through some magic of technology that involves looking at where blood isn’t, then the body would have had to have been lying down for at least two hours.

Then Stella comes in and apologises.

‘I thought I was – I thought I was doing the right thing, I didn’t mean to –sorry. Trite as it sounds.’
‘Yeah, you’re right. It does sound trite.’

So Grace just starts talking again, and Stella goes to leave, and then she sees a folder, the one with the wife who had her face cut off. Oh, I’ve just pressed eject instead of pause, damnit.

Right, it was Stella’s father who was killed in the face-cutting-off case. Then Elliebitch reads the file and notices that McQueen was the interviewer. Um, why did no one notice this before?

McQueen gets to the industrial estate (where it has been raining). He gets out and starts shouting for Spence, who hears him and knowing what he knows, gets hold of the gun and tries to hide. There is blood everywhere, and oh dear, he’s leaving a trail.

Then he comes outside and sees Spence, omg!! Oh no! I think they’re both trying to bluff each other; McQueen saying Boyd spoke to him and Spence pretending he doesn’t know (or possibly hoping it wasn’t true)

‘Have you got a phone? I’m shot.’
‘No reception.’
‘Check again.’
‘Nope. Not even a bar.’

McQueen comes and sits next to Spence.

‘How could you do it?
‘What, Jackie Holmes?’
‘Yeah. [He gives Spence a cigarette].’
‘Clifford’s been gassing, has he? Thought he might. She was dead. What difference did it make? I needed some clever shrink to look at her and say ‘the husband did that’. Worked a treat.’
‘I didn’t really know you at all, did I?’
‘Course you did. You just chose not to look. You know I’ve got to do this, don’t you?’

Bastard. He gets up and points the gun at Spence as Drake and Boyd drive up. Note, Drake drives a Lexus. Ahem.

Drake tells McQueen to put the gun down.

‘Put it down, Tom. It’s all over.’
‘I’m not going down, Bill. Whatever happens, I’m not going down.’
‘Now come on, lad, give me the gun.’
‘Don’t call me lad.’

Says McQueen, and the OMGWTF he shoots Drake in the head! Then Spence gets his gun out and McQueen turns and shoots him, oh no!!!!!!!!! So then Boyd grabs Drake’s gun and does a roll and then shoots McQueen in the heart (and really, he was to blame).

And then he goes over to Spence, and he puts his jacket under his head, and calls for an ambulance, and the camera pans away and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and furthermore NEXT YEAR, YOU BASTARDS.
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