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WTD Recap

I should really have been paying attention to the episode titles, shouldn’t I? This one’s called Cold Fusion.

We start off at an anti-nuclear demo, where someone’s going on about nuclear energy being bad…you don’t need details of this speech, do you? Some blonde girl who sounds a bit like she has a sore throat is talking.

‘Bottom line, we’re not muppets. Let’s not be treated like muppets.’

Then an earnest-looking bloke opens things up for questions, and some guy – who is this series’ third ex-Bill guest star (he played Simon Kitson – he went out with Cass and then she died and he as suspected of being the Sun Hill Serial Killer, but it was really his nutty sister) – says he has a few. He is the husband of the blonde girl (and his name is Toby Holmes), who has apparently been having an affair with the earnest-looking guy.

‘Ignore him.’
‘Oh, that’s right, listen to the Zen master. Does he get any more exciting when he’s nailing you?’


Blonde woman chooses to wait until the shouting/ arguing has been going on for about a minute to say that Holmes is breaking his restraining order. Why didn’t she mention that sooner?

Some other (older) woman does not look happy.

Then blondie and Zen Master go back to their house, and are blathering on about their respective spouses, and when they go in the house, the lights won’t work. Then, just in case we thought it was going to be boring, Zen Master GETS HIS NECK BROKEN. Blondie runs off, screaming, and then the next morning, we hear a 999 call asking for police to Cherry Tree Farm, and we see the police pull up.

The police are 1) guy who was in best episode of Spooks ever (205) who according to my Spooks book is called Mark Lewis Jones, and 2) Spence. With no facial hair. Bless.

MLJ takes out a gun…I didn’t think policeman had guns whenever exactly this was (presumably someone will tell us the date a bit further on). Hm. Spence points out to MLJ that they’re off-site, whatever that means.

They go into the house, and Zen Master is on the floor, and Blondie is hanging. Nice. Then there is a cut to her face and basically she has none and the music gets all screechy and Spence is sick. MLJ isn’t really reacting. Oh, and someone’s painted SLUT on the wall.

Back to the present, and Stella is ludicrously pretty as ever. Some woman called Penny coulter has phoned up saying she’s got some evidence that could cast doubt on Toby Holmes’ conviction.

‘I gave you that file half an hour ago.’
‘I’m catching up, I’m catching up.’

MLJ’s character is called Tom McQueen. They were in the Atomic Energy Constabulary, which presumably explains the off-site thing. Holmes got a life-means-life and is now in a high security hospital for biting a guard’s cheek off. EW

‘So why is he is on the never-never list?’
‘It says so in the file.’
‘No it doesn’t.’

S/B. ahem. (Though I’m still not managing to ship them. Maybe the R/H influence is just too strong)

Penny Coulter – the other woman from earlier – is in the interview room.

‘So what’s her new evidence?’
‘She wouldn’t say.’
‘Well, you could have insisted, couldn’t you?’
‘And she could have put the phone down and never called back.’


In short, the evidence is that there was a shirt found being burnt that Holmes denied owning, and he said it was planted. PC said in court that she’d never seen it before, which she hadn’t, but now she’s found a photo showing Zen Master wearing it.

‘So until last week, you had no doubt in your mind that Toby had killed your husband and Jackie Holmes?’
‘No, none.’
‘None. Absolutely no doubt at all.’
‘We were all there when he called her a slut. That’s what the killer wrote on the wall.’
‘Anyone can write on a-‘
‘And what do you think now?’

Nice rant deflection there, Stella.

Boyd is really hard on her, asking her what she wants from bringing the picture to them, and just because it casts doubt on Holmes doesn’t mean she herself is innocent, etc…

‘I just want the truth to come out, whatever it is. Don’t you hear that a lot in the cold case unit?’
‘All the time. That’s why I ask.’

Hm, quick question for those who can remember back further than me (in detail, which effectively means pre-this series): have we ever had someone being a case to the Cold Case lot before, or has it always been a case of something turning up/ new crime that can be linked to older crime?

Boyd tells Stella not to involve Spence.

‘Because if it goes anywhere, he can’t be involved, and if it doesn’t there’s no point in bothering him with something that disturbed him so much in the first place.’

Boyd goes to see Elliebitch and tells her to order up the evidence for Cherry Tree Farm, and then tells her the date three times (1988, btw, so to go back to my earlier question, police, guns, 1988??)

Someone’s showing PC out and she walks past Spence, and he thinks he recognises her. Stella says she’s a witness to a building society robbery. Also, Spence was in court (presumably not the way he was in prison back at the beginning of this series).

Once again, despite them having a swish coffee machine, Spence has bought his own. Is the coffee machine broken or did Boyd throw it out of the window in a fit of pique?

Elliebitch is talking about confusing stuff that relates to the case and DNA testing. There are some nice flashbacks. Thanks for that.

‘Oh my God.’
‘I don’t like it when a forensic scientist says ‘oh my God’.’

She shows him the picture of Blondie and we flashback to the face or rather lack of it. it is disgusting.

And presumably because Grace isn’t about, Boyd does the psychology thing, talking about hope and how victims will co-operate in the hope they might not die. Oh, and her neck was broken too.

‘Two broken necks seems mighty fishy.’
‘Yeah, well this man Holmes was in the marines. That’s what they do. Break necks for a living, kill people.’

Spence is being sneaky and he checks the manual login book and finds PC’s name.

Then his mobile rings, and bloody hell, life outside the job! (Another question for those of you with memories, has anyone in the cold case team had any sort of a life outside the job, ever?)

Spence says ‘laters’ which is just WRONG.

Boyd and Elliebitch have an odd conversation about Central Lab, with more repetition…oh, Elliebitch used to work there

‘Which gives me access to the most power-hungry thermo-cycler in the land.’

I bet she says that to all the boys.

He tells her not to mention it to Spence, and also says that it’s his birthday tomorrow.

Spence is in a pub, where he meets McQueen. Chat chat chat…beer, cigarettes…not much to recap on this bit tbh (ah, that’s why no-one has a life, it’s not as interesting as watching Boyd shout at people). McQueen now lives in Cornwall.

Elliebitch puts the evidence box back in the room, and notices that one box is backwards…or something.

Spence gets a rubbish birthday card and some awful cake thing that plays music. Boyd and Stella argue over who bought the card *ahem*. Then Elliebitch comes in and gets Boyd.

Ah, so that box had been tampered with, and Elliebitch has film of the room where the stuff is kept, but it’s set to take still pictures at intervals, so they can see it’s been moved but they can’t see who did it. The computer stores every access to the room and the system controlling the pictures. The last login was Spence, at 3 a.m. oh dear.

‘I didn’t even think Spence knew we were investigating it.’
‘He didn’t. He didn’t.’

Then Spence himself sticks his head round the door and asks them if they’ve heard the news about Central Lab, and we go to a press conference, whereby we are informed that someone committed an arson attack and Central lab go boom.

The blood trace from CTF was one of the things destroyed in the fire. Elliebitch wants them to tell Central Lab about Spence. He tells Elliebitch to get a record of all the stuff Spence has done on his computer, all the phone calls etc he’s made in the last two weeks. There is a lot of talking over each other in this ep.

Then Boyd is talking to Grace.

‘I can’t, I don’t believe Spence has anything to do with this.’
‘Maybe his pass was stolen, his access card.’
‘Have you asked him?’
‘[Long pause] No.’

‘He was a kid in 88, and this case damaged him, you know, it scarred him, he told me many times, that’s the word he used, he was scarred by it, alright, now when you’re in that state of mind you’re crazy, you do crazy things, you know, you make mistakes, you cover up, you protect people.’
‘Ok, yes, I agree, but that was twenty years ago, so what, you’re saying that you think Spence is now capable of burning down Central Lab and killing a policewoman?’
‘The evidence that was destroyed was from Cherry Tree Farm. He was involved at Cherry Tree Farm.’

Elliebitch is looking through Spence’s emails, and Boyd tells Grace he’s organised for her to go and talk to Holmes. Nice of him to check first.

‘I want to know what you make of him, whether you think he’s the kind of man capable of slicing his wife’s face off while having the presence of mind to wear surgical gloves to do it.’

Then Grace says he might be.

‘It’s like love gone sour. You know how prostitutes will traditionally do anything but kissing?’
‘Really? No…no.’
‘Oh, really? I thought you might have read about it somewhere.’

Then he starts mumbling so I can’t recap. Raarg.

Then there’s a lovely case study, about a woman who had this done to her, except she was alive and survived. Excuse me while I go throw up.

‘Holmes’ passport from prison to Birchill was biting a guards’ cheek off, by the way.’

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but he was giving her all the bits of information rather later than would have been useful.

Elliebitch is still looking through the emails, and Stella is still wearing the ugly dungarees. God, she’s oh-so-European, we get it… and someone at least make her wear a t-shirt under them.

Elliebitch spins a not-very-convincing tale about using Spence’s PC because her PC has a virus, and Stella’s all sneaky about wanting to know…

Then Spence walks past the door and Boyd shouts after him. One of the jurors in the case he was involved in dropped dead. Ok.

Boyd tells him about CTF. He says he was reopening it, and Spence says he had no idea Boyd was going to say that. Boyd asks why they were there when their remit was the nuclear power station. Their remit included twenty miles around, and the proper local policeman had a wife in labour.

‘Right, so the fact that you were there and the victims were these anti-Dunwell protestors, that was just coincidence?’
‘Well, there are conspiracy websites that say different, but – yeah.’

‘Forget the DNA. We found the shirt, soaked in his wife’s blood.’
‘No you didn’t, Spence.’

Elliebitch gets a call from someone called Harry at Central Lab. She convinces him to bring over his computer because she has some kind of salvage package. He’s a bit wary because of the anti-terrorist team that are around.

‘You know, hard drives are like kidnap victims, the first twenty-four hours are golden.’
‘Christ, [unclear] you could sell ice to the Eskimos.’

Boyd and Spence are arguing about the details of the case and the sweatshirt. Spence thinks he just borrowed the shirt because he knew cutting the wife’s face off was going to be messy, and Boyd doesn’t agree. He gets him to tell him about it from the beginning.

Elliebitch is still looking through the mails and she finds one from McQueen.

Spence tells Boyd about the arrest etc, with little flashbacks in between, and then Elliebitch phones and tells him about the email Spence got from McQueen, so Boyd starts asking Spence about that. It’s a bit twisty, this episode. McQueen left the force because he killed some kid, who was actually a crack head who was trying to inject him, etc.

‘You still in touch or not?’
‘He lives in Cornwall now, has done for the last five, six years.’
‘When did you last see him?’
‘Just answer the question.’
‘Not lately, alright.’

Grace goes to Birchill to see Holmes, and has to give them all her jewellery, bag, watch, shoes…

Stella waits until Spence and Boyd have gone out to call IT to check about the virus. What’s she up to?

Grace looks really different without all her jewellery. Holmes won’t talk.

‘Okay, would you take the handcuffs off and leave us alone?’
‘You heard.’
Ha, go Grace. He guard is still being stubborn (funnily enough), and Grace stands her ground.

Boyd is showing Spence the log for the access room, and he’s dodging the questions. He shows Spence his access card when he asks and then walks out.

Then, weirdest of the weird, Stella is in the office and she gets a chat window come up on her computer asking her if the hard drive has been intercepted yet. Her answer?

No, but 100% they know about break-in – think SPENCER JORDAN responsible.

As the saying goes, OMGWTFBBQ??? STELLA broke in???

The guard removes Holmes’ handcuffs and goes out of the room.

‘He wants revenge. Because he was friends with the guard I hurt. The rapist.’
‘So the face biting was just self defence?’
‘Well, it would have been if it’d done any good. Just made him more angry. Sometimes I curse my good looks.’
‘Did you file a complaint?’
‘Yes. Home secretary’s reading it now. Can I borrow your pen? I like to doodle when I’m talking.’
‘No, I’m sorry, I may need it for notes.’
‘How about a paperclip? I’ve got papers all over my room.’
‘You know very well I can’t give you anything. The privacy and the handcuffs is all I can do.’
‘Privacy? [Laughs] though now you mention it, it does seem rather private in here al of a sudden. [Shouts] I bet I could do something truly unspeakable in here and no one would know! You really pissed him off. He’s gone on his tea break.’
‘I’m not afraid of you.’
‘Good for you.’

Spence is having flashbacks to the face.

‘You loved her, didn’t you? Well, you must have done because you broke your restraining order in front of everyone. Yes, you were drunk and you called her a slut, but I think what you meant to say was ‘I miss you and I want you back’.’
‘That was an insulting gear change, Grace.’
‘Not as insulting as a subtle one.’
‘I’ll tell you what else is insulting, you’ve been here five minutes and you haven’t mentioned my affidavit yet. [Pause] My lawyer didn’t give you a copy?’
‘No, he didn’t.’
‘I don’t believe you, I explicitly asked him to.’
‘Well, eh didn’t. I’m sorry.’
‘If you’ve read it and you’re trying to trip me up –‘
‘I haven’t seen an affidavit, alright?’
‘Little shit. Little shit!’
‘Why don’t you just give me a gist of what it contains?’
‘Why don’t you do your research before you come here wasting my time?’
‘Don’t blame me because you’ve got a bad lawyer. For what it’s worth, he didn’t want me to come here today, so don’t give him the satisfaction of coming away empty-handed.’

Spence rings McQueen to organise lunch.

‘I did love her, I loved her face. I could never have hurt that face.’

He says he did go to CTF, and they were already dead, but her face was intact.

‘And there it was, written up on the wall, slut.’
‘No, it wasn’t. nice try, Grace. No, they were just lying there. And you’re right; I was a coward [his voice breaks] and a terrible husband. You know, I deserve my fate. Did you hear what I said? I deserve my fate.’

Then, someone in, oh what do you call it, hazard gear, I suppose, putting together a bomb inside a book, eeeek!!! He then gives the package tom someone else to be delivered. Curiouser and curiouser.

McQueen arrives to pick up Spence, and the person delivering the bomb package pulls up too, and you can just about see that the name on the package is Spencer Jordan. Eek!

I thought this was quite funny

‘Spence. Any time you want to talk about this, you know…’

Because of course you’d talk to Boyd rather than Grace, who has the obvious benefit of not being a shouty madman. Still, I suppose his heart’s in the right place.

He picks up the package on his way out, but doesn’t open it yet. He asks McQueen why he came down the day before his birthday and tells him about the access card (or rather insinuates that it might have been McQueen). McQueen debunks that and says that anyone could get the number and fake it.

Boyd sees McQueen and Spence talking. Oops.

Stella gets another message on the chat thing, telling her to offer to help when the hard drive turns up, and (I think, my screen was too diddy to show it all) to compromise if necessary.

Spence is asking questions about the 999 call and why they never tried to find out who did it (though if you ask me, it sounded like McQueen), and McQueen says Blondie and the Zen Master were under surveillance by the security services. And I’m totally not thinking about a crossover. This is me, not thinking it, not thinking…


McQueen says 5 tried to recruit him.

‘He asked the questions. Was I a communist; were my friends communists, had I ever met a communist? It was priceless.’

‘They already had a mole in Dunwell so they wanted me to set up an anti-Dunwell group and cross-contaminate. Couldn’t see myself spying on innocent people, no matter how cranky and deluded.’

Stella goes to see Elliebitch and very obviously is up to something as she offers a hand salvaging the computer. God, they’re both such terrible liars.

‘So MI5 had Marcus Coulter and Jackie Holmes under surveillance at the time of the murders?’
‘Yeah, I assume not at the exact time.’
‘Because they would have done something about it, right?’
‘So what happened, then? They have the night off? Toby Holmes let their tyres down?’
‘Look, I just got a call. I didn’t know any details.’
‘You knew a lot more than me, considering we were supposed to be partners.’
‘Come on, Spence, lighten up.’
‘So they told you where to hide the bodies, yeah? What about the sweatshirt in Toby Holmes’ incinerator?’

And then general pissed-offness. Spence takes his package and goes back to the office.

He opens the envelope, oh no oh no oh no, and there’s a blank birthday card, and he picks up the book but then the phone rings. And apparently Boyd can’t open the door TO SHOUT LIKE HE NORMALLY DOES.

‘Where have you been?’
‘You followed me?’
‘You lied to me. You said you hadn’t seen McQueen lately.’
‘What did you tell Stella to do? I saw Penny Coulter on her way out and Stella said no, I’m mistaken, she’s a witness to a robbery I’m working on.’
‘It’s my decision when to tell you about a case, isn’t it?’
‘You kept me in the dark in case I had something to hide.’
‘Well do you?’
‘No I do not. You should have consulted me first.’
‘Respect. Loyalty. Professional courtesy.’
‘Yeah, okay, okay, but this is a double murder enquiry.’
‘You think whoever came in here went onto Central Lab because they didn’t find what they were looking for?’

Boyd shows him the photo with the address of Central Lab on the back.

‘Tom McQueen.’
‘What about him?’
‘Would he be worried if any new evidence came to light?’
‘No, not to my knowledge. He wouldn’t do that, he wouldn’t destroy evidence, no.’
‘Spence, I’ve delayed notifying the Central Lab investigation team about what happened, did you know that?’
‘Because I believe McQueen did it. Or if he didn’t do it, you did, or the two of you did it together.’
‘Or, someone with an override pass who knew my number and keyed it in manually.’
‘Like who, like who, like who? Come on, Spence, come on. If I don’t get to the bottom of what happened here, the truth, the pair of you are going to be turned over to Commander Drake.’
‘He was our boss at AEC.’
‘Your boss?’
‘Tom McQueen was his blue-eyed boy. McQueen did tell me a couple of things I didn’t know. MI5 had Jackie Coulter and Marcus Holmes under surveillance, and the had a mole in the Shut Down Dunwell group.’

And then he walks out. Either I missed part of the conversation (entirely possible, it’s 1 a.m.) or that didn’t make much sense.

Right, its now the next morning and I am bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Yeah.

‘Toby Holmes admits he was at the crime scene?’
‘Around 11.30. They were both dead. He insists that Jackie Holmes’ face was intact, not even a scratch. Felix is going to get a path report.’
‘What do you think?’
‘Well, I can’t see any reason he had to lie.’
‘Why did he wait so long?’
‘Well, after he was sentenced he mounted three separate appeals. If he admitted belatedly that he –‘
‘Yeah, it would have jeopardised the appeal, I understand.’
‘He only signed the affidavit after he was transferred to Birchill.’
‘For biting the guard’s cheek off?’
‘Yes. I suppose he felt h had nothing to lose.’
‘Cheek? Face? What about it?’
‘Well, there could be a connection, yes, but I feel it’s more to do with a man who’s very angry because he’s been sentenced for a crime he never committed.’
‘There’d be no reason to break in and try and get the light fixture if he’s guilty.’

Then, just to continue this episode’s tradition of late information, he tells her about MI5 and their surveillance.

‘What I don’t understand is, if the surveillance team were watching the group, how come they didn’t see who killed Jackie Holmes and Marcus Coulter?’
‘I don’t know. But maybe the informer made the anonymous call, and maybe it’s the informer we should be looking for.’

Harry from Central Lab brings his computer in for Elliebitch to look at, and then it all gets very confusing as Stella starts spinning something about operating systems and rebooting computers. Also, she used to work in Fraud Squad.

They go off and leave her, so presumably she was more convincing than she sounded to me. She starts taking the computer apart, and then that black screen with all the funny commands appears.

She does something, and a message comes up telling her that if she proceeds all data and files will be lost. The camera focuses in on the blinking cursor, and then Boyd interrupts her.

‘Penny Coulter’s here.’
‘I thought Grace was –‘
‘Yeah, she’s starting, but I want you in on it.’
‘She’s your witness, and – I don’t need to say anything, just get there.’
‘Can you give me five minutes, I just –‘
‘Come on!’

So she leaves the computer and goes down to the interview room.

‘But we have three witness statements that mention the looks you were giving Jackie Coulter.’
‘She took everything that meant anything to me. And she did it so…innocently.’
‘You were wearing your heart on your sleeve?’
‘Yes. I suppose so.’
‘And what’s a political cause next to a broken heart? It’s nothing, is it, Penny? Did somebody notice what you were going through and use it to their advantage?’
‘Penny, we know there was a mole inside the organisation. We know that Marcus Coulter and Jackie Holmes were under surveillance.’
‘You’re not suggesting –‘
‘Yes. That is what I’m suggesting. Who would ever suspect the founder of the organisation? And you had the perfect cover, didn’t you?’
‘This is ridiculous.’
‘If you were caught, all you had to do was play the role of the jealous wife.’
‘I’m not listening to this.’

Then Boyd comes in and talks over her. Stella follows.

‘Excuse me, Grace. This is one big guilt trip for you, isn’t it? While you were watching these people, while you were spying on them, you actually saw who killed them. Isn’t that what happened?’

She looks at them, but doesn’t say anything.

Then Elliebitch and Harry are playing with the computer again, and they pull out the CTF stuff. They print the records off before doing anything else.

‘I was recruited by a private detective called Clifford Day. A horrible, weasely little man. Said he worked for MI5 and he’d seen proof that Marcus was planning something with Spanish eco-terrorists.’
‘So what was this something?’
‘Tunnelling into Dunwell. Strictly against our ‘anything as long as it’s legal’ mantra.’
‘So the way Clifford Day sold it to you, it would be them that was betraying the organisation, not you?’
‘[Nods] even then, I’m not sure I really believed that. I still had a front door key. I’d go in and poke about while they were out.’

The computer apparently now has an operating system, or maybe they moved the file, because they’re matching the DNA and it comes up as Clifford Day. Ooooh.

Then Spence comes in, and GOD everyone stop acting weirdly this week?

‘You’ve got a match.’
‘I spoke to Boyd, everything’s cool.’
‘Well, he didn’t pass that on.’
‘He didn’t have time; he’s in an interview. He said you were trying to pull the Cherry Tree Farm DNA from a damaged hard drive, is this it?’
‘I’m not discussing this with you until I’ve spoken to Boyd.’
‘Felix, I did not break into your evidence store, okay? [No answer] I’ll see for myself. Excuse me.’

So he goes to the computer, and Harry’s looking really worried in the background.

‘You didn’t mention a break-in last night, Felix.’

Oh, like it makes any difference when you’ve already removed a computer from a crime scene.

‘It was more like an unauthorised access.’
‘Yeah, but the same night Central Lab burns down?’

‘How did you communicate with Day?’
‘I’d phone in reports of significant events to Day’s office.’
‘What, like meetings of the anti-Dunwell group?’
‘Yeah. The last one I ever made was the night of the murdered.’
‘So you spoke to him that night?’
‘I eventually got hold of him on his car phone.’
‘What time was that?’
‘Eleven, eleven-thirty.’
‘I think there was someone else with him, I’m sure I could hear another voice in the background.’
‘Man or woman?’
‘It could have been the radio.’
‘Did you tell Clifford Day everything about the meeting that night, about the confrontation, about Holmes calling Jackie a slut?’
‘Yes. Yes, I did.’

Harry looks at the print outs and notices it looks like someone was trying to corrupt rather than recover the disk. DUN DUN DUUUHHHHN!

Spence calls Boyd and tells him he’s going t pick up Day. Boyd tells him not to go in there unaccompanied, and Spence hangs up. *headdesk*

This week’s ‘let’s make Felicite De Jeu speak French’ does not for once involve someone onscreen, but is her talking to her mother. I don’t speak good enough French to know what she’s saying. Anyone? Elliebitch comes in, but Stella’s in no hurry to get off the phone, so she walks over to the desk and sees the book-bomb from earlier. Oh dear.

So she opens it, and BANG! Powder bomb goes off in her face. She starts shouting and tells Stella to get her some water. Boyd phones for paramedics with Stella and Grace try and help Elliebitch. Oh no!!!!!!

Then, funky music ahoy, Elliebitch is taken into the lab, by a load of people in hazard gear (which is the same as the guy who made the bomb was wearing, and I’m saying this because I totally wasn’t paying enough attention the first time round, though I’m sure you all were). She’s now unconscious.

That’s where it ends. God, I’m actually worried about Elliebitch, whatever next??
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