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Spooks 407 recap SPOILERS

First off, shocking news: I was speaking to El earlier, and she didn’t know that Olga Soskonova was pregnant. That’s not shocking, what’s shocking is she hadn’t noticed (though she had wondered why they were suddenly dressing OS in baggy clothes). And there’s me playing the ‘ooh, pregnancy!’ game all through this episode… (Yes, I know, not very mature, but bloody hell it’s obvious)

Oh, she has a lovely smile, whatever else happens.

Quick note: remember the ‘special dispensation’ from a few weeks back? You might want to keep that in mind…

First shot comes up with the caption ‘Six months ago’. RoboFiona is walking about shopping. She turns and the camera gets her in profile. Ooh, pregnancy! Then someone sees her and shouts after her. I *think* they call her Amma, but if anyone knows for sure, please comment :) she runs round a corner and hides. Then we go to her at home.

‘What’s this? A whole morning shopping and no bags?’
‘I didn’t see anything I liked, that’s all.’
‘Are you feeling alright? Let me take your temperature.’
‘I’m fine.’
‘What’s wrong?’
‘Nothing, I’m fine.’

God, for someone who pretends to be other people all the time, you’re a pretty crap liar.

‘Fi, what’s the matter?’
‘There were too many people in town.’

Yeah, because that’s going to stop him worrying.

Then she goes and looks in the mirror, and ooh, pregnancy! Then ooh, flashback. Or rather ew, flashback. There’s some bloke on the floor, and he’s seriously beaten up, like seriously, like blood and bruises and his mouth’s all puffy and I can’t watch. And Fiona’s being held there and forced to watch it…oh, that was horrible. Then she says something into the mirror, but I have no idea what.


Then we’re in Syria. Some Foreign Office bloke is talking to some foreign ambassador bloke, with a dangerous silent minder type watching. The ambassador is coming to London.

Then on the grid, we see a printer. Wow. Fiona gets the thing that comes out of it, and it’s something about Syria. She takes it to Harry (and is wearing a sensible kind of top, but the camera isn’t really going below her neck).

‘This came in from Six. It’s from our ambassador in Damascus. He thinks he’s found a possible way in to the regime’s inner circle.’
‘And they say diplomacy doesn’t work anymore.’
‘Harry, I think this could be the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for. Nobody wants another […no idea…], but if they’re prepared to talk –‘
‘Or listen. Who made the first move?’
‘Their foreign minister, Rihad Bazali. He’s on his way over to London for the opening of their new cultural centre.’

Another week, another round of ‘witness Han make up spellings and be totally wrong!’


Then he must think she’s done, because he looks back to whatever’s on his desk, and she leans forward.

‘Harry. I want this.’

At Home With The Carters.

‘I still think it’s a bad idea.’
‘It’s not every day the Foreign Minister of Syria says he wants to have a quiet chat.’
‘We’re not even sure that’s the case.’
‘The Foreign Office seem to think so. Come on Wes, bedtime.’

Wes the robot child (RoboWes, then) is playing on a Nintendo thingy (old school retro game boys are the best, yo) which is on silent. For some reason, this makes me laugh. Adam is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, and HELLO. Well. Yes.

‘There are a hundred other ways we could have done this, none of which would have required your presence.’
‘I know these people.’
‘I was there too, remember?’
‘I know their way of thinking and have suddenly started mumbling my lines. Besides, they’ll be less suspicious of a woman.’


He gets her by the arm and pulls her into the hall.

‘Don’t do this. We’ve spent the last ten years trying to avoid you being exposed to anything remotely to the Syrian government, and here you are, plunging headfirst into the biggest gathering of Syrian diplomats this city’s ever seen.’
‘Adam, we’ve been through the guest list a dozen time, there isn’t a single name on there I recognise. No-one there’s going to know me. And even if they do, so what? My ex-husband turned out to be an Israeli spy, not me. I left the country a disgraced widow; no-one’s going to bear me a grudge.’
‘That’s if anyone still buys that little fairy tale.’

Ooooh. And, well, fair point.

‘We’ve had this hanging over us long enough, don’t you think?’
‘What do you mean? What’s the matter? You’ve been acting weird for weeks.’
‘I’m just tired of continually living a lie.’

Ouch. Just…ouch.

Then we’re at the Syrian Plot Device Cultural Exhibition.

Zaf and Jo are on site; Adam and Colin are doing surveillance.

‘Okay everyone. Eyes and ears on Fiona. Anyone even looks like they recognise her; I want to know about it.’

Then Fiona is talking to the Syrian foreign minister guy. Oooh, pregnancy!

Diplomatic talk, la la la…oh, she’s being a PR lady again. She tells him they’ve been working with the Saudi government.

Then, OH NO, some bloke is looking at RoboFiona. And then he makes a call.

‘You wouldn’t believe who I’m looking at right now.’

Somehow, I don’t think this is good.

Then in the meeting room, Adam says that the Foreign Minister has called to try and set up a meeting. Ruth is sitting next to Harry, btw. And she looks damn good this episode.

‘What do we know about him, anyway?’ (Harry)
‘Rihad Bazali, 54. Married, three children. He’s a follower. Toes the party line, keeps his head down and does what he’s told in return for a prestigious position and a comfortable life.’ (Ruth)
‘So what you’re saying is the man’s not one to ruffle feathers.’ (Zaf)
‘Until now.’ (Adam)
‘So, why all the cloak and dagger routine, why doesn’t he just set up a meeting and tell us what’s on his mind?’ (LH)
‘You obviously haven’t met Ali.’ (RoboFiona)
‘Ali?’ (LH)
‘Bazali’s secret service minder. If we want to talk to Bazali, we’re going to have to get around him.’ (Ruth)
‘The Syrian government have a notorious intelligence service, the [I have no clue how to spell this]. Think KGB on steroids.’ (Adam)
‘They keep tabs on everyone; layer upon layer of watchers all snooping on one another in a frenzy of paranoia. Bazali practically can’t brush his teeth without his minder around.’ (RoboFiona)
‘And one wrong word can get you into serious trouble out there.’ (Ruth)
‘So, we have a foreign minister who seems intent on –‘(Harry)
‘I’d say he wants to talk.’ (RoboFiona)
‘But we have no idea what he wants to talk about?’ (LH)
‘We’ve been trying to make the inroads into that government for years with no success. If we can establish a relationship with an insider, it’s definitely worth pursuing. Although…’ (Adam)
‘What?’ (Harry)
‘Well, I’d take everything he has to say with a bucketful of salt.’ (Adam)

God, they talk a lot.

‘We’ve still got to hear him out.’
‘Yeah, but given what Adam says, do we trust him?’
‘The foreign office think it’s worth a shot, and they want us to make it happen. Ideally without getting Mr Bazali summoned home for an extended session with a red hot poker. You’re willing to take this further?’

Harry says Bazali differently to everyone else.

‘I’ve already established contact; it would be stupid to waste that. Besides, it could make them suspicious.’

[Pause while he looks mournful and his eyes look very nice]

‘Fiona’s legend’s fully back stocked and she’ll be wired at all times. She’ll take all the necessary precautions. I don’t want her going in there alone. Take Jo in there, she’ll dilute your presence. Take the focus off you.’

Things That Annoy Me About Little Miss Lovely Hair, part 237: He continual ‘oh, I’ll just keep my head at an angle on camera’ thing. LOOK STRAIGHT WOMAN.

‘Are you ready for this?’

*headdesk* Go AWAY.

RoboFiona gives LH a big file. She is being shot from the back *snigger*. Then Ruth gives her another file.

‘The Saudis have been doing it in America for years.’
‘They’re actually running ads telling people they’re the good guys.’
‘How long do I have to get through this?’
‘We’re seeing him tomorrow morning.’
‘Here I was thinking I was done with homework in this lifetime.’
‘Difference is, now you’re getting paid for it.’

I don’t know if this was intended to sound like ‘oh, piss of and shut up’, but that’s how I’m reading it *g*.

Then she goes off and Fiona asks Ruth to keep an extra close eye on Syrians coming through passport control.
‘Are you sure it’s a good idea? You being there, close to them?’

She really does worry about everyone, doesn’t she?

‘I’ve spent more time round these people than anyone here. I know how they think.’

Ruth doesn’t look convinced.

Then there’s some bloke, who is vaguely familiar (quite possibly from me watching this earlier in the week), talking on the phone to someone about RoboFiona. Not good. He says he’ll take car of it.

Fiona & Malcolm. Malcolm great, as ever, Fiona…just keep in mind, special dispensation. I’m going to need it sooner or later.

He gives her a gun thing. Hm, I’ve missed a bit there. Something remote

‘It’s got cupro-nickel hollow point bullets for maximum effect.’

…er, right.

‘It’s not the most accurate gun on the planet, I know.’
‘At least it won’t trip the embassy metal detectors.’
‘How thrilled do you think the Serbian massacre would be if they knew we were using their little invention?’
‘Theirs tend to go off unintentionally.’
‘[small pause] But ours don’t, right?’

He kind of goes to shake his head, and then doesn’t quite do it. Aha ha.

‘Can I interest you in anything else?’
‘Actually, I could use one of those little trackers if it isn’t too much trouble.’

He sticks it on the back of her neck. Er…

‘I’ll put it here for now, but make sure you hide it properly later.’

Why not just hide it properly now?

‘Brad Parkinson should be sainted. [Pause] He invented GPS. [Pause] You can always swallow it. If it’s compromised. It’ll still work.’

LH is reading all the files, and then Zaf brings over her legend file.

‘I never saw myself as a Vanessa.’
‘It’s not that bad. I was a Hamish on one particularly memorable occasion.’

Sorry, minor interruption here to say that my sister just phoned me on her mobile *from her room* to my mobile *in my room* to tell me she wanted her clock back. Wtf?

Back to it.

‘And you got away with it?’
‘It’s all down to the delivery.’ He says, in a Scottish accent :) Ah, I like Zaf.

‘Make sure you know all this stuff inside out. It saved my life once.’

Things That Annoy Me About Little Miss Lovely Hair, part 453: She never looks like she’s taking it seriously. She looks like she’s playing monopoly or something. ‘Oh, can I be the car?!’ Grr.

At Home With The Carters.

‘You don’t need to stay there. We’ll make sure they only see what we want them to see.’
‘I’m not taking any chances; my legend needs to be fully back stocked. Besides, it’s good to spend a few nights apart. It makes it all the more fun when we’re back together.’

You know, I’ve never had a problem believing in the two of them, and I don’t doubt for a second Adam’s love for Fiona, but I’m really starting to doubt her love for him. It suddenly seems like she’s almost intentionally hurting him, and being callous about it. And wasn’t she the one wittering on about all the time they were spending away from RoboWes?

‘Tell Wes I’ll call him. It’ll be over before you know it.’

Aw. Poor Adam. He doesn’t say anything, and it looks like it’s because he knows nothing will change her mind :(

Then she’s in a 5 safe house watching the news. Then she goes and looks in the mirror and we go to another flashback (see what they did there?). It shows that she actually turns round and talks to the person who recognised her!! Oh dear.

So there’s all hugging, and then the other girl is crying, and she moves back and there’s this funny scar on her forehead.

‘After you left, they came for us. They were looking for you.’

Back to the safe house, and she gets the gun out of the case. Fantastic music this episode. And then the camera pans back to show her sitting with the gun.

The next day, she’s walking along questioning LH on her legend. And holding a file in front of her stomach. She tells LH to trust the legend and not hesitate. I don’t think RoboFiona has a high opinion of LH (that makes two of us, then).

‘We need to move away from this ridiculous axis of evil label the Americans seem obsessed with.’
‘Despite the fact that you signed up for Desert Storm.’
‘At great political risk, I might add. Our people weren’t happy to see Syrian troops fighting side by side with marines and killing other Arabs.’
‘We’ll flesh out some ideas for you and put together a pitch document. Give us, um, three days?’
‘Mm, sounds good.’
‘Oh, we’d love to take you out for a nice meal while you’re in town. Tomorrow?’

He looks at the minder, who gives him the nod.

‘It would be a pleasure.’

Then some bloke comes in (who might be the guy from earlier, I’m not sure, I think so though, what do you mean pay attention? I was…kind of) he gets introduced to ‘Emma’.

And then, the most annoyingly clunky line this episode:

‘Most people don’t know anything about Syria. Have you ever been there?’
‘Not yet.’


They get back out to the car and RoboFiona stops and takes some deep breaths. LH offers to drive but RoboFiona says she’s fine. Then they have a roof meeting. There haven’t been many of those this series.

‘Is this something you can talk about? If we’re going to do this together, I need to know what’s going on.’

I don’t think you really do, missy, but continue.

‘I lived there. I was married to a Syrian intelligence officer.’
‘How did that happen?’
‘I was young and stupid. I studied Arab literature in college. Ended up living in Beirut, working in a hotel. It was great. I met him in a nightclub there.’

AAARGH my fucking laptop just froze and lost a whole section. Apologies, but this section will be quite short as I try and catch up. Bastard thing.

Right, her hair is cute in the flashbacks. She fell under the spell of his aura, blah blah, she converted to Islam, changed her name from Amelia to Amma**. He wanted children but she couldn’t get pregnant so he lost patience and started shagging around. Then she met Adam, he wanted to turn hubby, they fell in love, omgthey’resoinlove, they get found out, Adam is the one being beaten to a pulp in the horrible flashbacks. ICK.

RIGHT, back to it (CTRL + S, CTRL + S, CTRL + S). They framed Farook to make it look like he was working for the Israelis. And poor Adam is all beaten up :(

Incidentally, the framing was clearly done BPS (Before PhotoShop) as they do it by *cutting round a photo*. Yes, on paper. They used to do that, you know ;)

‘How did the Syrians take it?’
‘They hanged him.’

There’s a pause, and then RoboFiona/Amelia/Amma/Bob gets all cheerful.

‘You going to be ready for this lunch? You can’t afford any slip-ups around these people.’
‘I’ll be ready.’

LH goes off and Fiona’s up on the roof on her own.

Ruth is checking the Syrians coming in, and Adam comes up behind her.

‘You’re checking Syrian arrivals?’
‘They’re for Fiona.’
‘What, she asked for them?’
‘After yesterday’s meeting. I thought you knew.’
‘She didn’t mention it’

Tut tut, Fiona. Though doesn’t it seem quite a sensible thing to do?

‘Her cover’s solid.’
‘She could still be recognised.’
‘Farook was hanged. You put him out of action, and Fiona had nothing to stay for, so she left. Even if someone were to recognise her, they’ve got nothing against her.’

1. I thought no-one knew the details (unless Adam told Ruth) 2. Yay Ruth pep talk :)

‘They could still put two and two together.’
‘In which case they’d be after you, not her. You were the one who framed him. And besides, as far as they’re concerned, you did them a favour. He did turn out to be a Mossad agent, didn’t he?’
‘There you go. If anyone should be pissed off at you, it’s the Israelis. You’ve cost them a valuable asset.’

Oh, Ruth. Ruth Ruth Ruth. LOVE.

‘I’m sure they’ve got many more.’
‘I know this is taking you somewhere you’d rather not go, but [takes breath] we’ve got it under control. This isn’t Damascus.’
‘Do me a favour; take another look at the videos of the opening night party. Make sure there’s nothing we’ve missed.’
‘What am I looking for?’

Well, at a guess, I’d say Harry. Oh, you meant work. I see.

‘I don’t know.’

Then there’s a plane with some funky zigzag markings landing in some airfield and some guys with Kuwaiti passports get out. Ooh, let’s see, do we believe they’re actually Kuwaiti? No.

Apparently *everyone* now knows what the hell was going on with Farook (that’s how the newspaper says to spell it). Jo is looking at the story, and Zaf even knows how long it took him to die! Do they know if he was wearing his lucky underwear that day, too?

‘Remind me not to sign up for the Damascus Bureau. It might be horrible, going through life like someone on a witness protection scheme. All because she married some Neanderthal.’
‘Well, at least she got out o there.’
‘It’s hard on her. You know, going in there. I don’t know how she’s doing it.’
‘Well, maybe she needs closure. You want a lift home?’
‘Thanks but I’ve got so much research to do. Vanessa needs to know her stuff.’
‘Yeah, and it’s not the kind of stuff your flatmate would expect…er, what did you say your cover story was?’
‘Research assistant in pensions.’
‘Yeah, I’d buy that.’

What, so she told her flatmate – who must have known she was a journalist – that she’s now a research assistant in pensions? Wouldn’t the flatmate (presuming she has a brain and is not actually a plant pot) be a little suspicious?

‘I meant what I said, you know. If the lying gets a little tricky, that spare room’s still there.’
‘For the rent, right?’
‘Yeah, there’s that. Also, my obnoxious cousin’s moving to London and he has his heart set on the room. So you’d be doing me a big favour.’
‘Thank you. I am thinking about it.’
‘Good, do.’

Then Adam’s looking at the picture of the guard bloke. Zaf walks past and sees him.

‘You okay?’
‘Is everything set for the restaurant?
‘Yeah. Audio-visual feeds are up and running and Malcolm’s got his toys ready.’
‘We can’t afford any screw-ups; we’re not going to get a second chance with this [lot]. You checked the feeds yourself?’
‘Yeah. And then I checked them again.’

Then Malcolm is in the kitchen of the restaurant, where RoboFiona and LH have taken Bazali and his minder for lunch. They’re trying to get…something into the food, and eventually they get it into the mint sauce.

‘Okay everybody, we are go, repeat, we are go.’

Then Bazali is talking, and he chokes and keels over. They get him in an ambulance and off to hospital.

Then those two blokes who landed at the private airport place earlier are in a car, watching RoboFiona and LH. Oooooh. RoboFiona and LH hail a cab, and Zaf takes photos of the two guys (with a bloody MASSIVE camera).

Then Bazali is in hospital, and it doesn’t look good. Then Adam goes and plays doctor. Heh.

‘What’s our status?’
‘Bazali’s tucked up in bed. Adam will go in once the minder’s out of the way.’
‘What about Fiona?’
‘She should be arriving at her office in the next ten minutes. She’s still being watched.’
‘Still? Have we ID’d them yet?’
‘They’re low-level employees of the Embassy.’

Oh, so maybe they’re not the blokes from earlier. Was anyone else *totally* lost during this episode?

‘Make sure Adam knows they’re still out there.’
‘Already done.’

Ahhhh. They share a brain.

Then the blokes are still watching, and it’s snowing a bit, and Fiona comes out of her office and gets a taxi.

Zaf starts following the blokes following the taxi.

Adam and Colin send in someone called Alex…oh. Wait, I get it now! Alex is the bloke who walks in front of Zaf! Jesus, either this is really complicated or I’m having a total thick day.

The blokes from the embassy are being very indiscreet, and then some guy walks right in front of Zaf, making him stop really quickly. That was totally on purpose, right? Oh no, and his car gets hit, so he gets out and shouts at him.

Fiona’s holding onto the gun shooty keying thing and her hand’s shaking.

Ruth’s still looking at the video of the event, and then Fiona’s looking at the Syrian arrivals on her flash PDA omgIwantone.

Ruth notices the bloke who made the call, who was the bloke who asked Fiona if she’d ever been to Syria.

They send some bloke into the hospital corridor to cough all over the guard bloke, and then some girl who only has to look pretty, and not actually shag him. She’s dressed as a nurse and she gets a coffee. Then – clearly a sucker for advertising – guard bloke gets one too. Everyone is very pleased.

‘Go on, you know you want one.’
‘He’s going for it.’

Malcolm does something that squirts something else into the coffee that’ll have effect in about five minutes…ha, tranquilliser.

Then he goes to speak to a (very surprised) Bazali. It’s a clever little thing they came up with – simulates gastric infections, apparently.

‘You wanted to talk, now we haven’t got much time.’
‘We don’t want to see our country blown to bits like Iraq.’
‘That’s easily taken care of, stop backing the insurgents and hold some real elections for a change.’
‘The parallels between us and Iraq are frightening, but it doesn’t seem to bother the Baa’tist [???] hardliners. They’re so stuck in their ways. They’re going to drag us into a dreadful situation. And I’m not the only one who feels that way, but no-one dares to speak.’
‘What do you want us to do?’
‘I want you to help me get rid of the current regime and replace it with a real government, not a soviet era dictatorship. A government for the people, but one that can keep the mullahs at bay, and be more open to the ideas of your new world order.’

Adam’s face while he’s saying this quite clearly says ‘and would you like the moon on a stick while we’re at it?’

‘Help you. How?’
‘By eliminating the head of the intelligence service. Unless he’s out of the picture, nothing will change.’
‘You want us to help you kill General [sounds like Nabushaki, but that’s a bit Japanese]?’
‘No. I want to help you do it. For us.’

Well, you know. Points for pure cheek.

Out in the corridor, guard bloke wakes up, and goes to check on Bazali.

Harry and Juliet go for a walk.

‘We’re talking about sanctioning the assassination of a foreign government official.’
‘Well, hardly a legitimate government. Besides, you’ve seen his file. The man’s psychotic, and that’s just the stuff we know about.’

Oh look, Juliet’s all for it, what a surprise.

‘It’s a non-starter. It would be virtually impossible for Bazali to get this off the ground without them finding out.’
‘That’s why he needs us. Bazali needs the chaos to make his move in.’
‘It’s a slippery slope.’
‘I don’t like it any more than you do, Harry…’

Er, I beg to differ, Juliet.

‘…But in doing this, we could turn them into a democracy without having to go through the mess like in Iraq.’
‘We’ll probably end up with just another dictator. It’s been their MO for fifty years.’
‘Well if that happens, at least he’s a dictator we’ve got a hold on. The odds are that he’ll be discovered and quartered within a week, but on the off chance he manages to stay alive –‘

See, moments like that are why I don’t *totally* hate Juliet.

‘What do Six feel about it?’
‘Well, they’ll do what we ask them to.’

Good thing, seeing as it’ll be one of them who does it.

‘And are we going to ask them?’
‘Not in so many words.’
‘The beast of deniability rears its ugly head yet again.’
‘You used to be such a charmer. We’re all hiding under the same cloak, Harry.’


‘So we are going ahead with it?’
‘Well, subject to the all-clear from upstairs. Oh, with one small caveat. We need him to do something for us. A gesture of goodwill.’
‘And a little leverage, just in case.’

Clearly, Harry straight away goes and tells Ruth all that, because she tells Adam.

‘I can’t believe they’re actually considering it.’
‘In their thinking, the potential benefits outweigh the moral concerns.’
‘Forget about the moral concerns. Alright, we could be doing the Syrian people a huge favour, but it could also plunge the country into a bloody mess. They don’t deserve that, they’ve been through enough. And taking out an intelligence operative, that’s crossing over the line. If they find out it was us – and they will find out – it’ll be open season on our people. We’ll be putting all our agents out there at risk.’

Then Harry comes over.

‘We’re on.’

Adam makes face.

‘I don’t know what we’re doing anymore. This is going to end up like Iraq. We keep doing this; we keep getting sucked into these foreign nightmares, and for what? Our job is protecting the country. How is throwing over a regime going to help the people out there sleep any better?’
‘Well, maybe it’s better to take a risk than do nothing at all. You’ve got a patient to discharge.’

*coughcough*Well maybe you should say something to Ruth*coughcough*

Also, is anyone else drawing parallels to various past episodes? I have been all the way through this one.

So Adam’s back playing dress up, telling Bazali he’ll be fine, and guard bloke goes off to pay the bill.

‘We can do business, but we need something from you first, convince everyone you can deliver.’
‘What is it?’
‘Iraqi insurgents have been going back and forth across your border like it wasn’t even there, bringing back money and weapons, which they’re using to kill British troops. We need crossing points, smuggling roots, timings. Specifics, to help us shut them down. You’ve got a meeting planned with Emma, give her the information and then we’re on [???]’

Then guard bloke comes back in being his normal chatty self.

Colin and Ruth, yay! They’re watching the video of the event, and Colin’s going to try and pick up what he said from LH’s wire. I think.

Then guard bloke and Bazali are going into a building, which I think is probably the one where the exhibition is. Walking, walking…then they go into a room. And Bazali sees some guy, and is shocked like O_O

‘[Subtitled] No-one told me you were here.’

And then, right, he gets out this big stick thing (it looks like metal, so what the hell, it was Colonel Mustard, in the Dining Room, with the Lead Piping, thank you and goodnight) and he whack Bazali in the legs, and then when he’s on the ground, he smacks his head in. nice. Oh, and he calls him a traitor.

RoboFiona’s on the grid, and she goes to talk to Ruth.

‘Have we heard anything crucial?’
‘Not since this morning.’
‘Oh. Good.’
‘Are you okay?’
And her phone rings, preventing her from having to lie.

So then she’s in a meeting with Harry and Adam, and I just squished a little fly on my laptop screen. I don’t think that was a very good idea. They have a meeting set with Bazali for ‘tomorrow afternoon’, which annoyingly means a) I’m not as far along as I thought I was and b) I’m going to be up till midnight again. Oh joy.

‘The boffins in research came up with these proposals for your pitch.’
‘It should be easy for him to justify his time with you. There’ll be a team outside the hotel. Any sign that he’s been rumbled, get out of there.’
‘It’ll be fine.’

And then she’s on the sofa in the safe house, holding a gun. Oh, maybe I am that far along. There’s another flashback to her talking to her friend.

‘They knew we were friends. They wanted to know where you were, but…we didn’t know. We didn’t know.’
‘What did they do to you? [No answer] Oh my God. What about [unclear]?’
‘She couldn’t live with the shame. She jumped off her balcony. Killed herself.’
‘Who was it, who did this to you?’

And then the camera pans back so we don’t hear the answer, and the RoboFiona’s phone rings.

‘What’s wrong?’
‘Why don’t you open the door and find out?’

So she goes and answers the door and Adam’s there.

‘What are you doing here?’
‘Conjugal visit.’
‘You can’t stay.’
‘Well, no-one saw me.’
‘You have to leave, now.’
‘What are you doing with that?’
‘You have to go. That’s the point of my being here, so you can’t be spotted, remember?’
‘We’ve got this place covered. No-one followed you here.’
‘If I’m here, it means there’s a risk.’
‘You’re the one who insisted on staying here. What’s going on? You’ve got Ruth feeding you immigration records, you’re requisitioning guns without telling me -’
‘I’m worried about you, not me, alright?’
‘I almost got you killed once before. I’m not going to let that happen again.’

She opens the door.

‘This ends tomorrow. You get the information from him and then you’re done.’
‘Fine, now would you please get the hell out of here?’

He goes.

Colin’s checking the audio feed.

LH and RoboFiona are *still* being watched by those guys. The go into the building where the exhibition is (is it actually the embassy or not?). Then RoboFiona turns to LH.

‘Jo, I want you to go back into the lobby, wait somewhere out of sight. Wait five minutes, call me. If I don’t pick up, red flash Adam –‘
‘What are you talking about?’
‘I need you to do this.’
‘No no, I can’t let you go in there alone. That’s not the plan.’
‘Look, just trust me with this, I know what I’m –‘
‘I can’t.’
‘Look. They know who I am, alright? They recognised me at the party.’
‘At the party?’
‘I wanted them to know it was me.’
‘I can’t explain it now. If anything goes wrong, I’d rather have you out here, calling in the cavalry. Now just go.’

Remember my special dispensation? To smack people in the head? Using it RIGHT NOW.

Guard bloke comes and gets her.

Colin plays the audio to Ruth, and she translates.

‘Guess who I’m looking at right now…’
‘It’s a colloquialism. The lost lamb. It’s used when someone goes missing.’

Then she runs off down the corridor. Oh. Dear.

RoboFiona goes into the room, and there’s someone she recognises (I think – the camera’s been doing this quick zooms all episode) and then she tries to get the gun key ring thing, but they make her drop it and get one her knees, and then she see Bazali. Erk.

Back on the grid, Ruth explains about the guy who recognised Fiona.

‘His name is Bashir Shaloub.’

[Long pause]

‘He’s related to Fiona’s ex-husband.’
‘Related to him, how?’
‘He’s Farook’s cousin.’

OMG NO. Also, oh shit.

Adam tries to call Fiona and then Jo calls in.

‘I don’t know what to do; I think I’ve screwed up.’
‘Whoa, whoa, slow down, what do you mean?
‘She wouldn’t let me go in with her. Something’s wrong, I know it.’

Then Fiona’s being marched to a car and she gets shoved in the boot.

Adam tells LH to wait, he’s sending a team. Too late. The car drives off.

‘Was Shaloub on the guest list?’
‘Yes, he was part of a group that flew over. Fiona saw that list, Adam. She knew he’d be there.’


‘Jo said Fiona told her she wanted to be recognised. She wanted them to know where to find her.’

Oh, Adam. He looks so confused. He asks Colin to find out who Shaloub was calling. Then Malcolm says that she’s got a tracker.

‘She asked for one. I thought you knew.’

Oh, God, Adam *sniff*

‘Run it. Keep me posted. Zaf, let’s go!’

Jo is running about with the team at the embassy place, and she sees Bazali.

The team on the grid are tracking Fiona, and Adam and Zaf are following.

‘What was she thinking?’
‘I don’t know.’

Then the car stops in some car park, and they open the boot before the car properly stops. Heh. They tell her to change her clothes. Then – oh no – she manages to dislodge the tracker and it falls into the hood of her top. OH NO!

Another car pulls up and she gets told to walk towards it, and then another flashback.

‘Who did this to you?’
‘Who do you think? It’s Farook, Amma. He was never hanged. He’s alive, and he’s never going to give up on finding you. You know that.’

And then we see one of the blokes from earlier, who is obviously Farook (yes, I can tell that *now*), with a pair of handcuffs. EEEEK. Fiona looks…I don’t know. Shocked? Stunned?

Then Adam pulls up into the car park, and OH NO they noticed the tracker :(

Fiona in the back of the car.

‘[Subtitles] I expected you to have a new face.’
‘[Subtitles] You’d miss this one too much.’

Adam rings Thames House and tries to get Ruth to find Shaloub.

‘Adam, no. this is an embassy, there are protocols.’
‘Screw protocols, Harry, this is Fiona.’
‘We’re initiating an all ports alert.’
‘Harry, you know what these people are capable of. They don’t need to leave the country to hurt her, they can do it anywhere. COME ON HARRY!’

Ooh, I don’t normally get to do caps in Spooks. I tend to save that for Boyd. Harry gives the nod. Ruth tells Adam that Shaloub is on a flight out of Heathrow and that they think he’s still at the embassy.

‘Aliyah. [Unclear – Romina?] You didn’t have to go after them like that.’
‘I wanted to find you.’
‘[unclear – Romina?] killed herself because of what your men did to her.’
‘She was not as strong as you’ve turned out to be. I’m impressed. Working for MI5. Helping traitors.’
‘Bazali wasn’t a traitor. He wanted to save his country.’
‘Bazali wanted to save his pride. The head of the [not clear] that he wanted you to kill? He’s been humping Bazali’s wife for over a year. That coward just want you to do his dirty work. You still have so much to learn about that part of the world.’

Then Adam and Zaf see Shaloub, and they manage to stop him.

Colin brings the news that Shaloub was speaking to someone in Damascus, and they don’t know who yet, but whoever he was calling is now here, and the last signal from their mobile placed them near Ilford.

Adam keeps screaming at Shaloub ‘Where’s my wife?’ and then he breaks his arm when he won’t tell him. Zaf’s looking out for the police, and so he’s shouting at Adam, and then Zaf tells him to go while he stays and deals with the police.

They work out the airport they must be going to, and then oh no! Shaloub uses his non-broken arm to call Farook and inform him that Adam and Fiona are now married. :(

‘You’ve got a lot to make up for, Amma. I’ve had to live in hiding for ten years because of you and your husband. Is bigamy allowed in England now?’
‘They know I’m here. They’re not going to let you get away with this.’
‘Just let me worry about that. You should be more concerned about your own future. And your husband’s. Once we’re back in Syria, I’ll keep you somewhere safe. I’ll come visit you…whenever I feel like it. We’ll have fun. We’ll send your husband pictures of our little encounters. How do you think it’ll take before he comes to Damascus to find you, hm?’

Back on the grid, Harry’s trying to get all the flights from that airport locked down. They also have a voice match.

The car Fiona’s in arrives at the airport. There’s a delay, so Farook tells them to shut Fiona in one of those hut things…oh damn, they do have names. It’s a hut, anyway.

Ruth tells Adam about the planes going out of that airport.

‘Adam. GCHQ just got a match on who Shaloub was talking to. You’re not going to like it.’

Fiona gets shoved inside the hut, and she starts looking around for anything she can use, and then she ends up with her head in her hands.

Harry on the phone to Adam.

‘He was a double agent all along, working for the Syrians.’
‘She knew he was still alive! I don’t know how she found it, but she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life worrying that he’d find her and what he’d do.’
‘So why didn’t she tell you?’
‘She knew I’d go after him myself.’

Back to Fiona, and she sees a framed certificate on the wall, so she smashes the frame. You know, I had a feeling she might kill herself.

Adam’s driving up to the airport as we see Fiona cutting her arms…okay.

Farook opens the door, and see her on the floor with loads of blood, and tells guard bloke to get the first aid kit from the plane.

‘I’ll never make it to Damascus like this. You’ll have nothing to use against Adam’

And then he pulls her up and OMG she stabs him in the shoulder!!!!! EWWWW!!! Blood everywhere.

Adam drives up, and he gets out and looks for Fiona. Oh, and now he’s got a gun. Then Fiona calls him, and he turns to her and sees Farook behind her, with a gun, and he goes to shoot, but Farook gets there first, shoots Fiona in the lower back :( Adam then shoots Farook a couple of times. Fiona falls down. Adam rings for an ambulance. He puts his coat over her.

‘I had to do it.’
‘It’s okay, just, just hang on.’
‘I couldn’t tell you. He almost killed you once because of me. I couldn’t risk that happening again.’
‘I know, I know. Don’t tell me, I know.’
‘Keep Wes safe. Promise me you will.’
‘Promise me.’

And then she dies, and there’s some mournful singing (though not the usual) and then the other 5 people appear, and then we go negative.

Hm. Well.

* Before I started watching this to recap, there was a Changing Rooms retrospective on. It was crap.
** So that one mystery solved, though as I may have mentioned before, there are two more important ones; how the hell did Tom get out of the sea without being found, and why has no-one mentioned Sam yet? And while I’m on the subject, where is Oliver Mace these days?
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