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WTD Recap

Right, second episode for a while, before watching the last episode of the series…eek!

First shot is dripping water, as SM washes his car. Alright, we get it. Water. Lots of.

The nurse girls’ boyfriend from yesterday (the one who now has a girlfriend with a young son) comes into the office. As per usual, the WTD people can’t stay on one damn shot, so we switch back and forth to SM.

He’s talking to Grace about the way it felt when his gf disappeared, and then he says that when the article came out, she got a slashed tyre on her car. That appears to be all he’s got. Grace goes to show him out, but then the phone rings, and while she answers it, he goes and looks at the glass wall, which obviously shows SM. Oh dear.

Stella and Spence are watching SM, and he finally comes out of his house and puts a big water holdy thing in the back of his car (my brain’s gone blank…carton! That’s it).

Grace is telling Boyd about the boyfriend (whose surname is apparently Elwes). She says it’ possible SM was responsible for the flat tyre, because it might have been to try and force Sophie out into the open.

‘Eight possible victims form this last week’s edition.’
‘Well, we can’t watch them all.’
‘Why not? What’re we going to do, just let him get on with it? He’s the one, isn’t he; I think he’s the one.’

That sentence was said very quickly.

‘So what are we missing?’

SM fills up the carton and puts it back in his car. Spence and Stella follow. La la la driving…then steam suddenly comes from his engine! That *can’t* be good…apparently he has a leak in the radiator and that’s what the water is for.

Back in the lab, Elliebitch is doing some….thing with…graphs and a wooshy machine (it makes that noise, stop looking at me like that). It all looks very complicated. Grace comes in and says she wants to ask her a personal question.

‘Two long term boyfriends and a cat who doesn’t like me very much.’

Those of you who watch Spooks can probably guess what I’m going to say here: well Ruth’s cat likes her so you’re obviously mean. Oh, I’m so mature.

‘Do you take a bath in the evenings?’
‘Sometimes, if I need to relax.’
‘And do you put your pyjamas on before you run the bath?’
‘I don’t wear pyjamas.’

God, this bit annoyed me. Missing the point a bit… then she realises and says she’d put them on once she got out, and Grace agrees. However Susie Jenkins was already wearing hers. I see where they’re going with this, and I dislike stereotyping, but can I just say: student. In my experience, not that unusual.

Then Elliebitch shows Grace what she was doing with the swooshy machine, which is analysing the water from Phillipa Carrington’s lungs. So although she drowned and was dragged out of Regent’s Canal, she wasn’t drowned *in* the Regent’s Canal…right. Basically she was drowned in tap water. Just in case we hadn’t got it, they flash back to SM killing Phillipa in the bath. Nice. Thanks for that.

SM goes to the gym. Spence and Stella also follow. Then there’s below-the-waterline shots of the swimming pool, which look very nice if you ignore the big massive feeling of dread you get (or was that just me?).

And to deviate totally from what has gone before, can I just say mmm, nice arms, Mr Moyer.

Stella is watching, and yes, she’s still pretty cute, but wtf is up with the dungarees and vest top combo? I know she’s French, but really…

She asks Spence if he wants coffee, and he says he wants a cake too. I don’t think he was joking with her…

They watch SM swimming.

Grace and Felix go to see Boyd and tell him about Philippa, and OMG will they STOP with the cutting from one to another! Right, so this next bit keeps going from SM swimming to Boyd and Grace and Felix. SM swims off underwater.

They point out that the bath was running when Susie Jenkins was found.

‘We think Hunt wanted to drown her, but he was running a bath when her friend came home.’

Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, now we cut to a flashback of SM killing Susie, which I am very carefully not watching. God, this episode was horrible.

‘Julia Macy. He masturbated while he watched her in the shower.’


‘Angela Worthing.’
‘She was out jogging.’
‘[shows him photos] Yeah. Take a look, what can we see?’
‘This is the park where she was attacked.’
‘In the corner.’
‘In the corner is a pond with a fountain.’

Boyd’s a bit dubious.

‘There’s seems to be a connection with water. I think that’s what he does; I think that’s what he likes. It’s the drowning.’
‘Let me think about it a bit more.’
‘No, let me think about it a bit more.’

They leave him the photos and there’s more flashback.

Then, some woman is swimming, and she gets pulled under the water, and I can’t watch this. She’s struggling, and he’s holding her under. She drowns :(

Boyd phones Spence.

‘What’s Hunt doing?’
‘At the Apple Bloom Leisure Centre.’

And Boyd’s straight up out of the chair, and then there’s screaming form the pool, and EW.

At the pool, this week’s ‘let’s-have-Felicite-De-Jeu-talk-French’ segment comes into play, as she talks to friends of the dead girl while Boyd has a go at Spence for not paying attention.

‘I didn’t see it happen, okay?’
‘Nobody did. Not even her friends.’
‘I’m picturing your rope, Grace. Which strand is this, then?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘No photographs in the paper. Where’s his build up?’
‘Well, he’s changed his boundaries, obviously.

Shot of the empty swimming pool. Then Boyd goes into the changing area and starts a tap running on full into a sink.

Then SM is in the changing rooms, boring a policeman to death. The sink is nearly overflowing when Boyd goes through and tells the policeman to get out.

‘Don’t worry about him, look at me. This direction, look at me, I’M RIGHT HERE! I want you to tell me what happened; I want you to talk me through the whole thing.’
‘I didn’t see what happened. I didn’t see the girl –‘
‘That’s not it, you killed her –‘
‘It was a tragic accident –‘
‘You killed her. You came here, you didn’t know who she was, and you killed her.’
‘I came here to swim.’
‘I know about the water. I want to hear it from you. The whole thing.’


Also, how does Boyd get away with pulling this kind of shit? He keeps shouting at him throughout this.

Eventually (though a bit too long for my liking), people come over and grab Boyd and Grace restrains him. A quick shot of the sink.

Elliebitch tells them that the injuries look like he got hold of her ankle and pulled her underwater, and it was probably over in less than 90 seconds :( EW. And basically, they’ve got no way of tying it to Hunt.

‘I hope that coffee was good, man, I hope it was worth it. 90 seconds, right there, right in front of you, and all you were worrying about, all you were thinking about was coffee.’
‘I was watching him the whole time, alright?’
‘Boyd, nobody knew about the water –‘
‘But everybody knew about Hunt that should have been enough, shouldn’t it? What’s the point of watching him if you’re not watching him?’
‘Nobody thought –‘
‘That’s enough out of you, you didn’t even think to check his dental work, so observation is not your thing right now, trust me. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN, YOU HEAR ME? YOU STICK CLOSE. HE TAKES A PISS, IT’S YOUR SHOES THAT GET SPLASHED!’

And then he stomps out. A number of things come to mind after this sequence:

Oh, you BASTARD. Like she was supposed to immediately come to the conclusion that the cast of the teeth must have been wrong because it would have worked out better that way (yes, I am speaking up for Elliebitch, it doesn’t happen very often) And ugh, just ugh. And also, how could you watch what Hunt was doing if he kept swimming underwater? Oh look, he’s gone underwater. How are the supposed to know that meant he was killing someone? And while I’m on the subject, where had Stella gone?

‘Why didn’t you just hit him?’
‘Just slap him around a bit like you normally do.’
‘You’d [he’d?] have gone crazy if I did that.’
‘You virtually drowned him, Boyd. Now how do you think he’s going to react to that? It’s going to send him deeper into denial.’
‘Well, what if it’d worked? What if t had released something in him, what if it’d been successful? You’d have wanted to have been part of that, wouldn’t you? I mean, wouldn’t you?’

Dear Boyd, you are very stupid. Shut up. Love, Han.

‘Yes. Yes, but it didn’t work, did it? And I wouldn’t have done it because I wouldn’t have taken the risk, and I know what it could release. We’re talking about a very disturbed man here.’
‘At least I did something.’
‘Yeah, you did, you lost control. And you’ve given it to him. You gave him control; you gave him back the power.’

Yes, thank you Grace.

‘I don’t care how he is what he is, Grace, and I don’t care why he is what he is, but he is what he is and it’s my job to stop him.’

Oh, shut up, Boyd.

Then SM is driving along again, and they’re following again, and then – eek! – That Elwes bloke is following too!

Boyd goes to the newspaper offices.

‘I’ve got better things to do if this isn’t anther no comment.’
‘This isn’t a no comment.’

They get everyone else to leave the room.

Grace goes to see SM’s dad. Oh look, another three-way cut thing. Why not add a scene with Elliebitch and make it four? Anyway, SM’s dad is fishing.

Boyd tells newspaper girl that the investigation is into seven women, and some other details. She asks some questions, including if they’ve got any suspects. He writes Hunt’s name on her notepad.

‘Who’s that?’
‘The guy who’s responsible. Print it.’
Print it?’
‘Everything you’ve got, the whole thing. And don’t forget the name.’

Right, because that’s intelligent.

SM drives into a car park. As I said when this happened in Spooks, ah, the excitement of British TV…

He goes into the shopping centre, and as before, they follow, Stella with her lovely hair looking very nice. They split up, Spence staying in one place while Stella walks around, and then Spence sees the boyfriend. Hang on, though, had he seen him before? I don’t think he had. Oh well. Stella is still following SM, and Spence is following Elwes.

SM gets in a lift and Elwes follows him and then beats him up. It’s more satisfying for me than it should be *g*. Stella comes along and helps SM, and chats to him a little. Then he stops her and asks her if he can take her out for a drink. He gives her his number.

Grace is explaining to SM’s dad about paraphilia.

‘Your son is sexually aroused by watching his victims drown.’’
‘Are you a psychologist?’
‘A profiler?’
‘If you like.’
‘I read a headline once, ‘psychics vs. profilers’. You can guess who won.’
‘No, I can’t.’
‘Well, it wasn’t the profilers.’
‘And would you believe me if I was a psychic?’
‘It might help if you had some evidence.’
‘Well, I haven’t. It’s all circumstantial. That’s what I’m here for, I need your help. Your son is a very dangerous man.’
‘He is my son.’
‘I know, which must make it unimaginably hard, but nonetheless, it’s true.’

Back in the office, for a change, Spence and Stella are having an argument. I can’t really use the caps for anyone else, so in this bit, they’re shouting.

‘I had to step in. Elwes would have put him in the hospital.’
‘Well at least we’d have known where he was.’
‘So what would oyu have done?’
‘You exchanged numbers with him!’
‘I though it might be useful, yes.’
‘You gave him your number?’
‘He wanted to say thank you.’
‘You gave him your number?’
‘How did Elwes know about Stephen Hunt anyway?’
‘Oh, hands up, that was me, he was here with me.’
‘He’s killed four women and you exchanged numbers with him?’

Boyd’s a bit fixated on that :) (Though I have to agree).plus, the ‘you did what look on his face is really funny.

‘I thought perhaps we could meet. I thought perhaps he’d talk one on one.’
‘Grace, tell her.’
‘Tell her what?’
‘Hunt is a psychopath.’
‘He has no conscience, Stella.’
‘I’ll wear a wire. I’ll be fine.’

Is this the stupid people episode, or what? (Incidentally, I have now seen the last episode of this series and I am not in a good frame of mind. I want to hit something. Or maybe cry a bit)

‘It’s not going to happen.’
‘You’d be there; I’d never be out of sight.’

He just keeps slowly shaking his head.

‘Look, well pick a public place. Somewhere with plenty of people.’
He keeps shaking his head.

Then we end up outside in the sunshine, and how exactly did she win this one? Aaaah, I can hear pigeons *shudder*

‘Don’t push him, let it all come naturally. He likes to be in control. If he feels he’s not in control, he’ll walk away.’
‘Or get violent.’
‘In which case, I’ll walk away.’
‘Listen to him. Just hear what he wants to talk about, and don’t remain silent, encourage him. But don’t force the conversation.’
‘If you feel remotely threatened, you call it in.’
‘If you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, you call it in.’
‘Stella. If he puts his hand on your leg –‘
‘I’ve got it, really.’
‘Good luck.’

I know you could be looking at this going ‘ooh Boyd/Stella!’ (hello chirugal, but I’m going Boyd/Grace, because they looked like concerned parents :) (And it was partly the way she was sitting in the back of the car).

Right, I’m not going to do this next bit in detail, but long story short, Stella is n the bar,

‘Stop worrying about her; we’ll be watching her all the way.’
‘I know, I know.’

She gets chatted up by some bloke. SM’s car drives up to some place with a pigeon loft (round the back of the pub, I presume).

‘He’s late.’
‘Only fashionably.’

*So* married.

So goes to the loos to escape, but you can’t get a signal in the toilets, so they’re all panicking because they can’t find her. Boyd is panicking more than Spence.

We see SM walking through some place, and then back to the bar, Spence sees Stella.

‘Stella, the signal goes dead in the bathroom, stay out of the bathroom, the signal goes dead, did you hear me? Stay out of the bathroom.’

I think she got it, Boyd.

‘Well what am I supposed to do?’
‘Just hold it, cross your legs, I don’t know, just don’t go in the bathroom.’

She goes outside, and then SM is at the bar. Anyone else confused? Then he comes out of the bar. Anyone else *really* confused? Ah! Then he meets up with newspaper girl!

Back in the office, they’re all a bit glum.

‘I don’t understand why he didn’t show.’
‘Too many people.’
‘There must be a good reason.’
‘It’s not his pad. Is it?’

Then the phone rings. Another body has been found.

Its newspaper girl AND its ALL BOYD’S BLOODY FAULT. There’s no obvious cause of death as yet.

‘What is this place?’
‘What do you think?’
‘Some kind of rowing practice?’
‘A rowing practice place, yes.’

Dude. Don’t get snappy just because you fucked up. Grace tells Boyd that the tanks are usually full of water.

Back at the office, Grace is looking through newspaper girl’s stuff.

‘I don’t know how she made the connection to Hunt. I don’t even know how she got hold of his name.’

Boyd gave it to her BECAUSE HE’S AN IDIOT.

‘I gave it to her. I gave her his name and told her to print it.’
‘Why would you do that?’
‘I’d just fished the body out of the pool; I didn’t want it happening again.’
‘Nobody wanted that to happen again, but you didn’t have to shout the name from the rooftops.’
‘That’s not what I did, though, Grace, that’s not what I did.’
‘You told her to print the name. What were you looking for, vigilantes on the streets?’
‘This is different, it’s a different situation.’
‘Why, because you called it? [Pause] She’s dead, Boyd.’
‘I didn’t think she’d go to see him. She didn’t need to go and see him.’
‘She was being thorough. You put her in that position.’

Which makes you a hundred times worse than Spence or Elliebitch in this case, mate *glares*.

‘I thought it might flush him out, exert some pressure. Protect potential victims.’
‘No, no, that’s our job, not hers.’
‘Yeah. And how are we doing so far?’

Spence lets them know that Hunt’s old school used the rowing sheds. Then another flashback to newspaper girl being killed by SM. Elliebitch says that even though the tanks were empty, he probably got the water from elsewhere as there’s evidence of a struggle at the scene. Spence mentions the water container SM had in his car, which would have had enough water in it.

SM took a silver cross that she had.

Then they go round to the parents’ house again to search it, and the mother is the same as before, and SM is really cocky again. He’s put his clothes in the wash, dammit.

Elliebitch rings Boyd, and then we see on the page where he wrote Steven Hunt. Grace says that the attack on Sophie Raikes’ car was mentioned in an article, and did Boyd mention it? He says no. he gets shouty and she ignores him.

‘Just find me something, I don’t care want it is, just find me something, I need a connection.’
‘Yeah, I’m trying, okay?’

Elliebitch goes through the car (all alone, which seems odd).

Spencer brings in a parcel for Grace, which is Sophie Raikes’ personnel file…but the picture in it is not of her [the one on the glass wall is a blonde woman, and this one is a brunette]. Or is it? She explains to Boyd that contrary to what Elwes said, there was never any claim made by Sophie or the hospital and then shows Boyd the picture.

‘Who’s that?’
‘Sophie Raikes. [Boyd points to picture on wall of a blonde nurse] This is another nurse. The newspaper made a mistake with the photos.’
‘I’m completely lost, I’m sorry.’

Er, why?

‘The Mercury wrongly attributed this picture.’
‘But Elwes saw this picture.’
‘Exactly. And he said nothing.’

Then they get Elwes into the interview room.

‘Five years together, living and loving and you don’t even recognise her face. Does that seem normal to you? What was it; she stopped wearing her uniform in the bedroom? [No answer] What about Sarah Baker, hm? Do you remember her face? ’
‘You went to see her at the newspaper.’
‘You went to her with what we told you, she came to us, went back to you, and you came back to us again and told Grace the story about Sophie’s car, and then you went after Steven Hunt, to try to convince us that Sophie was part of his pattern, which we were, we were, we were convinced.’
‘We thought Sophie was another one of Hunt’s victims. It’s all there, you see, it’s all there in her notes.’

Elliebitch is talking to Spence about the car, which is annoyingly clean.

‘What’s this?’
‘Bird shit. Murder to get off a convertible.’
‘From what kind of bird?’

They go and see the guy who has the pigeon thing near the rowing shed. Did I mention that earlier? Elliebitch does not look happy about going to see the pigeons, and I do not blame her.

‘You ok?’

He opens the door and takes out one pigeon (which he’s holding still), and she just turns and legs it.

‘Spence, I’ve got to get out of here.’


Back in the interview room.

‘When we came to see you, you told us that if she turned up, you’d forgive her. She isn’t going to turn up, is she? What were you going to forgive her for? Leaving you, going off with someone else? For forcing you into this situation? It’s not her that needs forgiveness, though, is it? It’s you that needs forgiveness.’
‘Where is she, Ben?’
‘She’s not where she’s supposed to be, is she?’
‘She deserves more than that, to just be forgotten.’
‘I have never forgotten her, not one minute in five years.’
‘It’s not enough, though, is it? An unremarked burial, an unmarked grave,’
‘[Pause] it’s not unmarked.’

Then there’s a flashback showing Sophie and Elwes arguing, and then OH MY FUCKING GOD he hits her with an IRON. And my sister just came in totally pissed, by the way. GAH.

Then Boyd and Grace are talking to the girlfriend while the garden is dug up. They find the body :(

Elliebitch is in the lab, testing the pigeon…stuff (I’m not sure what she actually got in the end).

SM’s dad finds the silver chain in with his fishing stuff.

They get SM’s mum into the interview room.

‘Why am I here?’
‘You’re his mother, Mrs Hunt; we need to show you something.’

Boyd shows her the pictures of the women SM has killed. She won’t actually look at the pictures.

In the house, SM is running a bath, which is the original shot we saw at the beginning of the first episode. Ahhhhh.

I recognise the mother. Elliebitch has a match on the pigeon poo. Spence goes and tells Boyd.

‘You don’t understand Steven. He was always – very special.’

They tell Boyd about the link. SM’s mum starts getting angry and then starts wheezing…not sure why.

At the same time, SM’s dad comes into the room and drowns SM. Oh dear.

He’s sitting at the table with the silver chain afterwards, and the door opens and Boyd and Grace come in with SM’s mum.

‘He isn’t here anymore.’
‘What’s happened? Where is he? What have you done?’
‘I think this is what you were looking for.’
‘…My son!’
‘Don’t let her go upstairs!’

And then she stops. :(

Boyd and Grace go upstairs.

‘You live by something, sometimes you die by it.’
‘You don’t believe that.’
‘No, you’re right. I don’t.’

Back downstairs. The mother is in shock, just staring off into space.

‘He would have carried on. You’re looking for something that isn’t there. No crazy aunt, no family secret, no voice in his head except his own. He was my son, and he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t want to, and he couldn’t stop.’
‘We would have stopped him.’
‘When? [pause] You were taking too long.’

Bit of an odd note to end on, but that's what happens.
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