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Spooks 406 recap

Hurrah for net cafes.

First shot is Jimi Mistry, with scraggly beard. Oh, he’s being walked along by some prison officers. Then there’s some news reports, and we learn he was imprisoned for two years and is now being released um, and there’s a human rights person who is making a statement, and who looks vaguely familiar but I don’t think I recognise her. However I am going to call her Stick, as she is very skinny.

‘Prisoner J was detained without charge or trial for two years, but the government is now releasing him without apology or justification, only compounds the abuse of freedom suffered by our client. Nevertheless, his release is a great victory for human rights.’

The caption says it’s earlier – my timer thing was obscuring it, so I’m not sure how much. Harry is talking to Juliet about her weird golf-pattern jumper. Oh, alright, he’s talking to her about Prisoner J – his name is Nazeem Malek, a spelling that I have totally made up off the top of my head. When he was arrested his name was linked with a planned bomb attack on Heathrow.

‘From what I remember, he was the contacts man. He didn’t get near the action, but it all went through him.’
‘It still does.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Yesterday, French intelligence intercepted an email from a terror cell in Algiers. The email indicates that Malek is coordinating another attack on London.’

Ooooh. Plot. Great.

More slo-mo walking of the prison officers and Malek.

‘How the hell can Malek be operating from inside prison?’
‘We have no idea, but it looks like he might be reviving the 2003 operation. I think we can expect an attack within the next few days.’
‘What do you want me to do?’
‘I want you to release him.’

Titles? No. Then there’s a shot of Malek in the car being driven through some demonstrators, but his head is under a blanket. Stick asks if he’s ok and he looks confused.

Ah, titles! Shiny.

Woo, Thames House. They’re upping security in London and Heathrow, and RoboFiona’s going to do her posh PR act (she does have rather a portfolio, doesn’t she?).

She rings a doorbell. Oh, the excitement! Oh, she sees Stick and talks to her.

‘Keeping Malek in prison contravened the Geneva Convention and the European court of human rights but they got away with it because no one could fight them. With the release of Malek, we can.
‘You want to sue the British Government?’

Oh, is that what she was saying? I was wondering what her point was.

‘This is our one chance to change the direction this country is going. You’re damn right I want to sue them.’

RoboFiona’s lipstick is a *fantastic* colour.

Then Stick says that they can’t actually get Malek involved in the campaign.

‘He will support us in this case, but only f I keep his identity a secret. No interviews, no appearances.’
‘And you’re happy with that?’
‘It’s his right.’
‘Okay. We need to move fast while this story’s still live. I’ll set up an event to capitalise media interest. You’ll need to make a speech – I’ll write a draft and show it to you. Malek should see it too.’
‘You want to see him.’
‘It’s always helpful to meet the man you’re fighting for.’

Then Lovely Hair comes in through the pods, and my lord did I take agin her this week (oh my God, now I’m channelling The Little Lady Agency. shoot me, someone). Possibly because of the big eyes and the camera angles she’s getting. I liked her last week, damn it.

Corridor meeting! Malcolm is explaining to Harry, Adam and Zaf the cameras etc they’ve got going. Malcolm has his hands is his pockets, which is just WRONG. Just, no.

When Malek was arrested in 2003, the only evidence of any sort was some maps with British cities circled. No computers, no phones, nothing else.

‘If the attack happens, Malek won’t be anywhere near it, but it won’t happen without his say so.’

Then that HR woman from last time brings LH over, and I know what it is! It’s the way she’s ever so slightly dipping her head so she’s always looking up. God, that’s annoying.

‘Your new superhero, Mr Pearce. I’ll leave her with you.’

I think NOT (er, the first bit, though surely she should have given her to Adam?).

‘I see you’ve made a friend already.’

I don’t quite know why, but that made me go ‘ah, sweet’. Then Adam starts to introduce her, but she interrupts. Tut tut. Adam looks a bit pissed off :)

‘I’m glad Adam managed to rescue you from the jaws of journalism. How was training?’
‘It was amazing.’

Now, I know this is a quick way of going ‘look how much time has passed! And because all this time has passed, no need to show her training!’ and it is a bit annoying, but can I say if you can dismiss someone’s training in one sentence, YOU CAN BLOODY WELL MENTION SAM IN ONE SENTENCE. This is turning into the whole ‘how the fuck DID Tom get out of the sea without being picked up’ thing all over again (if anyone has them, answers on a postcard please).

Ruth then sticks her head around the corner and says that someone called Paul Seymour is lurking. Presumably not in a good way.

‘I thought your name was Nick Harding.’
‘Nick Harding, Johnny Baxter, you’ll get used to it.’

Not sure why this annoys me, except you’d think they’d have covered that in training.

Right, hello to this week’s Oh, It’s Him. Who the hell is this guy? Thank God this is the BBC showing, they’ll have the credits at the end.

‘How’s prisoner J treating [? You?]’
‘I presume Juliet fully briefed you about her decision to release him.’
‘Of course. And if you need any help from Special Branch [Harry raises eyebrows] just ask.’
‘Come on Paul, you didn’t take a taxi all the way over here just to tell me that.’
‘Look, no one will be happier than I will to see Malek go down. I was in charge of his arrest. One of the proudest moments of my career.’
‘Yes, you got a rather nice promotion out of it, as I recall.’
‘But you’re playing a dangerous game, Harry. You lose Malek and we’ll all go down with you.’
‘It’s a risk I’m prepared to take.’
‘As far as I’m concerned, the safest place for Nazeem Malek is behind bars.’
‘Unless of course, you happen to be in the airport lounge when the bomb goes off.’

Another moody shot of Malek. He looks really…a combination of moody and dopey. It’s his default look in this episode. Stick introduces RoboFiona and she says it’s an important case; they won’t use his name, blah blah.

‘I have nothing to say.’
‘Please –‘
‘Get her out of here.’

RoboFiona gets this ‘right’ look on her face, which I’m sure Adam has been on the receiving end of a few times. But then she turns around and smiles at Stick and leaves. Stick then puts an envelope on the mantelpiece (now *there’s* a word I haven’t used in a long time), and once she’s gone, Malek looks at it.

Group meeting, and as someone pointed out (aaargh, can’t remember who right now, will check), LH is already in there. I know she’s a new field officer, but still (oh, one of the voices in my head points out that Ruth actually entered during a meeting, so it’s not unusual).

They’re watching a video of Malek opening the envelope.

‘They could be anything, notes for her legal case, lists of potential supporters.’

That would be Harry erring on the side of caution, there. Right.

‘If it’s above board, why did she wait for Fiona to leave?’

And that would be Adam. Wouldn’t it have fit better if Adam had said the first line (loose cannon my arse) or is that just me?

Ruth, on phone, speaking French. ^_^ Ooh la la etc etc. right, got that out of my system. There’s a lot of Frenchiness in my fandoms at the moment.

‘I’ve just spoken to the DGSC in Paris. They’ve picked up increased mobile activity in Gare Du Nord and at the Eurostar terminus in Lille.’
‘Is the tunnel how they’re getting in [raises eyebrows] or is it the target?’

Ugh, the little pause and eyebrow raise totally ruined that line for me. It just made me giggle.

‘Either way, we should close it.’
‘No. We don’t want Malek to know what we’re up to. Issue a high level security alert on all tunnel [traffic?]’
‘Ruth, I want hourly briefings with Paris. I’ll talk to Juliet.’
‘Yes. [Then to LH] Look, I’m going to be busy dealing with Paris booking a romantic weekend. Do you think you could write Fiona’s liberation speech for me?’

1. Where are Ruth’s desk officers?
2. Well, at least someone gave her something to do. You can’t get everywhere in life with pretty eyes and lovely hair, you know.

Then, a moment, which I am claiming as Harry/ Ruth. Juliet is in Harry’s office looking out. Ruth is looking in, and looking worried, because oh no! Old flame.

In Harry’s office, has a rather nice trouser suit.

‘Mmhm. You released a man who plans to bomb our transport system.’
‘The decision to release Malek was taken by both of us.’
‘On your recommendation. Now, either get something tangible out of Malek, or the world might just forget about him.’
Occasionally, I like Juliet, though I think it might be because Anna Chancellor is just good at delivering lines like that. The ‘just’ was too subtle to go for italics, but there was emphasis.

And oh my GOD, what is it with the camera angles? If it’s not above LH’s head, it’s shooting from above and behind Juliet so she looks like a giant while Harry looks really small…and no return for the cool swishiness of last week. Make up your minds, guys!

Then, the second Juliet has gone through the pods, Ruth is right up behind Harry (so close, in fact, they’re virtually touching).

‘How was the witch?’

Ah, Ruth ^_^

‘Someone’s leaning on her. She’s acting like she never wanted Malek released. Passing the buck.’

They’re standing very close. What? What? I’m just saying… (Oh, alright: hruth!)

‘What did you expect? She’s made a career out of it.’
‘You said it, Ruth.’

So here Ruth gets all reassured because Harry is not sticking up for his ex, and I really have to actually write fic as opposed to thinking about it. Ruth leaves the office all smiley. Yay!

Then RoboFiona (who wasn’t in the meeting room but obviously came back at some point) asks LH if she has the speech.

‘Jo, have you got plans tonight?’
‘Yeah, I was just going to go out – it’s nothing I can’t cancel.’

Does she know Adam is married to RoboFiona? Because if he hasn’t told her, that’s just *mean*, man.

‘This is great. Almost makes me believe in civil liberties.’

Stick is making the speech. I’ not going to quote the whole thing. Malcolm, Adam and Jo go in to bug the Liberation offices (coughSamcough).

Colin and Zaf (who are possibly the new Malcolm and Colin, now Malcolm’s being all integral) watch Malek.

‘He still hasn’t slept.’
‘The guilty don’t.’

Malek is wearing such an ugly jumper, I’m not surprised he can’t sleep. And if we check, I believe – oh, no! Adam’s not wearing the fugly puffa jacket! However he is wearing some kind of gilet thing. Or maybe it’s a jacket, I can’t tell. No, it’s a jacket.

Meeting room, everyone but Malcolm and Colin. Ruth and Harry next to each other as per usual.

‘Maybe Sinclair wasn’t telling me the truth. I can get her to talk, I just need more time.’
‘We’ve already had twenty-four hours. Malek hasn’t left his room.’
‘Any news on the target?’
‘Nothing new. The French side’s gone quiet.’
‘We took a gamble, it hasn’t paid off. I’m going to shut the operation down.’
‘Harry. Malek hasn’t slept since he got out. He’s continually alert. I’m sure he’s going to move soon.’
‘I can’t go the cabinet office with intuition.’
‘If we re-arrest him without new evidence, it’ll cause a huge scandal. The damage would be substantial.’
‘I’m not risking lives to protect my job. If he doesn’t make a move in the next three hours I’m recommending the closure of the channel tunnel and re-arresting Malek.’

Zaf looks all conflicted.

LH and Zaf watch the CCTV. I don’t think I was paying attention to this bit first time round.

‘How do you stand this waiting?’
‘Until he makes a move, that’s all you can do. You get used to it.’

He’s being very serious this week, isn’t he?

‘How are you settling in?’
‘Ok. Except my flatmate hates me because I told her I want to move out. She and I have this tradition of getting drunk and telling each other our secrets, which is fine when it comes to boyfriends, -‘
‘But not when it’s national security. I had the same problem too with my mother when I started.’

What, you got drunk and told her all your secrets?

Another thing on the list of Why I Don’t Like Her: when she talks about something, I think the smiling is supposed to be sweet, but to me it comes off as smug and ‘I’m smiling because yes, I am that interesting!’

‘Do you still see your mum?’
‘Sure, but she thinks I’m a civil servant in local town planning, which limits conversation somewhat. It’s the price we have to pay.’

Or ‘…limits conversation. Still, it’s the price we have to pay.’

‘Actually, you don’t get used to it. I’m going down there.’

Down where? Ooops, channelling She Who Must Not Be Named ;)

Then he says he has a room at his place, if she needs it.

Zaf is standing outside, and the view keeps flicking to CCTV of the Liberation offices. Malek finally moves. Zaf follows him. Oh, it’s one of those ‘fifty people to follow one man’ scenes. Everyone is in the office watching the screens. Don’t you people have anything else to do?

Then, intelligently, they lose him in a convenient subway *sigh*.

Ruth tries to get Zaf, but presumably the signal doesn’t carry in the subway? Or he’s ignoring her. Oh, no, he was ignoring her. He tells them they’ve lost him, and then he comes back up onto the ground, and waaaah many flying pigeons shot! (Did you know you could get a pigeon lamp? Its ace and I want one)

Then Zaf sees him, and there are more flying pigeons (I wonder if they actually put a cat amongst them to get them moving. Probably not) and they’re making a transaction.

Malek takes off his rucksack and leaves it for the guy on the bench. Zaf follows the guy with the rucksack. Woo dramatic music. Then they do face matching and then Zaf is walking down the street and Adam joins him.

‘His name’s Rashid Mehdi, he’s a member of Free Islam. He has a brother, Kahlid Mehdi, who was in prison with Malek.’

Wow, look at my made up spellings.

‘Kahlid Mehdi was Malek’s contact inside.’
‘Looks like it.’

Adam’s looking a bit more defined this episode.

Zaf then takes Adam to a lock up (and note how I am saying nothing here *ahem*, though I’m sure if she wanted to, tigertrapped could do something very good with that situation, once she’s finished Groundbait, and I’ll just get back to the point now, yeah?), which is somehow unlocked and therefore they can just wander in, unless I suppose Zaf picked the padlock or something. They look through the stuff there, and there are passports and stuff, and then they find the envelope that Stick gave to Malek earlier. It has four sheets of passport paper with all the photos cut out.

‘He’s had more than one made.’

Passports, I presume.

Back on the grid, Malcolm reveals that three of the sheets came from the same machine, and one from another. The camera started off focussing on Ruth, which I can only presume is because Harry was looking at her :)

Everyone’s a bit confused by the passports thing. Malek goes to visit Stick in her office, and Colin patches the CCTV through. When Malek and Stick start talking (about people being fine and the office not being bugged), Ruth looks at Harry, and then gets up and goes out of the office. Not sure why yet.

Malek and Stick have an odd conversation about him not wanting her involved, and her being involved, and then he leaves.

Adam wants them to move fast to get Malek, and the Ruth comes back in, and talks directly to Harry. Ahem.

‘Harry, you can take the channel tunnel of high security.’
‘French intelligence have just stormed a suspected terrorist cell near Gare Du Nord. They’ve shot dead two Algerians. One of the men is of particular interest to us. His name is Nazeem Malek.’

Ooooooh. Oh dear. Also, she must have some earpiece in all the time or something, because the only other way she can keep getting these calls is if someone forgot to put the phone ringing noise in ;)

Then there’s a picture of the dead Malek, and Harry is having a go at Juliet. Then that bloke from earlier, Paul Seymour, comes in, and Harry shows him the dead Malek’s ID card. They were both living in North Acton. The dead Malek had all the stuff in his Paris flat like detailed maps of Heathrow, emails that were intercepted etc.

‘Are you saying -?’
‘Special Branch arrested the wrong man.’
‘Paul, I’ve asked you to be here so you can hear this. Listen.’
‘Special Branch bumped into the same name by chance and jumped too soon. That’s why our Malek had no computers, no contact names, nothing. He wasn’t planning anything.’
‘The other Malek heard about the arrest and got out as soon as he could, thinking we’d realise the mistake and come after him, which we never did.’
‘So, our Malek –‘
‘Has spent two years in prison as an innocent man.’

The Malek (the live one) goes and gets into a car, and then there’s a very dramatic shot of someone getting a ticket for a car park. Wow. Zaf follows in yet another car (this one’s a BMW). Has anyone told him he’s following an innocent man?

‘If he’s innocent’ says that bloke, not trying to cover anything up at all ‘why is he delivering passport photos to Islamic extremists?’
‘That’s why we need to bring him in and tell him what we know.’
‘Assume you’re right. Assume we’ve kept an innocent man in detention for two years. He’s not acting like an innocent man now. He’ acting like a man who wants revenge.’

So, let me get this straight…she thinks someone who has been unfairly imprisoned for two years shouldn’t or wouldn’t want revenge?

Zaf’s still following the car. In the first car, Malek wants to know where the passports are. There are only three where there should be four.
‘I’ll give you the other one when you finish the job.’
‘That is not what we agreed.’
‘It’s what we agree now.’

Dude. Bastard.

‘Come on, Harry. I’m big enough to admit that we’ve made a mistake. But look who Malek’s been in contact with since he was released. Rashid Mehdi is on the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe.’
‘You’re more interested in covering Special Branch’s arse than saving an innocent man.’
‘Or maybe you just can’t admit that releasing this guy was a seriously dumb idea.’

Then Malek unfolds a diagram of a very big gun. Probably not called Vera.

‘I cannot do it.’
‘They locked you up for two years, Nazeem. Treated you worse than an animal, and now you’re just going to run away.’
‘I just want the passport.’
‘Once you do this, you’ll be completely free. Isn’t that what you want?’

Ha. Yeeah. As if.

They drive onto the top of the car park. The driver gives Malek a phone.

‘We’ll call you with further instructions.’

‘Malek has spent two years in prison for something he did not do.’
‘I understand your concerns, Harry, but you bring Malek in and we admit we know he was innocent. You’re giving Liberation license to blow our whole anti-terrorism operation out of the water.’

In the pause that follows, Adam looks askance (ooh, another word I don’t use veer often) at Harry, and can I just interject (and another) to say Liberation look a lot crappier than they’re supposed to be. I’m presuming they’re a Liberty/ Amnesty parallel, right, but then they seem more to me like a rather small organisation. Maybe showing them having bigger offices would have helped :)

‘We should continue with the operation. Follow Malek, see where he takes you.’

Harry doesn’t reply, just walks out with Adam following. I really cannot type following tonight. You should all count yourselves very lucky I run this through a spell check before posting. One day I might post an unaltered one for comparison .

‘If that man had gone to trial, that case would have been thrown out in seconds. What happened in there was pure bloody politics.’
‘I think she’s right.’

Omg! Sacrilege!

‘Whatever happened in the past, our job is to deal with the present danger. The present danger right now is Malek. We’re spooks, Harry, not philosophers.’

I am now doing this as 407 is on; as I already have it recorded and will watch it later. Thusly, I can channel hop between two episodes. Yay.

Back to the car park, and the sky is very pretty. Malek gets out of the car and it drives away. Zaf is still there. Malek looks moody. He runs towards the edge, and Zaf chases after him and grabs him! He gets something useful to do :) Malek is then sobbing on the ground.

Zaf drives Malek to the lock up thing, where people are going through all the stuff. Unless it’s a totally different lock up, but I doubt it.

Hm, maybe it is. Oh, return of the swooshy camera angles! There are some South Eastern trains going past*, and Adam and Zaf and Malek are round a table.

‘I work for MI5. Do you know what MI5 is? [Nods] French police killed another Nazeem Malek in Paris. We know you’re innocent.’
‘I do not believe you.’
‘I need to ask you some questions. Police found maps, with cities circled. They thought they were intended targets.’
‘No. They were places to live.’
‘You had no papers, no passport, nothing. How did you get in?’
‘In a truck. From France.’
‘Why leave Algeria?’
‘I was in army. My division was sent to the south. To a village near Dhubat [???]. We were told to dress ourselves as Mujuhadeen and to kill the village. It was communist village.’
‘They wanted the villagers dead but they wanted to blame the fundamentalists.’
‘[nods] Village was all women and children. I and my friend refused. They were going to shoot us, but I escaped.’
‘And you came here.’

Note this has all been Adam. I don’t know if Zaf was supposed to be being quiet, but he keeps looking like he wants to say something.

Also, my TV in my bedroom is a dinky little thing, and I think I must have it on the wrong size setting, because I keep missing chunks of people’s heads and stuff. It’s starting to get annoying.

‘Why didn’t you tell the men who arrested you this?’

Oh, Zaf’s found his voice.

‘I did.’

Or maybe it’s that they keep doing funny angles on Malek, intentionally not showing all of his head. Hm.

Another quick and noisy shot of the trains (er, are they significant in any way whatsoever?) and Adam and Zaf share a look. But not A Look.

‘Rashid Mehdi is a known radical extremist. Why are you meeting him?’
‘In prison I was alone almost all of the time. Halid Mehdi started to talk to me during exercise sessions. He said he could help me if I helped him.’
‘What did he want you to do?’
‘He knew I could use long distance rifle. He said it would be someone from Algerian government. People that kill innocent Muslim. People that put innocent Muslim in prison. People like you.’
‘We don’t kill innocent Muslims.’
‘I am innocent! You put me in prison for two years.’
‘We made a mistake.’

Ignore what I said above, because this bit was all Zaf.

‘[unclear] I told you who I am!’
‘Maybe we weren’t listening properly. We’re listening now, Nazeem.’
‘I do not want trouble. I just want a normal life.’
‘I think that’s exactly what you want. You don’t want to kill anyone. I think what you want is the reward Rashid is offering. What did he offer you? It’s not money, so what? What’s he offering you, Nazeem? What is it Rashid is offering you.’

Wow with the repetition there, Adam.

‘What did Rashid give you in the car? He gave you passports, didn’t he? Show me the passports.’
‘No. You will take them away. You cannot take them’

So he actually gets angry here, rather than looking sad, and just…oh, poor guy.

‘You didn’t come here alone, did you? You came here with people you loved. With your family. You hid in a truck together, and when you got here you tried to rebuild your lives. Then you got arrested, and you knew if we found out abut your family, you’d be deported back to Algeria, and given your desertion, they’d be killed.’

Zaf keeps this really…stern expression on his face. It’s odd. And Adam’s definitely looks a bit more defined.

Malek shows them the passports. They won’t give him his son’s passport until after the job, but he doesn’t know what the job is yet.

‘I can help you. I can get you and your family somewhere safe where they’ll never be found. Call Rebecca, tell her to expect us.’

Then we see Stick with Nazeem’s family. Then, while she’s on the phone, the doorbell rings, and she goes to answer it in a moment of quite stupendous stupidity. I mean…wtf? You’re keeping the family of someone who’s being forced to shoot someone else before fleeing the country in your bloody *house*? Why not your secure offices? And then you answer the door to anyone? Was this intentionally written as stupidity or is it stupid writing?

So, anyway, blokes burst into the house and get wife & kids. Now there’s a surprise.

Stick is dead. Oh dear.


‘The police are still trying to understand why such a popular human rights campaigner should have been killed in an East London flat.’

Juliet comes onto the grid.

‘What the hell is going on, Harry, I’m seeing dead women on my television.’

Note the lack of a joke about Juliet seeing dead people.

‘Where’s Malek?’
‘He disappeared while we were with Rebecca.’
‘I remember being told that wouldn’t happen.’

They go to Harry’s office.

‘We think they kidnapped Malek’s family to force Malek to complete the operation. What the didn’t know was that Rebecca Sinclair was in -’

Then the door opens and Ruth sticks her head round again.

‘I wasn’t aware of having given Mr Seymour the keys to Thames House.’
‘I asked Paul to come.’
‘In that case please, take a seat.’

Harry is pissed off and Seymour is all smug, obviously.

‘Why has Malek gone AWOL?’
‘He will try to complete the operation as the only way to get his family back.’
‘What do you know about the operations?’
‘It’s an assassination. Malek’s a top-grade marksman.’

Juliet laughs. I wouldn’t be so quick to laugh if I was you, missy.

‘One other thing that came up. Malek told his interviewers that he had deserted from the army. Yet I can find no evidence of this on the Special Branch records.’
‘He’s lying.’
‘Why would he not mention it?’
‘Why would we not report it?’
‘Maybe it wasn’t what you wanted to hear.’
‘Are you accusing me of suppressing the evidence?’
‘Well, anything’s possible when the pressure for results is high enough.’
‘That is enough. Find Malek. If he’s a threat to public security then take him down. Because if he kills anyone, you will both be held accountable.’

Walking shot over the grid, and it all looks very long (also more proof that Malcolm is becoming more central, as he now has a desk next to Ruth, and is no longer in his office with Colin. Or maybe this is just for this week). As yet, they don’t know who is running the operation. Ruth’s trying to get a list of who the target might be, but the Algerian government isn’t being very helpful.

‘And they refuse to warn their own people. Bad for business, apparently.’
‘Not as bad as a bullet in the back of the head.’
‘Will Malek really got through with it?’
‘After what he’s been through? He’s been locked up for two years away from his family. He’s in trauma. He’s not thinking rationally. You should have seen his face when he heard his children scream. I think he’s capable of anything.’

I can’t quite get a handle on Zaf this episode. He keeps getting so serious it’s almost anger. Is this supposed to be harking back to some tragedy in his past that will come to light when it’s convenient for the writers, or what? Anyone?

A swooshy from above camera angle zooms in on a map – the handset is in Southwark Park. They listen in to the conversation and watch on their amazingly good satellite camera pictures.

Malek gets in a car according to instructions.

‘Gather a list of possible targets in and around the area. I’m going down there.’
‘I’m coming with you.’

The car gets parked and Malek gets out. They walk up some curved walkway to a block of flats and Malek looks miserable again. I know, I know, that’s hardly surprising…

Ruth tells Harry the man on the phone is a guy wanted in Algeria for murder and lots of nasty stuff. However I can pay little attention to this, because the next bit runs thus:

‘Ruth. Close the door.’

And she’s working so hard on keeping the hope out of her voice, on not saying anything…

‘There’s a file somewhere in Special Branch records that will tell us what Malek said to the Special branch officers who arrested him. Now, Paul Seymour doesn’t want me to see it.’

And while he’s saying this, her body language changes so subtly, but you can see it when she realises he’s not going to say what she wants him to say.

‘I’ll see what I can do.’

Oh my lord. If I had a light pen I’d be drawing hearts round my TV screen right now (oh come on, you know you would too).

Malek asks when he can see his family, and the guy there with him doesn’t answer. Someone else – the main guy, the one on the phone, and there is no way on earth I’m attempting his name – comes in with the gun.

‘When the operation is complete, they will be returned to you. You will be given our passports and a car. If you fail or refuse, your family will be killed. Is that clear?’
‘Let me see them. I want to see them.’

All credit to him, you have to be pretty tough to make demands to someone who has your family. Someone brings his son in, and Malek hugs him.

‘Why does he not hug you?’
‘He has not seen me for two years. He has forgotten me. I will do whatever you say.’


The car has been traced to the Kidbrooke estate. Zaf is driving again.

The Ruth phones up someone from Special branch Records who she met at GCHQ last year. Oh, you know where this is going.

‘Listen, you asked me out for a drink, and I may have given the impression that I wasn’t that interested, but [tiny pause] actually I’d love to…Well, what about lunch? Now?’

Oh, LOVE. Love love love. And how dedicated is she to Harry? Ahhhh.

The bloke in charge gives Malek another phone and tells him to call once he’s in position. Adam follows that guy, and tells Zaf to follow Malek.

Ruth is oh so speedy and she gives Harry the file. ^_^

‘Do you also turn water into wine?’
‘Not really. Harry, this just came in from the foreign office.’

He reads out a missive about the president of an Algerian bank, which I won’t repeat but basically he’s the target.

‘Why do we only know this now?’
‘It’s the Algerian way.’

Ruth says she can get in contact with the bank and get Rachmani (the president) to stay away.

‘They’ll kill Malek’s family.’
‘We could put in a substitute.’
‘There isn’t time. Are you suggesting we use the president of the Algerian bank as bait?’

And then, in her very Ruthian way, she nods a little and says ‘right’.

Rachmani is in the back of a car, being driven, and then we see Malek driving as well. And Zaf for good measure.

Harry and Adam discuss what is going on.

‘You need to secure the building by 12.35 at the latest.’
‘That’s 40 minutes.’
‘Your maths is impeccable.’

Um, I’m going to put my pedant’s hat on for a moment, but if Ruth had been to lunch with the guy and had got the file, how could it be 11.55 in the morning? Was someone not paying attention there?

Seymour calls Harry from inside the men’s toilets somewhere…right.

‘Does that mean you’ve already located Malek?’
‘Not yet, no.’
‘Well, if you need any assistance, just give me a call.’
‘Your offers of help are always appreciated, Paul.’
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

Fiona and LH arrive to help Adam.

‘If we don’t go in there without shooting, we’ll never get them out alive, so we need your delicate approach.’

Oh my…the look Adam gives her then is so sweet. It’s a real in love moment.

‘What approach is that?’
‘Knock on the front door.’

I just managed to pull the lead out of the back of my computer. Yes, I’m that clever. Luckily I didn’t lose much.

‘Zaf, listen to me. If we can’t get him out in time then you’ll have to take him down.’
‘Then get his family out in time, Adam, I’m not shooting him.’
‘You must shoot him if he’s about to commit an act of terror.’
‘He’s innocent.’
‘He isn’t if he pulls the trigger.’

The bank guy gets out of his car, Malek goes into the art college where he’ll be in positions, and Adam et al get closer to the flat where the family is.

Fiona knocks and pretends to be the landlord’s representative. Zaf is running around looking for Malek and the bank guy starts having a meeting. Malek starts putting the gun together. It’s very big.

Fiona gets the guy in the flat to open the door and Adam punches him. Special Branch go into the flat, and Adam and Fiona smile at each other like ‘yay, we’re spies’. Zaf bursts into some classroom and apologises, but then looks out of the window and sees the view, so he knows what he’s looking for. Malek has the gun sights targeted on Rachmani. Zaf comes up behind him and points a gun at his head, and calls it in.

One of the guys holding the family has a gun to the young boy’s head. There’s a cool shot of Adam framed by the Special Branch guys :) The wife and the girl get out ok.

Ruth comes in to Harry’s office.

‘We can’t take this any further. We’ll be accomplices to murder.’

Harry then turns and talks to Zaf.

‘Zafar, this is Harry. We have no news from the estate. I’m ordering you to shoot the subject. [Wwwahhh zoomy camera angle swooshing up to Harry] Shoot him.’

Then there’s another swooshy camera angle on Zaf.

‘Don’t shoot. Your children are safe.’
‘I do not believe you.’
‘I’m telling you the truth.’
‘How do I know that? Everyone is lying. I was told this was a country that received people and helped [?]. I was told my family would be safe here. You have treated us like animals.’
‘Not us.’
‘Yes, you. All of you.’
‘We have English passports, for you and your family. Anywhere in the world. New name. New identities. An income from the British government. You’ll have the life you’ve been seeking for your family. I promise. Just drop the rifle.’

Meanwhile, Harry and Ruth are listening to this.

‘Prove to me my family are safe.’
‘How can I do that?’
‘I want to hear them.’
‘Nazeem, listen to me. I’m being ordered shoot you. I didn’t join this service to shoot innocent people.’
‘Then prove you have my children.’

Then we go back to the guy holding a gun to the kid’s head. Adam’s standing in the doorway.

‘No bullets below four feet. There’s a kid in there. Go.’

Special Branch shoot through the (closed) door and then people get shot and the camera in focussing on Adam’s face, and then for some reason we have the wailing lady soundtrack that chronicled Tom’s descent into madness and running into the sea. Um, wtf?

Harry tells Zaf to shoot him again, and Zaf won’t, and I hate this fucking soundtrack. Then Adam gets the kid on the phone, and Malek hears it, and puts the gun down, and Zaf was right and Harry was wrong.

Harry goes to see Juliet. Seymour is there too.

‘This is a special branch file on Malek. It seems to have got separated from his other records. It details in full Malek’s first interview on his arrest. It tells the story of the massacre in the village, and his subsequent desertion from the army. It is my belief that had this information come to life, he would never have spent two years in jail without trial.’
‘How did you get hold of that?’
‘It’s my job.’

to get your girlfriend to find buried information for you

‘It amazes me what some people will do for promotion.’


‘Thank you, Harry. I think Mr Seymour and I need some time alone to discuss his future.’
‘I wasn’t aware he had one.’

Haha go Harry.

Harry walks away from Juliet’s office smiling. On the empty grid, Jo is watching a news report that says that the person responsible for Stick’s death was shot, and Nazeem Malek had nothing to do with it and has likely returned to Algeria. Um…I thought he was supposed to be not being mentioned at all?

Jo is sitting a bit close to that screen. It’s not good for your eyes, that.

Adam comes up and talks to her, and says that the Irish government are granting Malek and his family citizenship, new names etc…

He asks her something about looking for a flat, but to me it sounds like ‘cloud’

‘Zaf offered me a room, but I’m not sure.’
‘Take it. There’ll be plenty of times in the first year you won’t want to be alone.’

Then he goes away, and then we see Malek’s boy running in slow motion and getting into a car. Was I the only person who expected him to get shot because it was slo-mo?

The last shot is Zaf walking away.

*This would be the line that proved the idiocy of denationalising the rail service, as when Connex was so shit they took the franchise away, we got state-run South Eastern in, and all performance levels jumped about 10% straight away. Wow, that was your one actual political comment from me this series, and I don’t even travel by train during the week anymore!
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