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WTD recap

Right, second episode. At last.

So we start off in a white room, and there are bright lights, and young Grace is on a bed. Then we flick to Grace writing a resignation letter (nooo!), which, fantastically, she begins ‘Dear Boyd’. We flash back again to young grace in the white room.

Stella is watching some CCTV while Spence reads something, and Elliebitch is in the lab. Oh, Spence is watching CCTV as well. I like it when no-one speaks, it’s much easier to type as I watch.

Boyd is also looking at stuff. Elliebitch has noticed something on the mpeg, and Stella thinks she’s got someone on the CCTV.

There is a quick update bit, and essentially: the kidnapper is saying Henry on the tape, and that’s it.

‘Okay, Stella?’
‘Working on it.’
‘It takes time!’

Can you imagine those two actually having any kind of relationship?

‘Well get it yourself! I got it last time! [French swearing]!’

Boyd goes to talk to Grace. The mother isn’t going to be any good for the appeal as she’s in prison.

‘Don’t go there?’
‘You know where.’
‘But you have an emotional connection.’
‘I’m not his mother. Ask Felix, or ask Stella, or you do it because I am off the case.’
‘I don’t understand you, Grace, don’t you want to help save the boy’s life?’
‘No! [Puts her head in her hands] Yes.’

Boyd looks very confused. Probably because it’s Grace.

She does the TV appeal.

‘You have a boy, he’s a good boy. He’s his mother’s life. Pauline Keogh, Kevin’s mother, is too ill to be here today, but she sent [said?] this: I know in my heart that my son Kevin is still alive. I know he is still of this world, because he is my world. He is my heart, my soul. He is all that I am, because all that I am is in my child. All I would ask of you id to remember that Kevin is just like you. Kevin is some mother’s son. My son. Kevin. If you can hear this, hold on.’

The kidnapper left Kevin with day time TV, which was nice of him, because throughout that bit, we keep seeing Kevin (in a pretty bad way) on the bed.

Back in the lab, Grace goes and listens to the voice of the kidnapper.

IN the office, Boyd is clearly already married to Stella in his head.

‘I can’t believe oyu didn’t get the sugar darling.’
‘Well I can’t do everything round here.’

Stella is handing out coffee. Elliebitch is working on the van registration. Spence has gone through all the prisoners who’ve had contact with Grace and nothing.

‘Maybe not, but not everything has to link directly to Grace, she could be a third party.’

‘I got a good shot of the bag snatcher and passed it to all locals. Just got to wait.’
‘Well don’t wait, get on the phone and hassle them. If they don’t like it, you know what to do – go round and slap them.’

Ahahahaha. She looks all indignant. Crush on Trevor Eve still all present and correct, btw. Oh dear.

Boyd talks to Grace about Taylor and his methods. He asks if she knows about any other investigations into Taylor.

Flashback. Young grace is a tough cookie.

‘We understand that you and DS Taylor were close.’
‘With all due respect sir, is that a question, a statement of fact or, dare I say it, the mongering of a rumour?’

‘For the record, I know of only one allegation that was made by Tony Greene last year and this was discounted as a false allegation by the trial jury.’

‘I never found out who made the allegations. Harry was killed in a car crash a week later, and the inquiry was discontinued.’
‘We’ve got to find out who made those other allegations. [Spence knocks and comes in] Spence, check all prisoner releases over the last five years against Harry Taylor’s arresting officer record.’
‘I’ll request his personnel files.’
‘No, I’ve got that here, I’ve got that here, come on, man, I’m way ahead of you.’

Haha. Spence gives him a look and takes the file.

‘Why hadn’t you had contact with Harry for over a year?’
‘That’s personal, Boyd.’
‘There’s nothing personal now [?]. Come on, tell me.’
‘He was a colleague –‘
‘You told me to investigate you, that’s what I’m doing, yeah? You said you were the first link in the chain of evidence, well you’re right; you’re absolutely right, now answer me the question. Why hadn’t you spoken to Harry?’
Flashback. He backs out on a dinner date, and she wanted to talk to him, but say it can wait. It so clearly can’t. She tells him she’s pregnant. OHHHHH dear. He tells her he’s married. Bastard.


Wow, that helps. He already has two kids, too. He strops out, feeling sorry for himself as people always seem to do in these situations. Young Grace carries on with her work.

‘Does that answer your question?’

Ah, poor Grace :(

Spence comes back in and asks Grace to confirm that a particular signature is Harry’s. It’s on a statement from a prisoner taken by Harry.

‘Who’s the prisoner?’
‘Terry Healey.’
‘Terry Healey?’
‘The same Terry Healey I interviewed yesterday, but Harry wasn’t his arresting officer, so he wasn’t on Healey’s files. However, he was on Harry’s score sheet as an associate [?]-‘
‘Because he was the officer who got the confession out of Healey. Jesus, so they kept him off the file.’
‘To protect him from any allegations.’
‘Just a minute, who was the arresting officer?’
‘DCI Goddard.’
‘But I know him, I worked with him. He was vice squad, Harry was flying squad.’
‘Was he on loan?’
‘Not that I know of.’
‘Did you advise?’
‘Now think, did you advise on Healey?’
‘No, I’ve kept a record of everybody I’ve ever worked with. Spence, you’ve got all my files, you’ve seen everything.’
‘There’s no way Healey’s in there, I wouldn’t have missed that.’
‘Have you got his address? Okay, let’s go.’

Then they go to the halfway house place (Boyd, Spence, Stella and her lovely coat). When he doesn’t answer their questions, Stella gets him against the wall and twists his arm up behind his back. Um, alright then. There’s shoutiness and there’s actual violence. Hm. (oh, who am I kidding? She’s still ace). Boyd looks far too pleased at this.

Boyd kicks Healey’s door in, and the room is empty – he’s got his stuff and buggered off.

‘What about this guy?’
‘What do I do with the guy?’
‘Oh, leave him.’

Back to Kevin in the room with the tweety bird. He manages to see a phone, even through the drugs haze. The TV is now off, btw. Kevin tries to manoeuvre himself to get some crutches and then get the phone. This scene goes on for ages and is heartbreaking and incredibly painful to watch.

It’s intercut with Grace in the office talking to that friend of hers whose name I’ve forgotten again. He mentions Healey, and says that he blames Taylor and Grace for his imprisonment.

‘When Harry interviewed Healey, he had a lot of psychological information on him. Information which he told him had come from you.’
‘But I never met Healey. I certainly didn’t advise on him.’
‘Well, he believed that you and Harry were a team.’
‘Why would he think that?’
‘Tony Greene. Greene told him that you softened him up, and then you went out and showed Harry in, and well, you know the rest.’

Boyd comes in and they carry on talk. Harry broke Healey down mentally, as opposed to beating him up.

‘But he blames you. Grace, for telling Harry his secrets.’
‘But I’ve never met him.’
‘But if Healey had been abused and was in care, then his name would be on the social services register. So Harry got his information from that. Tell me, what was Healey’s mental state like when he got out of prison?’
‘Well, my job was to help him accept that which he couldn’t change and get back control over his life.’
‘And did he?’
‘I believe so.’

Then he asks about the fingers. Ew. They discuss the possibility of Greene grooming Healey.

‘Do you really think Healey is capable of al that?’
‘Put any one of us in a situation where we suffer a trauma, don’t deal with it, followed by another trauma, it’s out of the box, bigger than us. Once mental illness takes hold. We are capable of anything.’

She hallucinates (er, not the right word) Boyd walking out of the office as Taylor.

Back to Kevin trying to get the phone. Oh god.

IN the office, there is much activity, and Boyd is shouty and Grace tries to intervene.

‘I don’t want to hear it, Grace. They can sleep when I get my boy back. Shit, you know what I mean, just leave me alone, Grace, will you?’

Possibly I like Boyd so much because he is able to have entire conversations all on his own :) (It’s quite fun, actually).

Back to Kevin trying to dial the phone.

Stella and Spence have the bag snatcher. Boyd takes over. Kevin is trying to dial the number but I don’t think he can do it. the phone wire thing (the bit that goes into the wall) is out of the wall, which is either a) really sodding mean or b) Kevin did it by accident :(. Then the door starts to open and the person in the forensics gear comes back.

Boyd and Stella interview Taz. He’s a junkie and Boyd is all menacing. Taz has a choice between either getting some heroin if he gives them information, or being forced into cold turkey. Taz tells them pretty quickly about someone paying him £100 to nick Grace’s handbag. He reaches out for the heroin and Boyd pins his arm down. (Boyd/Stella theirloveissoviolent, anyone?). He can’t identify Healey from the picture.

‘Remember what he looks like? I can’t even remember what I look like.’

Boyd then crumples up what he said was heroin.

‘I’ll get you sorted with some methadone.’

Elliebitch is showing Taz some pictures, trying to identify Healey.

Spence comes in with a load of boxes, and then randomly tells Stella to tell Felix to get on with it with the van driver thing, and then Grace wants some coffee, and it’s very funny and a bit weird.

‘Stella, coffee.’
‘I’m going to the lab, you told me to!’
‘You’ve got a phone, haven’t you?’
‘Well, then, put it between your head and shoulders and your hands are free! You’re the one who wanted us to have the bloody French coffee in the first place, and no-one knows how to use the machine! It’s called multi-tasking, Stella, alright, the ability to do more than one thing at the same time.’
‘Yes, sir.’

Ooh, they’re glaring at each other, and somehow Boyd does not get a smack for that, though I’m surprised Spence and Grace didn’t run and hide. Spence is looking at Boyd, however.

‘[raises eyebrows] That wasn’t unreasonable, was it?’

Back in the room, the forensics person is injecting Kevin again.

Stella comes up with an address for the person who sold the van, and Boyd sends Spence to go and get it, which pisses Stella off even more.

‘This is delicious, by the way.’

Ahhh, and then she’s trying not to smile, but she does ^_^

In the lab, Stella comes to hide.

‘I can’t get out of this damned building.’
‘Yeah, I know the feeling. Why not?’
‘Boyd. It’s like he’s keeping me prisoner. Every time I find a reason to get out, he finds a reason to keep me in.’
‘I swear, it’s like he’s doing it expressly. You know, on purpose.’
‘Why would he do that?’
‘I don’t know. To teach me a lesson?
‘What lesson?’
‘Well, if I knew that, I wouldn’t be stuck here going through the hospital bed list.’

She’s very cute when she’s sulking.

‘Well, maybe he’s seen something in you he needs to iron out?’
‘Like what?’
‘I don’t know. A propensity for slapping witnesses?’

Stella has the gall to look affronted.

‘That was different, he deserved that. He was a little shit! Boyd would have done exactly the same thing. You should have seen him with that junkie; I thought he was going to knock his head through the table.’
‘Well that’s it then.’
‘What’s it?’
‘You’re too alike. Boyd sees himself in you and he’s trying to stop you making the same mistakes he made.’
‘You think?’
‘It’s a possibility.’

And then she gets all smiley again. Someone’s got a crush…

Then the car dealer bloke comes in and Spence has to explain they don’t care that he’s behind on all his registrations. He finds the paperwork for Spence and the driving licence is Healey’s.

Then Stella gets a match on the bed list, which is Sara Halton, who is a prison visitor who’s been visiting Healey, so they go off there very fast :) Stella and Spence have police gear on, and Spence has a battering ram and woo yay. They don’t actually knock first, which is odd.

They find Sara Halton in one of the bedrooms, and ooh, guns.

There’s another room that they go into, the one with the bed.

‘It’s a disabled room.’
‘What’s a rucksack doing in a disabled room?’

Hm, I can think of plenty of reasons *I’d* leave a rucksack somewhere it shouldn’t be, starting with forgetfulness, laziness, putting it in A Safe Place…

Boyd is being so shouty I can barely make out what he’s saying. He’s very horrible to Sara.

‘I can personally assure you that if you do not help me, you will be in deep shit.’
(Um, that bit’s shouted but I’m saving the caps for the next line)
‘We’re not monsters, Sara.’

Wow. He’s really fucking angry!

They share A Look.

‘I am a monster. CLEAR? Where is he?’

She eventually gives in and indicates that Healey is in the loft.

If the armed police stuff includes body armour, why isn’t Boyd wearing any?

Healey comes down from the loft and they haul him up. Boyd helps Stella up into the loft, and she says its all clear, and then he just walks off, leaving her dangling.

‘Sir? Sir?’

Back in the lab, Grace and Elliebitch talk.

‘Five little fingers. Five dead boys. Can’t really quantify the loss of their lives, can you?’

There’s a quick flash of young Grace in the hospital.

‘Does it ever put you off having children, this job?’

Elliebitch tells some story about when she was a kid and she got lost in a supermarket…I think it’ll get relevant in a minute…oh, I think she means the stuff she comes into contact with in the job (like Boyd’s mood swings) are not as scary as things she would encounter as a parent.

‘It’s a bit scary, actually, the idea of being a parent. Fear of the unknown. But I hope if the time comes, I won’t let it get in the way.’
‘Take my advice: don’t let it.’

Boyd brings Elliebitch Healey’s clothes. Boyd and Grace watch Sara and Healey, and race says they both look innocent, and then she gets really worried and upset and says she’s no use to him like this :(

‘Is Grace okay?’
‘She thinks Kevin’s dead and it’s her fault.’

Grace goes outside and there’s a longer flashback thing to her on the hospital bed. She hallucinates Harry again (and when he disappears, his cigarette smoke is still there, which is creepy).

Healey and Boyd have a bizarre argument about what he said and what he meant. Essentially he’s saying he knows about the kidnap but has nothing to do with it.

‘I want you to listen to me very carefully. Harry Taylor lied to you all those years ago. The information he had on you, about when you were abused when you went into care, he got that from the same place I got it, he got it from social services. Doctor Grace Foley had nothing to do with it. She didn’t tell him, alright?’
‘You’re lying.’
‘Doctor Grace Foley, did you ever meet her? Think about it man, did you?’
‘Why would he lie?’
‘To push you, to push you over the edge so you’d sign a confession. That’s what he did. It was wrong, but that’s what he did. I looked into your files, Terry. You were innocent.’

Throughout all this, Spence is just watching him. Then Healey breaks down.

Stella tries to get Taz (who has a *huge* nose) to say if Healey was the man who paid him, but Taz doesn’t know.

Grace goes to a very big house in the country (sorry, couldn’t resist). It’s a very nice house, I must say. Oh, her friend lives there (by the time I post this, I might have actually gone and inserted his name…)

Boyd and Spence are still trying to get Healey to talk. They show him pictures of Kevin.

‘Do you believe in God, in a God?’
‘I’m a Daoist.’
‘Daoist? So we’re all straw dogs to you, are we?’
‘No, we’re all just straw dogs to God, how else can he let bad things happen to the innocent?’
‘So how did you get into this Daoism thing?’
‘Doctor Hoyle. He was my psychiatrist in the nick. He helped me to accept what was done to me and move on.’
‘But you weren’t able to move on.’
‘He was beautiful, wasn’t he?’
‘When he was a baby.’
‘The tattoo on your back, it’s quite a work of art.’
‘It’s amazing what you can do with a bottle of tailor’s ink and a sewing needle. Took him three years to finish it.’
‘My cellmate.’

Stella is now trying to get the car dealer to say if Healey was the guy who bought the van.

‘That’s the guy?’
‘That’s what I’m asking you.’
‘It’s the man in the picture in the driving license, yes?’
‘I’m not asking you if it’s the man in the picture, I’m asking you if it’s the man you sold the van to.’
‘I told Mr Jordan, I sell a lot of vans, I don’t remember the people. I photocopied the license of the guy who bought the van, -‘
‘You don’t remember his face, do you?’
‘He had a monkey hat on, comes down –‘[gestures over his ears]
‘Pulled down over his ears.’

She picks up the phone and calls Elliebitch, who sends the license scan off to be checked.

Then Boyd and Stella talk to Sara, poor woman. It was her mother who the disabled equipment was for, and she died two years ago. Then Boyd tells her some story about his twin brother who died of leukaemia when he was twelve, and Stella so has a crush.

Then Hoyle and Grace are talking, and she says she feels like she’s suffering from PTSD.

Then OMG WTF, tweety bird flies down onto the table! Tweety bird!! From the room! (Did anyone see that coming? Having now watched it twice, I can’t remember if I did or not, though likely not)

Hoyle says tweety bird belonged to his father, and his father died last year.

Tweety bird!!

Sara revels that she started visiting the prisoners because a friend whose father was in the hospice recommended she volunteer with ‘his’ prisoners.

‘His prisoners?’
‘Yeah. He’s a prison psychologist.’
‘Doctor Hoyle?’
‘You know him?’
‘Did Doctor Hoyle know that you and Terry were getting married?’
‘Yeah, he’s going to be Terry’s best –’

Ohhhhh. Boyd jumps up and its systems go, and he tells them to get people over to Hoyle’s place, but to wait until they get there. OH NO!

Grace is talking about repressing things and them coming back to haunt you.

‘I just knew today I was going to have to deal with it.’
‘And you feel guilty about Terry Healey.’
‘About Healey? Why would I do that?’
‘Your insight into his illness was used to push him into a nervous breakdown. You put him in a prison when he should have been in a hospital.’

Grace starts to twig that something’s not right.

‘I told you, Charles. I never met Healey, I never advised on him.’

He looks like he’s going to say something, and then turns to tweety bird.

‘Quiet, Henry. Yes, but once you realised –‘
‘Yes, silly name. My father named him.’

He starts clucking at the bird to move it, and Grace asks where the bathroom is, and then gets outside the door and is all OMG. Then she notices the downstairs room, and is trying to unlock it, and then Charles comes out chasing the bird, and she gets in the room and locks the door, and then she’s checking poor Kevin, and putting a chest of drawers across the door.

Boyd & co are trying to get hold of Grace but she’s not answering. She’s trying to release Kevin, while Hoyle bashes on the door with some big stick thing. What is it? It looks a bit ornate to be a walking stick. He bashes in one of the door panels.

‘You shouldn’t have done this, Grace. Mr Flibble is very angry.. It’s all over now.’
‘No it’s not, Charles. It’s not over. He’s still alive.’
‘I’m going to have to kill you both, now.’
‘No you won’t, Charles. Just get an ambulance.’

He bashes through more of the door. Eek! Grace is telling Kevin it’s going to be fine, and then her mobile rings (er, why didn’t it ring before?). SO19 are outside the house, and the police tape is held up for Boyd to drive underneath :D.

‘She can’t come to the phone right now…’
‘Can I speak to Grace?’
‘I’m armed. Don’t come running in here like the cavalry.’
‘Tell me what you want.’
‘Come and find out.’

Hoyle loads the gun and then opens the door wide…why?

‘Strange how you can work on a plan for years - years and all of a sudden it goes wrong, and then you’ve got to come up with a new plan, quick, and guess what? New plan’s better than the one you thought of in the first place.’
‘That’s crisis thinking, Charles.’
‘Yes, well that’s what it’s for, isn’t it, the old grey sponge. How will this end, I wonder?’
‘It’s up to you, Charles, but it will end.’

He does creepy very well, this actor. And dangerous lunatic :)

Hoyle killed his father too.

Boyd comes to the door.

‘I have them. I have them point blank. I want you to watch.’
‘Here I am.’

‘You’re right, waste of time, you’re a psychopath. An intelligent psychopath, but a psychopath.’

‘When did you fall in love with Tony Greene, hm? Was it love at first sight, or was it a slow burn? Five, ten years? Was it a two-way love? I don’t think it was, I think it was a one-way love, wasn’t it? Unrequited love, love that became an obsession with a man that wasn’t available. Not even when his lover got out of prison.’
‘You keep talking and you’re going to die.’
‘When did this neuroses turn into insanity?’

Then Boyd shows Hoyle the tattoo on Healey’s back and goads him, and then when he turns and moves the gun away from the door, Boyd leaps to the floor and Hoyle gets shot, lots.

Then there is shoutiness and they get the door open and get the medics in. They’re all watching as they try and do the heart defibrillator thing. They get his pulse back, and Grace is crying, and Boyd puts a hand on Grace’s shoulder (aw, was anyone else hoping for a hug?)

Back in the office.

‘What do you think makes someone like Hoyle lose it?’
‘It’s a thin line, Spence.’
‘I didn’t know about your twin brother.’

He smirks at her.

‘I never had a twin brother.’

Bastard. She does this thing, which is this habit she keeps having, of mouthing stuff to herself (possibly in French). It’s very cute.

Corridor meeting! (Oops, wrong show)

‘What would have happened if he’d have fired before you ducked?’
‘I’d have been killed.’
‘I’ve left you something on your desk that I think you should look at.’
‘Harry’s personnel file [she nods]. The day that he was killed in the car crash, he was drunk. His colleagues covered it up so his family would get the insurance money.’
‘He was on his was to an incident.’
‘[shakes head] no, he’d been kicked out of the police force. The tribunal had found hi guilty –’
‘It’s okay. You don’t have to go there, I know. [Pause] Thanks.’

Ahhhh. I wish I could foresee a future for them that didn’t involve Grace finally losing it and clocking him with something heavy.

There’s a flashback, where he wakes her up because she’s asleep at her desk, and they have some champagne that he found in a filing cabinet. Ah, romance. Oh, it was because Greene signed a full confession. Was that before or after he told her he was married?

Final flashback to the white room and Grace is there with young Grace. Then she switches off the light and leaves.
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