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‘Cause I’ve got a paper bag and you’ve got the one with all the holes

Check me spamming. That was on The Vault the other night. Yay for having a bajillion music channels. Also, the new El Presidente song Rocket is tres cool. I like them.

I almost forgot! New Girls Aloud video. Pretty dresses, crappy dance routines, song a bit crap. Not the train wreck that was Long Hot Summer, and Kimberely looks good in her dresses. Hell yes. Maybe I should make an icon (aargh, I was going to do Night Watch ones too, but they’ll have to wait till the weekend, oh, and there’s the mOnica ones I wanted to do…damn the BBC schedulers). Oh, hang on, this means I get to play with CS2, oh yay.

I am going to spend this while weekend on my computer, aren’t I? And in the midst of all this, I am going to attempt to watch an episode or three of The Wire, because I haven’t even made it past the fourth episode yet *sigh*.

Played with http://www.sloganizer.net last night (followed a link from delgaserasca’s userinfo). Oh, the fun. And German too! Yay.

Dear LTC2,

If a site you are looking for has disappeared off the database, might I respectfully suggest YOU ASK ME FIRST before you go to the ACE? Because, hello, I am the only one with power to remove things from the database!!! And for fuck’s sake, stop bothering PB with every little query you have.

Just shut up, please.


I could rant a lot more about her, but I’m restraining myself because there is another long rant to come first. You lucky people.

Hey, you know what? While I’m here, have some German song lyrics (written by Germans, in English, so 80s and so worth it):

Outside the gates of heaven
Oh, there lives a unicorn
I close my eyes to seven
Oh, this world is not my home
A broken heart in danger
And a pillow filled with tears
Oh, can you see the strangers?
In the pain and in the fears
Can you feel my heart?
Baby don't give up
Can you feel my love tonight?

In 100 years
Love is illegal
In 100 years from now
In 100 years
Love is illegal in this lonely, heartbreak town
In 100 years
Love is illegal
All your dreams will die
In 100 years
Love is illegal
And your hope will not survive

Love is illegal in my heart
Can you hear my heart, it’s beating
Can you hear my heart, it’s beating
Hear my heart is beating

You're walking through a fire
Computers everywhere
Oh, you're a shotgun rider
Controllers here and there
And you read old love letters
Drowning in the sea
Oh baby it doesn't matter
Oh you've lost all what you feel
Can you feel my heart ?
Baby don't give up
Can you feel my love tonight


And another thing, yay for noisy shoes. It’s really very difficult to clomp about loudly in wedge sandals, but now it is cold and I’m wearing proper shoes again, it’s THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK all the way!

And as a final random thing out of the dark recesses of my brain, I don’t know if you’ve seen and advert for a magazine called Psychologies, but the line on the tube adverts is: Would you like you if you met you? To which I say: yes.

What about the rest of you?

ETA from solganizer: «Han - genau mein Stil.»
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