Hestia (hestia8) wrote,

I close my eyes to seven, oh this world is not my own

Ok, well, fine. Am pissed off. Have left WTD recap on laptop. Fucking moron. GAH. Still, hopefully two recaps to post tomorrow. And I might post some spooks fic today.

Also, I just had a crunchie blast (they’re new, they’ve got chocolate and crunchie bits and cereal bits and popping candy bits) and now the inside of my head is popping. Who invented popping candy stuff anyway?

Pop pop fizz fizz

Paul at work has just informed me you can get cadbury’s fingers with crunchie bits in them. Oh. My. God. Mustnotbuymustnotbuymustnotbuy.

Ah, my flist tells me that delgaserasca has posted fic. Yay!
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