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WTD Recap

WTD recap of I don’t even know what episode

Hey, I’ve finally seen both episodes! Thank you Crishna!! And I have both on video to recap :D And they’re GOOD, oh yes.

So we start off with the camera flicking between Grace and this bloke with a van with heavy metal hair and heavy metal graphics. Then there’s a flashback to someone typing a report, and the flashbacks to the van start to include some guy having a finger cut off. Was I the only person who was really uncomfortable watching these episodes?

Then she’s listening to a tape of the person from the van screaming, and Boyd comes in and disturbs her. There’s another quick-quick flashback (there are lots of these in this episode), and she says she must have stood up too quickly. I used to get that all the time (the standing up too quickly, not the freaky flashbacks).

‘Why do you need a bag that big?’
‘I’m in the appeal courts today…’
‘But if you had a smaller bag, you’d get rid of that deformity, wouldn’t you? [Shrugging shoulder]’

Then she goes out.

Then there’s a really freaky image of a blanket or cloth in front of the camera, and there’s bird noise and it’s weird.

Then there’s some music as Grace goes into the appeal court.

‘Appeal case number 19035, Tony Greene versus the Crown Prosecution Service.’

The lawyer for Greene is Andrea from The Bill! (She was a journalist who became a police office to get a story and then had divided loyalties and had an affair with her boss). Back to the plot of the programme I am watching, there are some nasty flashbacks and Grace is called as the first witness.

She tells them how she got involved in the case – she was requested to give a psychological profile of the killer (who is staring rather at her moodily).

Then there’s a flashback with some Specials-type music as the woman from earlier – young Grace with lovely curly hair – goes into CID.

‘There’s always one more thing we can do, and right now we’re not doing it, alright? So let’s got back over everything. I want everyone traced and interviewed – yes, love?’
‘Doctor Foley.’
‘Oh, right, where is he?’
‘Pardon me?’
‘Is he here?’
[Policemen laugh]
‘Doctor Foley.’
‘I’m Doctor Foley, Doctor Grace Foley.’

He plays her the tape of the killing, and it’s not very comfortable listening.

‘What do you want to know about it?’
‘Is it real?’
‘[Quickly] It’s real.’
‘So why send it to us?’
‘It’s a dialogue.’
‘The killer is talking to you, he’s telling you things.’
‘Things, what things?’
‘He has a victim, he’s torturing the victim, he’s in control…what did he ask for?’
‘No note with the tape?’
‘No. So, what does that mean?’
‘[Pause] Let me hear the rest of the tape.’

The tape has more of the music, and then the flashback verges off into the killer dragging the body somewhere and setting it on fire (I’m not 100% sure if this is on the tape or not). The music is a bootleg from the last Reading festival, and Grace says that’s probably where the ‘magic’ happened – where the killer met his victim.

‘The killing chemistry. When the killer and his victim meet, the chemistry between them is as strong as the love chemistry. It’s a psychological perfect fit, the victimology fitting exactly with his psychopathy…you know, when someone you’ve never seen before looks at you, and you suddenly feel…’
‘Yeah. The song reminds him of the first time they met.’

He kinds of looks at her, and he so fancies her.

‘On the tape.’
‘Right, yeah.’
‘The music and the victim, for him they are interdependent.’

She tells him some more about the killer.

‘That’s how we’ll get him.’
‘We? I thought you were just here for a consultation.’
‘But you need me now.’

Go young Grace!

‘Right, well, you’ve got me all figured out, then.’
‘Well, you’re my first one so I’ll have to see if I’m right.’

‘First case.’

They smile at each other and then she goes all serious again.

‘He sent this to introduce himself. To start the game.’
‘Game? I’m sorry, I don’t understand.’
‘He’s a nobody who wants to be somebody. If he does this right, he’ll be up there with Ted Bundy. A multiple killer.’

Dear has been wandering in and out of my room while I recap this, and has noted that the policeman (whose name I have forgotten from five minutes ago) looks like Ben Chaplin.

‘Ben Chaplin…but it’s NOT.’

…Yes. She’s a bit funny, my sister.

‘Focus on the music. You’re looking for a young man, a loner who works behind the scenes, maybe a sound engineer, lighting operator, something that gets him close to the action.’

Mr Policeman then goes and tells his staff to stop and search anyone going in and out of live music venues. Then he comes back and they shake hands :)

And then we’re back in the courtroom and Andrea has to get her attention. Nice touch.

‘Would it be fair to say you had a lot invested in the arrest of Tony Greene? It was your evidence that led the police to arrest him.’
‘Yes, I had invested a lot of time and expertise.’
‘But, surely it meant more than that to you. This is your first case, your big break. A successful prosecution was paramount for closure.’

Djblkddslgkn she’s really annoying and smug and smackable in this.

‘Well, on the contrary, it’s just as helpful to an investigation team to rule someone out as to rule someone in.’
‘Accepted. But let us establish for the record, the police would not have been looking for someone with his profile, had you not told them to do so.’
‘That is correct.’
‘No further questions at this time.’

She looks smug – even though that was hardly trapping Grace into admitting something major – and sits down. The judge is a lady who has been in EVERYTHING and yet I still don’t know her name.

Grace comes out of the court and then OMG her bag gets snatched! Which will clearly be significant later. Then some old guy comes and helps. Grace uses the northern pronunciation of bastard.

Flashback – Grace goes into CID and gets a desk in Mr Policeman’s office. She also gets a typewriter 

Then the present day, in the office, Stella is teaching Boyd how to work a coffee machine. So. Much. Love. I love this show. Spence wanders by and gives them an odd look.

Then Grace comes in and says her bag’s been stolen, and they say they know (Boyd and Stella say it in tandem, which is oh so cute) because someone’s handed it in.

‘That’s one of the advantages of having a handbag the size of a suitcase.’

Stella looks amazingly pretty again. Grace opens her bag and then stops.

‘Oh my God.’
‘What? What is it?’

And then she takes out a jar with a label saying gherkins.

‘Wait a minute.’

All together now: EWWWWWW!!!!!

Then there’s a flashback to Grace holding another jar of fingers.

‘Let’s get this to the lab.’

Then flash to Elliebitch’s lab (and oh dear, I actually liked her this week) and she has the fingers in different jars and you know, I’m going to say it again: EWWWW.

‘Okay, in total five fingers, one thumb, six different victims.’
‘Hmm, without DNA results… [Shrugs] I’d say young males.’

Four of the fingers and the thumb are between 20 – 30 years old but have been preserved, but the other one is only a few hours old EW. This relates back to the case – two other jars were found.

‘Five fingers, from five different victims.’

‘No notes, no demands.’
‘A hostage without demands?’
‘That’s not an impossible situation, it’s not impossible, Spence. Okay, one thing we do know is -’
‘There’s someone out there re-enacting Green’s MO.’

Amazingly, only Boyd looks at her when she says this. I was expecting everyone to be all o_O because dude, she’s inside his head.

‘Or what?’
‘Greene is…’
‘Or he’s innocent.’


‘What Spence is trying to say is, I might have made a mistake.’

Can I just asked if anyone else has kind of noticed that Spence is getting to be the one on a downer this series? I think I mean, if there’s an unpopular viewpoint (no matter what the *assumed* evidence) like Boyd drink driving or Grace making a mistake, he’s the one who voices it and then gets shouted down or just ignored?

Stella kind of makes a face like she’s going to talk but then doesn’t because Boyd is in full flow (hm, let’s see if I can express this with punctuation):

‘That might be the case, but it doesn’t alter the fact that there’s a kidnapper out there, and that kid might be alive and that might give us the opportunity of saving that kid’s life now does anyone have an alternative explanation yes Stella d’you want to talk or throw up?’


So Stella doesn’t, and Elliebitch carries on telling them about the victim. White male in his teens looks healthy because there is meat on the bones (her words) and the nail’s in good condition.

‘Unless the guy who chopped it off gave him a manicure before or –‘
‘Yeah, maybe he took of his nail polish as well.’

Then she details the state the victim could be in and how long he might have, which I’m not going to quote because it makes my insides go all funny (NB somehow, last year, I made it through Saw at the cinema. Ha!!! My sister wants me to go again. Ha!!!)

‘Well, put it this way, if the victim is still alive, he’s not in good shape.’

Then we get the shot of someone’s eye view of some cloth, and then it’s removed and someone in a forensic suit and mask appears. They’re in a bedroom. And then there’s a chirpy bird, and I think I might be justified here in using the phrase wtf?

Back in the lab, Stella comes up with the theory that it might be his own finger, and now everyone really does look at her like she’s a nutter. Can you tell I’m comparing her to Ruth in my head? Because I could probably write you a list… (Though I’m think they’re heading down a Stella/Boyd road, and I’m entirely sure I *ship* them, unlike Ruth/Harry because omg OTP)

ANYWAY, Han, the point? Stella thinks the sender of the fingers (which sounds like a really screwed up royal/ parliamentary post) might be a freak looking for attention. I love her. Everyone looks at her again.

‘Ok, I was just –‘
‘No no, no that’s interesting. So to rule that out, we need to keep pushing the DNA cross reference on the Greene fingers.’

And then he laughs, and no one else does, and I might’ve a little bit, but I know it’s wrong. But still.

Then Grace asks if there was anything written on the lid of the jar, and there was.

‘I was just about to get to that. “If it wasn’t for your stiff little fingers-“’
‘No-one would know you were dead. [Everyone looks at her for a change] That was written under Greene’s jars, too. It was never in the public domain.’
‘So only the real killer would have known that.’
‘Yeah, or someone close to him, one of Tony Green’s ex-cellmates.’

Then he kind of clicks his fingers in Spence’s direction.

‘I’m on it.’

‘Investigate me, too.’
‘Well, the jar was found in my bag. I’m the first link in the chain of evidence. That makes me the first point in the change of evidence. Treat me like a suspect.’

Then the scene changes again and we see the kidnapped person’s view of their hand with a bit missing and EW. I’m sorry to keep repeating myself but *shudder*.

Spence is on the phone getting the info about the cellmates, and Grace is talking to Boyd. They’re also getting CCTV of the streets around the court, and a list of cases where Grace’s testimony helped to convict. They’re very organised, aren’t they?

‘Let’s get it done.’

Oh, and Stella has picked up Elliebitch habit of not being able to sit properly, and is perched on the desk. *Sigh* they’re called CHAIRS, people.

‘You sure you’re ok with this?’
‘No, but…’

Then back to the person’s eye view, and they’re being handcuffed to the bed by the person in the medical gear. They get injected with something and the picture starts going all blurry.

Back in court, Andrea s being an annoying cow again. She asks Grace to remind them of her original offender profile, so we get a mixed flash back.

‘[Young Grace] Tony Greene is an outcast in the middle of a world to which he desperately wants to belong. More than anything [Grace] he longed to be in a band, but he didn’t have any talent, so he became a roadie.’

This bit is over a flashback of Greene being a roadie.

‘This brought him to close to it but not into it. At least not into the part where he wanted to be – the stage, the fame. He eventually hated it, he hated it for rejecting him, and he hated himself for not having the strength to walk away. [Young Grace] But he knew how to get that attention he craves – be another Ted Bundy. A serial killer. His victims, forms of himself, other pathetic wannabes, and what’s known as meat puppets. [did I hear that bit right?] So he stepped over that line into his fantasy, and enacted it in the music world. Leading to the second part, finding a suitable victim. He didn’t need to look far.’

Then the flashback shows us this kid who comes back stage while Greene is clearing up.

‘As is so often the case, the victim unwittingly came to find his killer. Presenting himself with an unconscious behaviour that met perfectly with the killing needs of the accused. [Grace] Because ultimately, Tony Greene knew that that’s all he would ever amount to being. We tracked him down when we identified the first part of his MO.’

If it’s Grace talking today, btw, it’s generally switching back to her in court. Then we go back over the flashback, where Greene gives the boy drugs.

‘If any part of his plan falls apart, then so does he. The victim had never used heroin before, and had a severe reaction to the drug, which caused hi to collapse. Greene can’t think on the move. He panicked, and made the mistake that would lead to him being found in possession of his victim.’

Ew, he locks the kid in one of those big cases musicians use (for Amps? I don’t really know).

‘But at this point, could we not be looking where my client’s version of events stand true? Where he was getting the boy stoned to have sex with him, it went wrong, and he panicked?’
‘Well, at that point, yes, but later, we discovered –‘

Andrea interrupts her. God, she’s annoying.

‘And in 1980, behavioural science, not to mention offender profiling, was practically unheard of.’
Wtf does that have to do with anything? If you’re going to say something like that in court, you should be backing it up, surely?

‘It was an emerging science –‘
‘No further questions at this time, my lord.’

Oh, for God’s sake, STOP LOOKING SMUG.

Back to the office,

‘I can’t believe the prison service is still twenty years behind the rest of the world. How much is it going to cost put this stuff onto computer, eh?’
‘Well, maybe it’s safer that way, because then this doesn’t happen.’
‘Every detail of Tony Greene’s case for all to see on the web. ‘Welcome to Blind Justice. We record and pass all details of corruption within the British judicial system,’ and there’s over 100 case files. This is right at the top.’
‘Can you trace the IP?’
‘We can try, but they will more than likely have a dead end IP in the Ukraine.’
‘What about the quote from the lid?’
‘Not here.’
‘Anything else?’
‘Yep. A lot of stuff from the original Greene investigation. And a reference to a drink driving charge against DS Harry Taylor.’

Ah, *that’s* his name. Grace is coming up behind them.

‘That’s Greene’s arresting officer.’
‘They called Grace as a witness because she was –‘
‘A passenger in the car.’
‘Sorry, Grace –‘
‘No, no, Spence, it’s ok. I’ll leave you to it.’

Grace goes to see Boyd.

‘I had Missing Persons send me all IC1 males in the age group. I just can’t believe there’s so many.’
‘No, I want to do it.’
‘What can you hope to achieve?’
‘Well, he’s got to be in here somewhere, hasn’t he?’
‘Yes. [Pause] there’s so many of them.’
‘I’m having them all printed out, and put on the desk everywhere.’

I probably missed a bit of that sentence. Grace takes some of the pictures and starts to look at them.

‘Ok, we’ve got four of Greene’s ex-cellmates out in the world.’
‘Okay, I’ve got two prisoners who lodged a complaint against Grace. Name yours?’

Teamwork yay ^_^

They get one possible name – Angus McHail. The complaints are a bit weird.

‘Breach of patient confidentiality. He told her in confidence where he’d hidden a newborn he’d abducted from a maternity ward, Grace told the police. The infant was found unharmed.’
‘Okay. Let’s get McHail on the map and under investigation and bring the others in for questioning, yes?’
‘I’ve requested the case files from the original Greene investigation as well.’
‘I’m going through her personal files on that case so we can cross reference, yeah?’

Lovely suit and tie Spence is wearing there.

Grace and Boyd are still looking at the pictures.

‘An abduction that’s not by force is by deception. He was taken from the street, so they’d have needed to be discreet.’
‘So deception?’
‘Yeah. Which points to someone lacking in street sense.’
‘So a kid from the country.’
‘Yeah, from a very sheltered background.’
‘Middle class kid from the country.’
‘Vulnerable. Of course, to know all this for sure, we’d have to know their personal histories.’
‘Which we don’t have, so…’
‘I once heard a very cruel way of segregating the kids who could be saved from the streets and those who couldn’t.’
‘I’m listening.’
‘Okay, look at them with a parents’ eyes. Look for the ones who are still children, the ones who’ll listen to you and trust you. They’re the ones that the predator will pick. They’re the ones that can be taken.’

Back to the room, the tweety bird is still about. Weird. The person in forensic gear comes in, and gets injected again, and the person being injected (it’s very difficult to describe these bits) begs them not to. Everything goes all fuzzy round the edges.

Back at the office, Boyd is talking about the group of kids they’ve picked out form the line up, and then Spence comes in to report that police have searched the farm McHail lives on, and are moving on to the outlying buildings.

‘Why is it they always have outlying buildings?’
‘Need ‘em, I suppose.’
‘To put the bodies in?’
‘Yeah, okay. So what happened to the rest of the cellmates?’

I love it when they’re getting along ^_^ the other cellmates are being brought in for interviews and DNA testing. Elliebitch then appears with new of the victim. His name’s Kevin Keogh.

‘He was arrested six weeks ago for pick pocketing in King’s Cross. The locals said he was new to the area and involved in prostitution.’

Boy tells Stella to get onto the Irish police forces and fails to tell her how to spell it. I can’t make out all o what he said so I can’t spell it either.

‘How do you spell [unclear]?’
‘With an s.’

Grace and Boyd notice that the MO is different – Keogh is nothing to do with music, he was just a rent boy.

‘Greene’s ex-cellmates have all got the capability of abducting anyone by force, but this guy’s a rent boy, he’s paid for, it’s different.’
‘Yes, it’s different. But he desperately wants to appear to be using Greene’s MO.’

It really sounded there like she wanted to say ‘yes, dear’.

‘To get to me?’
‘But why you?’

Then flashback to Grace in big white room and flash of her and Harry Taylor. You know, they might have been able to make this episode more difficult to recap, but short of having all the dialogue be un-subtitled Russian, I can’t think how.

Spence and Elliebitch take photos of the ex-cellmates so they can get distinguishing marks. The last guy – Healey – has LOADS of tattoos. Healey keeps staring at Spence.

Spence then interviews Healey.

‘Did he talk to you much about his crimes?’
‘Well, we lived in the same 12 by 8 room for six years.’
‘So that’s a yes.’
‘Why do you want to know about Greene?’
‘I’ll ask the questions.’
‘I’m not under arrest.’
‘No, you’re not.’
‘I’m here helping enquiries. I can walk out at any time I like, so I’d like to know why I’m here, please.’
‘He spoke to you about the details of his crimes, yes? His collection of fingers?’
‘I think I need to say I want a solicitor.’
‘Whoa, whoa, why go there if there’s nothing to hide?’
‘I’ve got nothing to hide, but I’ve got everything to protect.’
‘From what?’
‘Well, not you, but the system you represent.’
‘We can do this the hard way.’
‘Yes, I know every detail of his crimes. Sometimes he’d whisper them in my ear when we were, er…well, you don’t want to know about all that, I’m sure.’
‘So you’re both gay?’
‘Intellectual concepts like gay and straight don’t exist in prison. You go in there and you’re raped until t doesn’t matter anymore. You lose yourself, you know, you become nothing, and from that nothing, something emerges.’
‘The phoenix.’
‘You move beyond the physical into something…spiritual state.’
‘You love him, then?’
‘I love him, I hate him – it’s the same thing.’
‘Why do you hate him, then?’
‘Because he destroyed me, he made me what I am now, his, y’know, I’ve always belonged to him.’
‘Okay, so why do you love him, then?’
‘Well, same reason, it’s not complicated, look, I’m not trying to be rude but I really don’t think you want a conversation about love.’
‘Okay, let’s go back to the fingers, then.’
‘There’s been a copycat, hasn’t there?’
‘Why do you say that?’
‘Well, it’s obvious the missing fingers have turned up; otherwise you wouldn’t be asking me. Only someone who knows Greene would know where they are, and that’s why you’ve pulled me in. Look, don’t take this as an insult, but I’d say that’s a very blunt, route one equation.’
‘No insult taken.’
‘And there’s one important piece of truth missing from your sums.’
‘What’s that?’
‘I’m not one of them.’
‘A killer. So can I have my clothes back, please?’
‘Soon. Yesterday, lunchtime, where were you?’
‘Well, I live in a halfway house, we have a routine. Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen.’
‘Can anyone verify that?’
‘It’s not prison, there’s no guards.’
‘That’s convenient.’
‘You know, there’s something very beautiful inside you.’
‘Interview terminated.’
‘All human beings have the right to bloom.’
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’
‘To become the best they can be.’

And Spence gives him a confused look and walks out.

Grace gets an email. It’s an mpeg of the boy.

‘Doctor Grace Foley, you were wrong about Tony Greene. He is innocent. I am with the real killer. You must admit you were wrong, otherwise there will be consequences.’

And he holds up his hand to show them the bandages and the space where his finger was.

Stella comes in and says she has good news. Ooh, timing. When Kevin was arrested, he was with another guy, Marius. There’s something about her saying ‘alia’ and Boyd saying it should be ‘aka’, which seems a bit odd to me, because yeah, it might be French but you get what she means, right?

Grace goes to court (and the only thing that bugs me about this story is this: why don’t the courts know about this, and isn’t it serious misconduct for Boyd et al not to tell them?)

‘If I don’t go, Greene walks. And if that happens, that lad is disposable.’

Boyd and Elliebitch are in the lab, looking at the video. He doesn’t like that it’s called number 1. Clearly I am not cut out for any sort of investigative work, because that kind of thing passes me by.

Elliebitch has got a lot of clues from the video. Boyd is actually nice to her.

Dlblkvbalksbv Andrea is FAR too good at being smug.

‘Doctor Foley, can you take us back to the night of January Fifteenth 1980, and the circumstances that led to this arrest of Mr Greene?’

Boring quote, but will be relevant later for further teeth gnashing.

Flashback! Greene’s van got searched and they found the last victim still alive. They found remains of the others but not bodies. Ew.

‘But that’s not how you first came into contact with Mr Greene.’
‘I don’t understand, sorry.’
‘That’s how the police came into contact with him. Everything you’re telling us here is based on third hand information from some traffic police. I asked how you came into contact with my client. It’s not a difficult question, Doctor Foley.’

WELL IT WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN IF THAT WAS THE QUWSTION YOU ASKED, BITCH. Aaaaargh!!!! Kudos to the actress because I bloody well hate her right now.

‘In you original statement, you said you were working in the police station when they brought in the prisoner.’
‘That’s correct.’
‘That was three in the morning?’
‘Well, I don’t recall, but I know it was late.’
‘I can tell you exactly what time it was.’

Well bully for you.

‘It was three a.m., and you weren’t alone. Can you tell us who you were with at the time? Working with?’

Flashback to young Grace and Harry Taylor, not talking about work. I think she wants to know if they’ll have a future after the case. The phone rings before he has to tell her he loves her.

‘We’ve got him.’

‘Listen Grace, I think you should go home.’
‘The doc said they’re not hopeful, which is medical speak for the kid isn’t going to make it. If we want to keep our man, we need to nail him tonight.’
‘Then let me help you.’
‘How are you going to do that, Grace?’
‘Let me talk to him, sometimes giving people other options can open things up. We don’t have to do the same old routine day in, day out, do we? Let’s be different. Give me ten minutes alone with him.’
‘Five. If he’s not signed on the dotted line, then you go home, agreed?’

Grace goes into the room. She’s very good but he’s not having any of it. She does manage to trap him on some things though :) Also, the actress playing young Grace is excellent.

‘What’s it going to be like in prison, being the gay rapist who can’t get it up?’
‘I hope you have a child, and it dies.’

As threats go, not the freakiest serial killer threat I’ve ever heard.

‘And that was the last I saw of Tony Greene, until he came to trial.’
‘How convenient.’

OMG woman stop making something out of nothing!! Then she says that Harry beat Taylor into signing a confession, which he later withdrew. And what exactly does *Grace* have to do with any of this??

‘I would remind the court that it was actually the testimony of his victim that put him away.’
‘A testimony that has since been recanted. Do you think he was beaten?’
‘Doctor Foley, you will not have to answer that.’
‘Thank you.’
‘My lord?’
‘Miss Lloyd, this calls for Doctor Foley to speculate on the actions of a colleague who is sadly no longer with us and therefore cannot defend himself. so STFU
‘Yes, my lord.’
‘Are there any further questions for Doctor Foley?’
‘No, my lord.’
‘You may stand down.’
‘Thank you.’
‘Oh, there is one more thing. Were you and Harry Taylor in love during this time? And is that why you’re protecting his memory?’

O M G W T F? Seriously, wtf?

‘Miss Lloyd, you will remove yourself from my court otherwise I will have a sheriff take you to the cells for contempt.’

Go lady judge!!

There were little flashes of Grace and Harry during that bit.

Then Boyd and Stella are interviewing that Marius guy. He’s not very helpful.

‘I’m going to send you back where you came from.’
‘You don’t know where I come from, so how you going to send me back, asshole?’
‘Sir, maybe I could –‘
‘Maybe you should.’

Boyd goes out.

‘What’s his problem?’
‘Tell me about Irish.’

Grace tries to talk to bitchy lawyer Andrea.

‘How dare you drag my private life into this hearing.’
‘Either you don’t know the truth, or you’re covering up a lie.’
‘Now you listen to me. I sat in a room alone with that man and there is no doubt in my mind that he is a monster. If he is released from prison, he will kill again.’
‘But I’m not arguing that. Fine, he’s guilty. He’s a monster. That’s not my problem. It’s my job to get him out. If you didn’t do your job right, then that makes my job very easy. That’s something you’ll have to live with.’

Fucking hell. Fucking hell. Excuse the swearing, but I may have to break something. Someone please reassure me she’s as annoying as I thought she was.

Marius says he warned Kevin not to go off with the bloke with the van, and then he says he has the number.

‘What are you laughing at?’
‘Do you think that I stand there taking down numbers? Come on!’

Then Stella just WHACKS him (I was going to say slaps but she uses her whole arm there).

‘You shit! Your friend has been kidnapped and someone is cutting off his fingers! We want to get him back before he dies, you get that? [French I don’t understand].’

Boyd comes in. So trying not to smile, and mostly failing. Actually, totally failing. Marius is still looking shocked. Stella goes off to get the CCTV.

‘She’s sexy, yeah?’

Boyd. Hast though forgotten Frankie already?

Back at the courts, that professor bloke (I think we got introduced to him earlier, oh yeah, after the bag snatching) comes up to Grace.

‘What is she like?’
‘She’s young.’

Er, no, mate, she’s a bitch is what she is.

‘Who do you debrief with?’
‘Oh, gosh, I haven’t done that in years.’
‘Well, maybe you should. It’s an important survival tool for us.’
‘Yeah, I know, I’ll think about it.’
‘If you want to talk at any time, in a professional capacity, I will be privileged.’
‘That’s very kind, thank you.’
‘Not really. I have the very worst of intentions.’
‘Do you nick many Marlon Brando quotes?’
‘Only the best ones.’

Boyd offers Marius some emergency accommodation. He doesn’t want it, though he does pick it up off the table as he follows Spence out.

Elliebitch (god, I nearly typed Frankie then) has figured out that the bed Kevin was on is a hospital bed, and that it came from St Martin’s hospice, so she’s getting a list of beds that weren’t returned.

‘Already done, I’ve asked the hospice for a list of beds that were loaned out and not returned. The matron’s doing it personally as we speak –‘
‘So you don’t really need me, do you?’
‘ – Not really, no.’

There’s also some extra sound on the video, someone speaking.

‘I’m trying to isolate it.’
‘What, you haven’t done that yet?’
‘No, not yet.’
‘Ah, caught you out there, didn’t I?’


Boyd thinks they should move onto plan B. Plan B? Also, he opens the door and lets Stella go out first. I feel like I should be shipping them but my brain won’t go there. Possibly because they just share a brain.

Grace is sitting at her desk, and then we fade to Kevin, who doesn’t look in to good a state. That bloody bird is there again. Then the door opens and he starts begging again.

‘He’s naming you at every turn, Grace.’
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’
‘That there’s a personal connection, you must know this man.’
‘I don’t. I have searched my mind.’
‘I need to know exactly what went on with Greene. Oh come on Grace details, just give me some details.’

Flashback to the interview with Greene. Harry Taylor takes her out, and she says she reckons he did it, and he won’t admit it. Then he orders her to go home.

‘When I look at myself back then, I don’t recognise myself. I was young, I was naive…’
‘Were you in love with Harry?’

Wrong person, wrong show. *sigh*

‘What’s that got to do with anything?’
‘[unclear], especially if you compromised your professional integrity.’
‘Are you calling me a liar?’
‘I’ve known you a long time, Grace, and I’ve been doing this job even longer, and I know this much: you’re holding something back. [She gets up and walks out] Oh, Grace, come on, please, Grace…’
‘Come with me.’

He takes her into the view place (what would you call that bit where they stand and watch interviews? The interview view room?) And Spence is in one of the rooms with Greene.

‘I want you to talk to him.’

Surely *that* can’t be allowed, given the appeal case? Oh, and there’s more flashy bits.

‘You’re not serious.’
‘I am.’
‘I can’t.’
‘Yes you can, Grace, yes you can, now get in there and do it.’

Dude. Bit harsh. She goes in.

He doesn’t say anything.

‘You know why I’m here.’

He gives her the finger, and then Spence runs over and restrains him, and then Boyd shouts about getting her out, and YOU PUT HER IN THERE, MAN!!

‘When I put you in there, I had every good intention –‘
‘I understand psychologically why you put me in there-‘
‘I didn’t know what was going to happen –‘
‘But as a friend -‘
‘As a friend, I wish you’d come clean with me and tell me what’s going on!’

Stella brings her some coffee.

‘…why that man hates you so much.’
‘Well that’s a bit obvious, isn’t it? Because my evidence helped put him away.’

Then she starts looking at the Sony Vaio laptop (hm, I think I mentioned product placement in WTD before, didn’t I?), and he tells her not to deal with that, and jostles it, knocking over the cup, which either I) doesn’t burn her or II) she doesn’t notice because she’s being shouty, because there was hot liquid in it and some of it must have gone on her.

‘I just don’t want to talk about it, ok?’

He’s actually cowed by her shouting.

Then she looks at her laptop and there’s another video, with the message ‘this has gone to every newspaper in the country.’ It’s him actually getting his finger cut off. Then the phones start ringing.

‘So now we’re in the middle of a media storm.’

And I’m in the middle of another never-ending episode. WTF, people? I’ve been doing this for *hours* and it’s Sunday night so I’m actually over a week behind. *sigh*

Elliebitch comes in.

‘I’ve got the DNA results on the fingers sent to Grace. They confirm that the fingers belonged to Greene’s victims. Why is no-one answering the phone?’
‘We’ve just had another mpeg.’

‘We’re going to have to make a statement.’
‘No, I’m going to have to make a statement.’

Spence comes in with news about the beds and Boyd shouts at him to deal with it.

‘Even if you do admit that you’ve made a mistake, it doesn’t mean that the boy is going to be let go.’
‘No, but it might buy him some time.’

She goes outside to give a statement to the press people.

‘I’d like to make a statement. I’m speaking directly to the kidnapper of Kevin Keogh. You want me to say Tony Greene was beaten in custody. I will say this: in my conscience, I do not know whether he was beaten or not. I am removing myself from this investigation. So stop it. Stop hurting him. That’s all.’

Then they all start shouting at her again, and she walks back inside.

Oh, thanks God, it’s finished. I can go to bed.
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