Hestia (hestia8) wrote,

A couple of things:

- Considering I am looking at a Thundercats icon, why do I have the Inspector Gadget theme tune in my head?

- My boss wanted to me to phone someone at one of the energy suppliers to tell them I’m not sending contract X because I haven’t got it back yet, and he said I could have one of my ‘motherly chats’ with them. Motherly? Motherly?? At work I generally aim for either ‘do as I say and then sod off and leave me alone’, or in one case in particular just ‘sod off and leave me alone’. Motherly? *hangs head in shame*

- And yesterday I noticed the stitching on the strap of my work bag was loose. So today I brought my plastic Emily bag. When I got back from lunch, the strap snapped. I am trying to think of a witty comment but as yet, I have no words (apart from ‘bugger’).

- I will have more icons soon.
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