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Spooks 405 Recap

I hate the BBC schedulers. Somehow I've gone from taking 4 hours or so over two days to doing 5 hours or so over a week. I blame this on them scheduling WTD at the same time. GAH.

I really want your opinions on this one, people, because I *loved* it.

This week: Douglas Hodge. Yay!!

I start recapping this on Sunday night, after it’s been on BBC 1. Never again will I attempt to have a life while Spooks is on.

London, outside, evening. Harry and one of his friends (I’m still debating whether or not he’s a Useless Friend).

‘Are you sure I can’t do anything to change your mind? I could use your help in fighting them.’
‘Two men against a new world order? Please. Bringing down communism was child’s play compared to fighting this velvet fascism. No, I know when to fold. My cottage will do me just fine.’
‘You’ve been doing this longer than any of us. I can’t imagine you, giving this all up. What are you going to do with yourself?’
‘Don’t worry about me, Harry. I’ll find better ways to keep myself amused.’

Then the scene shifts to a garden with duck in it. Then inside this bloke’s cottage (hm, unless I missed it, we haven’t had a name yet). There’s some shady guy standing over him. There is some fantastic sunlight streaming in through the windows.

‘You didn’t need to do this. You didn’t need to involve them. They’re my sister’s children for God’s sake.’
‘We need to make sure we have your full co-operation.’
‘What do you want me to do?’

Shady guy hands him a pen.

‘Say goodbye.’

Then the fabulous Douglas Hodge appears and IS VERY SHOUTY. I wonder if he’s been taking lessons from Trevor Eve*.

Back to the creepy quiet cottage. There are now two shady guys. Harry’s friend hands over a notebook.

DH pulls up outside the cottage and knocks loudly, and then goes in, still calling hello.

He goes out of the house and he’s looking around, and he sees the shady guys with Harry’s friend. Harry’s friend omgwtf has a plastic bag over his head, which DH clocks. Then omg they see him and it’s all slow mo running (through a wood, they’re really liking the countryside this series) and action!

And then DH looks panicked and he’s on the road, and then the shady guys get out onto the road and he has disappeared…but was hiding. Wow.

Titles. I have a very very bad feeling about this episode.

‘Somewhere among these bright new things is your brand new field officer Mr Carter and your four additional desk officers Miss Evershed, courtesy of the Home Secretary’s tireless recruitment drive. Shortlists by tomorrow, please. We’re getting first dibs ahead of the other sections.’

1. Are they going to warn the new recruits about the high possibility of death, injury or going nuts in this section?
2. Ah, she gets four new people. Clearly so she can get out of the office a bit more to go out with him. Oh, and while I think about it. STILL NO MENTION OF SAM. Bastards.

‘Six languages, a double first from Bristol, and hobbies include kite surfing.’

Zaf makes a face.

‘Oooh, cute too. Better brush up your CVs, boys.’
‘I thought that’s why we had vetting consultants, so we didn’t have to go through the sordid details of each candidate.’
‘I like to know the sordid details of anyone I’m going to be working with [something unclear]’

1. I bet he does.
2. WTF does he finish that sentence with? I listened four times and I still have no idea.

Anyway, then Ruth looks at him and furrows her eyebrows just a little, and they have a *look*.

‘Within professional boundaries of course.’
‘Of course.’ (That’s actually Fiona).
‘These are the pick of the crop. They had the best scores in the interviews and in the psychometric tests, which our esteemed HR specialist…’
‘Deborah Langham.’ (That’s Ruth. Of course)
‘…will be on hand tomorrow to explain more clearly.’
‘She can start with the word psychometric.’
‘She’ll be here in the morning.’
‘9 a.m., actually’ (Ruth again)

Love the way Zaf just gets *ignored* and also doesn’t care.

‘Which will give you plenty of time to sift through the dross, to choose which are the most stellar candidates to join our illustrious brotherhood.’

Please note, in response to this, Ruth does not even say anything, she just makes a face.

‘No, I was just thinking clique or circle might be more inclusive, don’t you think?’
‘No, I like brotherhood. Anyone else have a problem with my way of expressing myself today?’

OH MY GOD THEY’RE SO MARRIED. THEY ARE SO MARRIED. THEY ARE SO IN LOVE. Also, Fiona was totally trying not to crack up there.

By the way, this entire scene is pointless except for illustrating HOW MUCH THEY ARE IN LOVE. Oh, and thanks to Sarah, in order to save your eyes from too much of my mad capitalisation, I shall be highlighting the may, many R/H moments with the phrase Hruth! Get used to that phrase; it will appear a lot in this recap.

Then Malcolm comes in and switches on the news. And as it is 11.40 on Sunday night, I’m going to go to bed and continue this tomorrow.

Right, the TV (and the fact that it’s Sky News still bugs me). Harry’s friend is Clive McTaggart – who has presumably lost his anonymity now he’s dead, despite being described as a high ranking member of the security services – and he’s been found at his home having apparently committed suicide. And while everyone is watching the news, what is Ruth doing? Looking at Harry.

Hruth! I think.

And then Harry’s looking at a sheet of print from a news website – I think, it looks to me like it’s from the BBC website, which is unusual, given the reliance on Sky – and Ruth knocks on the door.

‘Are you okay?’

He says yes too quickly. And it is from the BBC website!

‘How well did you know him?’
‘As well as anyone, I suppose, which isn’t saying very much. We worked together several times over the years, although he wasn’t the most gregarious man I ever met.’

Aw, she looks like she wants to hug him.

‘He wasn’t married.’
‘No. He always considered himself married to the service.’
‘Oh, that’s alright then. I was worried he died alone and lonely. If you feel like you want to talk to someone, I don’t have any plans later.’
‘Thank you, Ruth, but I’ve got to return a few calls. Nothing like a sudden death to bring old friends out of the woodwork.’

OMG. He really wanted to say yes there. Silly boy. They both keep looking at each other then looking away in this scene. Harry looks through the messages, and this reminds me of something I haven’t mentioned. Juliet has the same initials as the wonderful Jools. Is this a ploy to make us forget him? Because we WON’T, you bastards.

Then Harry and Juliet and some bloke whose face I haven’t seen, so I don’t know if we know him are out in some park.

‘Oh, the Falklands, it’s got to be the Falklands.’
‘No, Moscow. He knew what Brezhnev’s flunkies were up to before they did.’
‘No, no, you’re both wrong. His finest hour was in recruiting yours truly.’ [that would be Juliet]
‘I knew he had to have a black mark somewhere.’

That’s the other guy, who looks vaguely familiar but is not someone we’ve seen on the show before.

‘To have achieved all that, and end up like he did.’

Yes, Harry, which is why you should avoid that fate by going out with Ruth NOW. She’s already asked you if you need to talk, for God’s sake. That’s throwing herself at you in Ruth-speak.

‘That’s our lot in life, isn’t it, to toil away in the darkness and keep one ever-shrinking realm out of harm’s way before withering away in some godforsaken cottage.’
‘I’m talking about his state of mind, his disappointment. We let him down.’

NOTE TO SELF: you have to point the video remote at the video machine for it to work. Not at the TV.

‘Times change, Harry. He fought a different kind of enemy. One that had a face.’
‘You ever get the feeling that the face you’re looking for is staring at you from the mirror?’
‘Hardly? Unless I’ve come back from some war-torn hellhole with the mother of all tans.’

He gets up to take a call, leaving Harry and Juliet behind.

‘Were you surprised? When you heard he’d killed himself? I mean, I know bowel cancer can be extremely painful -’
‘Well, I think once the cancer had spread to his liver, he knew it was a matter of months, weeks, even. [pause] You knew about that, right?’

Or not.

Ooh, London panorama. The Ruth is walking down the path to her house, and then OMGWTF NO!!!!!! Someone grabs her from behind and this was in the trailers and it’s all what? EH? And then the person is shushing her, and she turns round and it’s DH. Then Ruth gets shouty!

‘Gary! What was that al about? What are you doing?’

Oh dear, she’s adorable even when she’s shouting. *facepalm*

‘I’m so sorry, Ruth, I didn’t know who else to turn to. I’m in trouble.’
‘Why am I not surprised?’


Then they’re in her kitchen, and he’s pouring himself a drink, and she’s making a phone call. To Harry. Her phone is green.

‘If this isn’t hugely important, I hope your passport’s up to date.’
‘Harry, it’s me. Ruth.’
‘What time is it?’
‘Late. Look, I’m sorry to be calling you at this hour, but –‘
‘Are you alright?’
‘Me? Yes, I’m fine. Yes.’
‘Well, that’s ah…that’s good.’


‘Harry, I was just wondering, I was just wondering if perhaps you could come over.’


There is a pause.

‘Come over. Now?’
‘Well. Yes.’


‘To your place?’
‘Yes. No. I mean, there’s, um…’
‘There’s someone I need you to meet.’

*dies again*

He looks so gutted right then. Hruth Hruth Hruth Hruth Hruth!

The Harry is in Ruth’s house talking to DH and he’s looking all imposing. Ruth is kind of fussing about the kitchen.

‘You’re sure they were British.’
‘Well, put it this way, they weren’t Al Qaeda.’
‘I still don’t understand what you were doing there in the first place. Forgive my scepticism, but from all the reporters out there, why would Clive McTaggart call a reporter from a tabloid newspaper with a, shall we say, less than exemplary reputation?’
‘What, me or the tabloid?’

Harry doesn’t answer. Ha ha.
‘He knew I wouldn’t back off the story.’
‘But exactly how did he know that?’
‘About ten years ago, I got wind of a story he was involved in. government didn’t want it publicised. That was when we first met. It took a lot of convincing and cajoling to get me to kill it.’
‘But you did kill the story?’
‘Well, I liked the guy. ‘Sides, it wasn’t that great a story. And this way, he owed me one.’

Harry leans forward slowly.

‘Tell me what he told you. Exactly.’

And then we switch outside and there’s a gun sight focussing right on the back of DH’s head. Eek!

Then the men holding the guns are talking to someone.

‘Is it done?’
‘No sir. He’s talking to someone. He’s with a spook. You need to hear this.’

And guy turns round and dun dun DUHN it’s the guy from earlier who Harry and Juliet were talking to! [Alright, it was fairly obvious from the voice and everything, but I was trying to build up tension]

Then we hear DH again talking about what McTaggart had told him.

‘He called it –‘
‘Velvet fascism. I know.’

‘Oh, please. 9-11, it’s the best thing that ever happened to you people.’
‘The line between fear and complacency is a thin one.’
‘But fear’s much better when it comes to getting votes, isn’t it?’

Harry doesn’t answer.

‘Anyway, he’d decided to let the cat out of the bag. He told me he’d spent the last year writing a book. He thought the country could use an injection of hard truths. He told me he wasn’t going to leave anything out.’
‘Regardless of the Official Secrets Act.’
‘Well, anything can come out if you’re willing to take the flak. You know that, it’s one of the marvels of the internet.’

I didn’t notice the first time round, but while they’re talking, Ruth gets a glass out of the cupboard and puts it in front of Harry without him having to ask. Hruth!

Then DH remembers that he saw a notebook on the table next to McTaggart.

‘You can’t stay here.’
‘I’m safe here, nobody knows I’m here.’
‘It’s out of the question. Tell me you’re not carrying a phone.’
‘Yes, why?’
‘Give it to me.’

I was going to say DH should have thought of that himself, but I suppose he’s a bit of a panic now, think later type guy, isn’t he?

‘…my car is at his house.’
‘So they already know who you are. Ruth, you can’t stay here either. Adam can take you to a safe house.’

The men with the guns ask what the other guy wants them to do. He tells them to stand down.

Adam, Adam’s fugly puffa jacket and Zaf get DH out of Ruth’s house, and then Harry and Ruth leave together OMG JUST ADMIT IT. Sadly, though, she does not go home with him. He so wants to kiss her.

Group meeting. Fiona reports that the only car at the house was McTaggart’s. Harry gets stroppy. Yay!

‘Clive wasn’t an idiot. He wouldn’t have shared this with anyone until it was ready.’
‘Do you think he might have let anyone else in on his little secret?’
‘No, I doubt it. If anyone knew the value of a great scoop, it was Gary.’

I can’t decide if they’re exes or what… I’m erring towards ‘what’, though exes does provide some lovely jealousy opportunities ;)

‘It could just be the work of some lone black ops psycho who doesn’t want his skeletons uncovered. Or something bigger than that.’
‘Except Clive told him, he wasn’t going to leave anything out. One line about a sexed up intelligence report nearly brought the government down. We’re not talking about one line here. This is a whole book’s worth, straight from the horse’s mouth. This is not about some lone spook wanting to stay out of the limelight.’

Can I just say at this juncture I HATE the phrase ‘sexed up’. I was going to put a rant in here about advertising/programming as ‘sexy’ in that case just meaning ‘women wearing not very many clothes’ but that would be off topic.

‘This could be a disaster for all of us. Especially now.’
‘I want the bastards who did this, even if they work in this very building. Now use extreme caution, and watch your backs. These people have access to the same toys we do.’

And then the camera kind of zooms back and we go to a computer screen saying ‘witness Breeding Faces’ and I don’t know wtf that means, so let’s get the video playing and find out, shall we?

Oh, it’s a photo fit thing. That was less interesting than it could have been. DH is attempting to pick someone out. Malcolm is getting pissed off, in a very Malcolm way.

‘No, his mouth was sort of different.’
‘Different how?’
‘Well, I only saw the guy for a few seconds; I didn’t date him for God’s sake.’

And then Malcolm stops him smoking ahaha. He actually takes the cigarette out of his mouth oh my God, that’s the best ever. I love this ep.

‘Clive McTaggart had more integrity than any man I’ve ever known.’

Meanwhile back in communist Russia, Zaf and Colin tell Harry that basically, they can’t find and bugs on McTaggart’s phones. They think GCHQ could have been listening in, and for a change, Harry doesn’t go straight to Ruth and get her to do it. Colin says he’ll see what he can dig up.

Adam shows Harry the possible pictures of the gun blokes DH was picking out. Colin has checked DH’s mobile and all the numbers that have been trying to get him are in the memory except for one. Harry tells Adam to look into it.

Anyone still undecided about Zaf? He might not be the best spy ever (if you ask me, he’s seen too many movies, full stop, and he probably wants to be a Transporter**) but he’s quite funny, and I love the fact that he does the geeky stuff with Colin :)

Adam goes after Harry.

‘You sure that’s a good idea? What if they tried talking him out of it? What if there wasn’t another way?’
‘There’s always another way.’
‘What if there wasn’t?’
‘Clive McTaggart had more integrity than any man I’ve ever known. I can’t let his murder go unanswered. I owe him that.’

And then the came does the swooshy fast weird angle thing again. Has someone got a new toy?

Juliet and Harry go for a walk.

‘Clive’s death has really got to you.’
‘I just hope I don’t end up spending my twilight years in butter disappointment.’

Well if you get your sodding act together, you won’t be disappointed because you’ll be with Ruth, though at this rate it’ll probably take you until you retire to say anything. [Seriously, I know I said this last time, but if one of them doesn’t say or do something before the end of the series, I may have to kill someone]

‘I didn’t realise you were that close to him.’

Why would you? You’d swanned off to America.

‘You know, the occasional drink, a meal now and then at his club.’
‘Oh, that dreary place.’

God, I’m trying really hard to like Juliet but it just isn’t working.

‘He liked it. Said it was the one place he could trust not to bend with the wind. When he left, he told me he finally had time to read. And to write.’

Wow, that was a bit of a clumsy segue there, old chap.

‘Well, he certainly had enough material to come out with a cracking novel.’
‘I think an autobiography was more what he had in mind.’
‘Well, that would have been a waste of time; he’d have to leave out all the juicy bits.’

As they’re walking along, we see someone’s legs where they’re sitting on a bench, I presume. Just the legs.

‘If he really wanted things to come out, we both know it’s nearly impossible to express things in this day and age. And Clive had nothing to lose.’
‘Well, I suppose if he was going to write a kill and tell book, he’s done us all a huge favour by dying before he finished it.’


Then funny light effects and flicky camera angles! It looks really good, btw, I’m just commenting because it’s the first time it’s been used and it’s being used at the end of every scene, pretty much. It’s like me when I get a decent image programme. ‘Oooh, icons icons icons!’

Another scene I managed to miss first time round. Clearly my brain was dead from squee.

‘Roger Thornhill?’
‘Cary Grant, North by Northwest. His best role, I’d say. Now use these from now on, in case your old ones are compromised.’

I love Malcolm.

Adam totally lands Ruth in it with the recruitment consultant. Yes, this is a silly sub plot. It’s actually an episode too early (sorry, was that too oblique a reference to 206?) but I’m going to let it go without moaning too much because the rest of the episode is fab.

Adam and Fiona in a car. Woo, exciting locations on this show ;)

‘Apparently it’s a house with two girls.’
‘That’s my kind of stakeout.’

Oh, Adam, surely you realise by now you’re not fooling anyone? As far as I can tell, the only opinions of you are 1) you love your wife and are totally wrapped around her little finger (my view) or 2) she doesn’t even exist and you’re as gay as, well, Malcolm (everyone else’s view).

Anyway, PLOT. He gets out of the car in overalls. Nice. Fiona laughs at him and my, is she pretty when she laughs.

‘I love a man in uniform.’

Girl with lovely long hair answers the door and is on the phone to someone. He says he’s there to read the meter.

‘Gas? Meter?’

He shows her his badge. She really does have lovely hair.

Back on the grid, HA, Zaf gets dragged into the recruitment thing too. *snigger* I always love the halfway episodes *glee* He tries to bluff his way through and Ruth just lets him flounder. It’s great, because he keeps looking at her, and he might as well be waving a flag saying ‘HELP!’ on it, and she just keeps smiling at him. I wonder what he did to deserve that? And then she leaves the room entirely, presumably so she can laugh.

Stopping again for the night, as its 11.20, which is fairly early for me…

Oh, ARSE. Windows just crashed for no good reason. Luckily I remember what I typed and it was slightly boring. Long story short: Adam fiddled around with Lovely Hair’s meter, she said her flatmate was getting a new job in the city but she wanted something funkier. She spilled a bottle of wine and told him she was a journalist, which is how she had DH’s number. I wasn’t quoting because it was boring, now, on with the show:

‘This is pretty serious stuff.’
‘I can do gossipy too, whatever it takes.’
‘No, don’t sell yourself short.’
‘You think?’
‘Yeah, there’s plenty of other people’ll do that for you.’

Least convincing meter reading person EVER, I think.

‘Look, this is going to sound really stupid, but I get the feeling there’s a lot more to you than –‘
‘Reading a gas meter?’
‘Yeah. Sorry, I’m very nosy.’
‘I’d better go.’
‘Meter’s running.’
‘Yeah, something like that.’
Adam goes back to Fiona in the car (er, what, she’s been sat there all that time? What was the point of that?).

‘Waste of time. She’s just a kid looking for a job as a journalist. ‘

Given your instincts from last week, mate, I really wouldn’t bet on it.

Back at the grid, Ruth brings DH some coffee.

‘So what’s the news? Have they figured out who they are yet?’
‘Hm, we’re working on it.’
‘What, that’s it?’
‘That’s it. Sorry.’

Omg she’s so cute.

‘What are you doing?’
‘Oh, just keeping busy, you know. Idle hands and all that.’
‘Can I have a look?’
‘No, it’s just the usual, you know.’

And then she reaches out and takes the pad from him. I’m pretty sure they’re not exes now, because of the way she’s just making him do whatever she wants (and I’m totally slashing him with Malcolm). She reads what he’s written.

‘You’re writing about what happened?’
‘You can’t expect me to sit on a story like this, oh come on Ruth; it’s the story of a lifetime.’
‘A very short lifetime if you carry on like this.’

She says, not whapping him round the head with the legal pad, even though she wants to.

‘Well I’m safe here, aren’t I?’
‘Of course you are, but I don’t think writing about it is part of the deal.’
‘Well why not? That is what I do. I can’t use the phone, I’m not even allowed to call the office, I have to be escorted up to the roof to have a smoke. I am going nuts here! But if I write it, once it’s out there, they can’t hurt me anymore.’
‘Once it’s out there? Just what story are you talking about exactly? You have no proof. You’ve got no other witnesses. Just think about it, it’s nothing more than hearsay.’
‘Yeah, but once oyu get to the bottom of it, we’ll have our proof, won’t we?’

Ruth looks worried, and again, somehow, does not hit DH with the legal pad.

‘I’ll get someone to drive oyu back to the safe house. You’ll be more comfortable there.’

And she walks out leaving him on his own. Meanwhile, on another part of the grid, Malcolm gets a call in from Lovely Hair. She says the meter’s making a ticking noise so could Adam come and have a look? Sneaky. Though the bits showing her on the phone are annoying because she has this simpering expression on her face. Maybe simpering is the wrong word.

Adam is in a park. Looking through binoculars. At birds. Woo with the nature thing this series. This may be the longest recap I have ever written.

Malcolm calls Adam and Fiona to tell them what just happened.

‘I just received a call from Jo Portman. It seems that Adam made quite an impression.’
‘I’ll let him know.’
‘It seems you have a secret admirer.’

They go into, er, someone’s house. Not sure whose. Oh, must be McTaggart’s. They can’t find any obvious bugs but then Adam sees somewhere they’d have had a fibre optic. Ooooh. I love fibre optics, especially the ones where you get the stand with the coloured bulbs and it comes out all pretty.

Sorry, what’s that you say? Get on with the recap? Oh, alright then…

Adam looks very smug that he spotted it when Fiona didn’t.

‘That’s not something they picked up at Argos.’

Er…does that sound to anyone else like something Fiona *wouldn’t* say?

Back on the grid, Zaf is still with the recruitment lady. Ruth comes in.

‘Sorry. I’m going to have to grab him from you.’

Ah, he has such a sweet smile. He looks like he might kiss her just for getting him out of it. No, I’m not shipping Ruth/Zaf. I’m not. Honest. Oh, alright, I might be just a little bit. Don’t worry though, the world has not ended, RH is still the OTP.

Zaf drives DH through London. DH is once again prevented from having a cigarette. See, if Tom was still around, he might have got away with it.

Right, back to Lovely Hair. She’s still trying to get hold of Adam. Jesus woman, he’s fit sometimes, but he’s not that fit (though maybe if Mr Penry-Jones would care to go to the bloody gym between series, I might change my tune). She really does look like she’s in a hair commercial. Oh, hang on, I got that bit *totally* wrong, she’s trying to get hold of DH! Oops.

Back in the car.

‘This is crazy, look, take me to the newsroom. If I don’t write this story, someone else is going to write it before me, and that is not going to happen, so let’s just call it a day, take me to the office.’
‘I have my orders.’

Plus, he’s a bit scared of Ruth.

‘I’m not interested in your bloody orders. Just take me to the office.’

Some woman walks out in front of Zaf, so he has to stop quickly, and then DH opens the car doors and legs it. Zaf gets on the phone.

Lovely Hair leaves her flat, smiling in her vaguely self-satisfied way (ah, must be why she liked Adam so much) and we switch to DH making it into the news building. It’s a very shiny building. DH sees Zaf pull up outside, and Adam’s waiting for him in his office. HA HA HA.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’
‘I can’t sit on this anymore. I need to write it, it’s the only way to get them off my case.’

Am I the only person seeing a big old flaw in this plan? Basically, I somehow doubt publishing the story is going to make those people shut up and go away.

‘Is that what you think?’
‘Once it’s out, there isn’t any point in trying to shut me up.’
‘Of course there is.’

Adam gives him a Stern Talking To. Good luck with that, boyo.

Ooh, London horizon.

Oh no! Lovely Hair comes round a corner and sees Adam! Bollocks. That isn’t good. They get into the car, and surprisingly, Adam lets Zaf drive. Lovely Hair gets a cab and.

‘This is going to sound stupid but I need you to follow that car. The blue Peugeot. My husband’s in that car and I think he’s cheating on me. I need to know the truth. I’ll pay you extra.’

For some reason, Lovely Hair unclips her hair. Maybe it’s code.

They get to the safe house. And now I can’t hear what Malcolm is saying because my dad is applauding the football.

CCTV shows DH’s car arriving and leaving but they can’t make out who was driving it the second time. Then Lovely Hair is there and she gets a bit stroppy. I’m trying to think of a reason not to get irritated, but I can’t. Oh dear.

‘So, read any good meters lately?’

Despite what I was saying earlier, Adam is quite damn fit in this scene. Must be the black jumper.

‘Told you you were too good for your job.’

He looks at her for a while, smiling a bit.

‘What do you mean?’
‘Don’t be coy with me. I want to know why you were sniffing round my house posing as a meter reader and I want to know why you were with Gary Hicks when he left his office.’
‘Hold on, have you been following me?’
‘I don’t know what’s going on, but whatever it is, I’m guessing it has something to do with some dirt that Hicks has dug up on someone, and I want the story.’
‘Alright. I work for a private security firm, and Hicks. Well, he has a talent for digging up the muck.’
‘So you’re like a bodyguard?’
‘Yeah. Hicks is working on a story at the moment, he’s annoyed a few people, so we’re just babysitting him until the threat passes.’
‘Hm. [pause] I still want the story.’
‘You’re too late. Hicks has already written it. It’ll be in the papers tomorrow. Sorry. You still did a great job sussing it out, though. I’ll let him know. I imagine he’ll pick up his phone after that. Look after yourself.’

He puts on his fugly puffa jacket and leaves.

Back on the grid, Ruth is being followed, but not quite as the guy following her veers off and goes and places a bug on her coat. Er…arse.

Ruth then goes to see her boyfriend Harry purely to tell him she’s going home. Oh, and she knocks, so I’m going to say it again, because hell, it’s my recap: hruth!

‘I take it your friend is behaving?’
‘Zaf’s babysitting him; I think he’s got things under control.’
‘How did you ever get mixed up with someone like Hicks?’

Jealous. Hruth!

‘He wasn’t always like that. He used to write the most brilliantly incisive pieces about just about anything. He wrote this one piece about Kosovo – he cared. And then he realised people were more interested in finding out who Sven Goran-Erikson was scrumping that week.’

Scrumping. Scrumping.

‘Harry. Do you really think we should be doing this?’
‘These people, they’re obviously willing to do whatever it takes to suppress it.’
‘Someone has got to draw the line somewhere.’
‘Yes, I understand that, and I know Clive was your friend, and his death shouldn’t go unanswered, but –‘
‘It isn’t just about Clive’s murder. Or about the book.’
‘Hicks chose me. He showed up at my doorstep, and there’s nothing we can do about that. But you can’t really think that they’re-‘
‘You call me, when you get to the safe house.’

Oh, what the hell, one more time: Hruth!

Cab pulls up at safe house. Lovely Hair is in a nearby doorway, watching. Wow. There’s dedication, and there’s dedication.

Oooh, men from earlier also pull up.

Zaf and Ruth unpack the takeaway. Adam will be coming by later to take over. DH is playing cards but then he sees Ruth’s bag on the table and he sneaks out her phone (Zaf does not see this because he is watching Ruth rather than helping her get the dinner ready, look, I’ve been trying not to mention this ship all series, I thought it was a passing phase…)

There is a bug of some sort on the phone because the men in the car are listening in. oh, and it’s snowing, which is very pretty.

They call that bloke from earlier, who I still haven’t got a name for.

‘Take him out. There are enough people out there who’d love to see him dead.’
‘What about the officers?’
‘Do your best to avoid collateral damage, but make sure you get him.’

His office is very dark.

Zaf is reading the newspaper, while the men get all tooled up and Lovely Hair watches, and they do something to the CCTV and then creep up with guns, and eek! Ruth and DH are eating Chinese food. Two Pints of Lager is on the TV (why choose one of the shitest programmes EVER to show at this point?)

Lovely Hair gets interesting as she smashes some car windows to alert the spooks! Yay! Then Zaf tells Ruth and DH to get DOWN (which they don’t do bloody quick enough, if you ask me) and the men burst in, and the lights are off and there is shooting and blueness, and light from the gunshots, and the shots are the only noise you can hear, and it looks fucking fantastic.

Then we zip outside and we see Lovely Hair looking in at the flashing of the gun shots. Woo.

One of the spooks people gets shot in the arm.

Lovely Hair walks away in slow-mo, and looks back at the house.

Inside, the shoot out is still going on, and Ruth and DH finally get behind a sofa. Zaf manages to get one of the bad guys (I have no idea what to call them, as you may have guessed). The bad guys run away. Dude. Zaf’s skillz were too much for them.

Adam comes to check the cars and Lovely Hair is waiting around the corner. I can’t pick up the first line he says at all.

‘It’s Friday night.’
‘I don’t want to encourage this sort of behaviour. [pause] You probably save their lives.’
‘Guess Hicks has to give me a job now.’
‘Come on, let’s get you home.’
‘There’s more?’
She nods.
‘There’s more. I dropped my phone in their car.’

Damn, that was clever. Aright, she can stay.

The men are phoning in that Hicks isn’t dead.

Malcolm shows that they’ve tracked the car using the signal from Lovely Hair’s phone. There is a complicated bit f explanation about comparing phones signals and they managed to find a match with one at McTaggart’s phone around the time of his death…

There is a focus on Harry, and is that a piercing hole in his ear? I think it is. Ahaha.

Anyway, the number called, oh dear, oh dear, it’s a number inside Thames House. Malcolm rings it on speed dial.

‘As you all know, without the recipient’s call sign there’s no way of determining who was actually calling.’

LH goes back to her house and plays her answer phone. Aaaaaahh of course, she rang her house and so *she’s* got the call sign on her answer phone. Woo.

Next day she looks very smug as she plays the tape for Adam. Alright, I guess she has a right to.

‘You always been like this?’
‘So, do I have to keep calling you Roger Thornhill, or are you going to tell me your real name?’
‘It’s Nick. Nick Harding.’
‘And you don’t work for a security company, do you?’
‘Not exactly, no.’
‘This is where you say goodbye and I never get to see you again.’
‘I’m afraid so.’
‘You were great’ says Adam, somehow not adding ‘and so was I’, despite the smug expression. ‘Just try not to share what happened with too many people.’
‘M lips are sealed.’

Adam goes to see Harry.

‘Here’s the transcript from Joanna’s Portman’s answer phone. We’ve got the call sign.’

Harry raises his eyebrows and doesn’t say anything. He puts the call through and That Bloke picks up. Harry recognises the voice. He says the name, but it sounded like ‘it’s Audrey’ which is fairly unlikely. Will check at the end.

‘Is he working alone, or is he just taking orders?’
‘There’s only one way to find out.’

That Bloke is walking down the street, going home. Harry’s there playing the tape.

‘You people at 5 really have this obsession with showing off how good you are at sneaking into other people’s houses.’
‘Did you try to get him to change his mind?’
‘You know as well as I do that no-one could talk Clive McTaggart out of anything.’
‘But you tried?’
‘Come on, Harry. He had no incentive to be reasonable, he was dying. The cancer had spread to his liver.’
‘You didn’t even try, did you? Where would it stop? Clive, Hicks, my people, my team, my girlfriend. Good God, Roy, what did Clive have on you that made you completely lose your mind?’
‘I’m flattered Harry, really. You think this is just about saving my own arse. That’s always been your problem, Harry, hasn’t it? You’ve never been a team player. That’s why you could never be part of the club.’
‘I don’t want to be part of any team that sanctions killing of its own.’
‘Our job, Harry, yours and mine, is to neutralise anything or anyone that can undermine our country’s security. McTaggart was a clear and present danger. He was in virtual exile but he still knew the most intimate details of almost everything that was going on. His revelations would have been devastating. They would have weakened us at a time when we need to be strong. He had to be stooped. You can still make things right. All it takes is one phone call. ’
‘You want me to give you Hicks?'
‘He’s got to go, Harry. I can do it with you or without you.’

Harry walks out.

‘I want Hicks, Harry. Make it happen.’

Harry and Adam on the grid. Am revising my opinion of Adam’s hotness this episode.

‘You’re not part of the club, he actually said that?’
‘This complicates things a little; we don’t know who they are or how many they are.’
‘Harry, this is getting out of hand. You need to tell the JIC.’

a) Oh, Ruth’s there too. Adam, sod off and leave them alone and b) did anyone else go ‘Yay! Percy!’ or was that just me?

‘That would be like opening a can of worms. It would lad straight to the front pages. We don’t need that. Besides, one of them could be on the committee.
‘What about Juliet? If her cage was rattled, that’d do the trick.’
‘If only we had the book.’

Gary in Harry’s office with Harry and Malcolm, having to choose between some books.

‘That one, I think.’
‘Well think carefully. Your life may depend upon it.’
‘That one.’
‘Have you got the handwriting?’
‘His suicide note.’
‘Is it enough?’
‘Do it.’

Malcolm then does some flashy thing involving tracing McTaggart’s handwriting with a computer pen thing so they can ‘write’ the diary.

‘I’d have preferred to have given Malcolm more time. We don’t even know what the original looks like.’
‘We risk another close call like the other night.’
‘We’re putting a life on the line based on nothing more than a guess.’
‘I’m going to be late.’

Harry goes outside for a Thames meeting with Juliet. He gives her the faked manuscript.

‘You were in on it. You had Clive killed, because of this.’
‘Are you wired?’
‘No. it’s just you and me.’
‘Roy found out about the book. He came to see me about it. We had to do something. I old him to take care of it, I didn’t know he’d go that far.’
‘But you and your little cabal were happy to see him get away with it.’
‘We have a job to do, Harry. Sometimes it’s not a particularly pleasant one, but it has to be done. Clive was brilliant at what he did, but his job, his duty to you, to me, to the whole country, was to take his secrets and any misgivings he had to the grave. Instead he chose to stab us in the back.’
‘We’re better than that.’
‘You know what’s going on out there; we’re living in dangerous times.’
‘We’re better than that.’
‘We should be. But sometimes we have no choice. I didn’t want him killed, but I have no tolerance for weaklings who decide to cleanse their souls before they meet their maker with little regard for the mess they’re going to leave behind them. What are you going to do with that?’
‘I’ll hang onto it. You, take care of Roy. You’ll find some dark rock for him to crawl under, and you’ll make sure his path never crosses mine again.’
‘Oh, come on Harry –‘
‘This is non-negotiable.’
‘You’ll make sure nothing like this ever happens again on your watch and you’ll leave Hicks alone.’
‘Since when did you care about a maggot like that?’


‘You call off the dogs. This ends here, now, all of it. Unless you want to see this hit the presses.’
‘You wouldn’t.’
‘Try me.’

Then he walks away. Does that mean the episode is ending because man, I need some sleep.

Back on the grid, DH is looking out through Harry’s office blinds. Haha.

‘You can’t write this.’
‘I can’t not write it.’
‘You can’t write it *now*.if you do, I won’t be in a position to help you again, and mark my words, you will need help.’

Ruth is there but she just looks away.

‘I thought McTaggart was your friend.’
‘We’re talking about losing a battle, not a war. This isn’t over. And when the time comes, it just might be handy to have you around.’

He looks at Harry and just nods.

Adam, Zaf and Fiona are still looking at the CVs. Adam just gets up and walks out.

He goes and sees LH and tells her the job’s hers if she wants it.

‘It’s not like a lifetime commitment.’
‘No, you do it for as long as you want to, but you’ve got to want to.’
‘This is insane.’
‘Can you think of a funkier way to make a living?’

Then oh thank fuck it’s the last scene!!!!! Someone comes and puts post through Harry’s door (probably a postman, I know, but it’s late). It's a copy of the notebook.

‘I’m going to have to burden you one last time with this. I only ask that you do with it as you see fit.’


* IN Waking the Dead, which is the other show I recap, which is also very good, and which two weeks in a row I have been unable to record due to people in my family NOT FUCKING PAYING ATTENTION. Bitter, moi?
** Big BOOM action film with Jason Statham, if you haven’t seen it. Fabulous brainless fun. There’s a sequel coming out this year.
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