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WTD Recap Monday 3rd October

Well, hey. Sadly my sister failed to record WTD on Sunday for me, so there is currently no recap for that episode. DAMN IT. And then my dad changed the channel on Sky in my room, so I didn't get last night's recorded either. Great.

So, the recap from Sunday that starts us off:

A guy walks down a path, and there’s screaming. Then we see a guy trying to shake the bars of his cage (and OMG ew, btw). The woman from Life Isn’t All Ha Ha, Hee Hee is the widow of that guy.

‘What am I supposed to tell my kids? You find the person who did this. You make them pay.’
‘I’ll find them.’

Then there’s another guy (in the episode, you hear Elliebitch go ‘oh, no. Not another on’ which made me giggle) who was killed with blows to the head. The girl from Marian, Again, identified him, which was the creepiest thing ever.

Oh, and the camera kept focusing on a grey…Volvo? (I’m no good with cars).

‘This is really bad timing.’
‘This is a murder enquiry, Dr Henderson. The timing is always bad.’

Dr Henderson is starting to seem a very bad egg. He is this week’s ‘oh, it’s him that I recognise but can’t place.’

Henderson gives his alibi,

‘I was at my squash club. Same partner, same court, same day for the last fifteen years.’

And then, men showering! Sadly, they’re not fit. Can’t we have a scene like this in Lost, please? Sorry, WTD, plot, what? Oh, right, it turns out he wasn’t there that day.

And then Henderson is in a shed talking to his wife, telling her he’s in Austria.

‘And this third life’s got a stage somewhere. What he des there, and why he does it, I’ve no idea.’


Back on the allotment with the shed, and Henderson wakes up from a sleep hearing the guy from yesterday calling to be let out. He calls his wife and lies to her about a speech he has to make. He has the next model up from my mobile. I prefer mine.

Elliebitch is in the lab looking at the body. Ew. She’s doing I’m-not-sure-what, and then Boyd comes in.

‘You’ve been here all night, haven’t you?’
‘I’m fine.’

Oh, she’s trying to figure out what the other bloke got thwacked on the head with, and she’s not having much luck.

Boyd tells her to get herself some caffeine. Or, you know, sleep?

Then Spence appears and says they should bring Henderson in, but Boyd says they can’t because he’s in Austria and they want him to think they’ve moved on. Stella’s been doing some research on Henderson but he’s got no record, and there’s nothing on t’internet. Just in case we were worried that something was wrong Boyd gets shouty (though not big SCARY SHOUTING OF DOOM).

‘He’s got a car, kids, a house, he exists!’
‘I know, I just couldn’t find any of it.’

‘Henderson just set himself up as the chief medic in the ruins of the hospital, now what does that tell us?’

[Well, I’m no expert, but I’d say I) he’s madder than a box of spanners, and II) I forgot to mention the guy who was still living on the site of the old mental hospital, who identified Henderson]

‘He told us he knew about the cement works for one.’
‘He told us he’s a raging maniacal do-gooder for two.’

Hm, I’m not sure whether that’s what is said (and while I love that the scripts sound like proper conversation – at least, we all talk over each other in my house – it makes it bloody difficult to recap)

‘He could just be a very compassionate man who cared about the poor buggers.’
‘Oh, this is the kind version, she’s been very kind now.’

Hahaha. Stella, somehow, keeps her cool.

‘The fact remains, Henderson was not doing anything criminal.’
‘Exactly. Henderson does not have a motive to kill either Sharman or Tate.’
‘Russell Tate knew about his deal with Tina, Tina from the garage.’
‘But Henderson withdrew form the deal.’
‘And the only link between Henderson and Sharman is that they lived near Guildford.’

Oh no it isn’t.

Then Henderson’s squash partner (not squashed partner – that would be quite funny in a very immature sort of way) comes in, and I vaguely recognise him.

‘We keep a record.’
‘Who won?’
‘Who normally wins?’

Smug bastard.

‘Well, I’d go further, I’d say he’s without ego. He’s not only a brilliant scientist, he’s a saint. It’s insane you think he’ got anything to do with Michael Sharman an this other bloke.’
‘Russell Tate. The other bloke’s name is Russell. Tate.’
‘Are we finished?’
‘Why are you so angry?’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Are you angry with us or with your friend Nick for making you lie under caution? Any time you want to amend your statement, you just let us know.’

Elliebitch comes in and shows Spence some of the CCTV footage of Sharman at the petrol station, which presumably was just before he disappeared? I really am pissed off about her forgetting this, you know, it’s really confusing, having to rely just on my memory.

Anyway, she notices a reflection in a car window, and cleans up the image. It shows two people talking to one another. One of them looks kind of like Henderson.

Boyd and Stella (who once again has lovely hair and a funky coat) go to where Henderson is supposed to work, but dun dun DUHN – doesn’t. A chick with a French accent (my God! They’re multiplying!) Tells them he’s not on the IHA *global* directory.

Stella talks to her in French and Boyd fails to get a word in edgeways. Some guy called Professor Rosenthal (he may have been mentioned in the one before, I can’t remember) is in.

‘Professor Rosenthal is a very busy man.’
‘Yes, something we have in common.’

They both rush past her.

Professor Rosenthal claims to have no knowledge of Henderson, and Boyd asks him about the photograph, which we must have seen yesterday. I really do never trust her with recording stuff for me ever again.

Rosenthal says his wife talked him into writing a thriller, and then he had to do book signings etc, which just sounds *weird* to me.

‘Well, you win a Nobel Prize, you can expect to pick up a few fans.’

Can you now?

Stella shows him the picture of Henderson, and he doesn’t know him. However the other Boleyn French girl says she knows him – they have a library on the ground floor and he used to go there every day for years.

As they leave, Stella asks the question that is really bugging me.

‘How has he supported himself all this time?’
‘Twelve years, I don’t know. And Russell Tate found out something he shouldn’t have.’
‘H didn’t know who he was dealing with.’
‘Neither did Tina. I don’t think the Nick Henderson she fell in love with never existed.’

Smug bastard gets pulled back in and at first denies that Nick could have been lying, which is fair enough, but he’s still a smug bastard.

Boyd rings 118

‘Which address, please?’
‘IHA International Directory, Cambridgeshire.’
‘Which town?’
‘Would you like me to connect you?’

Poor Boyd. He has a grumpy old man look on his face when faced with the 118 services.


Ha, that wiped the smirk off his face.

Tate was killed using a lemon squeezer. I imagine they’re talking about the Philip Starcke job, in which case, EW.

‘…Which could be very tasty in a fight.’

It worries me that someone has thought up this stuff.

Oh no, it’s not the Philip Starcke one; it’s the normal shape but stainless steel. Philips Starcke one would be easier to use, I think.

The team go off to visit Julia and try and find the lemon squeezer, I presume, which is worrying, as it’ll have been reused a fair few times.

Haha, Elliebitch finds a lemon squeezer.

Poor Julia is very, very confused. She says she feels unwell and she’s going to lie down. I bet she phones Henderson.

Back in the interview room.

‘Do you expect me to believe you never once had a flicker of doubt about your friend’s work?’

‘We went to medical school together.’
‘But did you graduate together?’
‘Nick deferred a year. Halfway through finals, he lost both his parents.’
‘They ran a pub in Gravesend, lived in the flat above. There was a fir in the middle of the night. Nick did everything he could…’
‘Nick was there?’
‘He’d gone home to revise.’
‘Did you know his parents? I mean, what were they like?’

‘So you think that Nick pulled out of his finals and then retook them the following summer?’
‘Well, yes.’

Elliebitch is spraying stuff on the floor of Tina’s house.

‘It’s called Agent Blue.’
‘It’s not blue.’
‘It goes blue when it reacts with the peroxodides in blood.’

I have a feeling I just made that word up. If someone knows the correct term, let me know.


Elliebitch calls Boyd and lets him know.

‘If his wife was in the house, she would have known about this. It would have taken some clearing up.’

Spence goes up to talk to Tina. Oh dear, I hope she’s not done anything stupid.

Oh, look, she has, she’s on the phone to Henderson. And he’s lying to her, some rubbish about fatal cases of SARS. Why didn’t they twig she was going to call him? I did.

This is turning into a very long recap. Odd. Unless there’s something up with the timer, we’re not even halfway through.

Oh, Smug Bastard admits he didn’t see Nick. And now someone called Julia is being mentioned. Is that his wife? Anyway, she knew Sharman.

Elliebitch is getting a tile off the floor. Tina is not happy about this, and says she’s going to her sister’s. Spence says he’ll tag along.

All through this episode, there are very brief flashbacks to Sharman trying to get out of the cage. EEEK.

Tina gets into a taxi and Spence follows in his car.

Henderson’s alibi is gone, and Boyd, Grace and Stella discuss wtf was going on.

‘He decides to go over and say hi, and in doing so, the poor bastard signs his own death warrant.’

‘You’re not going to forget to mention you saw someone’s husband the day before.’
‘Particularly when you’re meant to be in Cairo.’
‘So Henderson sees Sharman and panics.’
‘Why lock Sharman up? Why not just kill him?’
‘Well maybe he didn’t have the stomach or the heart for it.’
‘He had the guts to smash Russell Tate’s skull in.’
‘No, it’s different; Russell Tate was actively seeking to destroy him. All Michael Sharman did was say hi.’

Spence watches Julia go into her sister’s house, and he goes straight round the back, where Julia is running out to meet Henderson.

Spence runs after them and jumps over a wall, which is woo, but sadly doesn’t get them anywhere.

‘Henderson didn’t have any personal animosity towards Sharman, so it was harder to kill him. He did more than keep him alive. He was actually risking his own life taking him food and drink.’
‘So what then, he said here’s 50 paracetamol, go kill yourself?’

‘Henderson was keeping Sharman alive for a reason. He didn’t want a ransom, so why did he do it?’

Boyd’s phone rings, it’s Spence telling him about Julia and Henderson. He tells Spence to get back and disconnects.


Julia and Henderson go to the seaside and he’s still talking bollocks. I can zip through this bit, because he’s BORING.

Julia says she wants to go with Henderson to his office to meet Rosenthal, and a spider is trying to build a web against my laptop. No can do, mate, it’s moving soon.

‘You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?’
‘I want to know what’s going on.’
‘Well I’ve just told you.’

Grace is trying to explain Henderson’s reasoning to Boyd (rather he than me), and Stella comes in with his credit card details. He booked three one-way tickets to Australia.

‘Where will he take her?’
‘Well, I don’t know. He’s been hiding the truth from her for years, so now he’s got to hide her from the truth.’
‘But he isn’t going to kill her, is he?’
‘Yeah. But he’ll think of it as sparing her.’
Nick’s driving them round in circles (and apparently the meeting time has changed from 1 to 4) Ooh, I don’t fancy your chances much, love. He drives through a wood and pulls over to check a map, but instead looks for some big heavy weapon. He lifts it, but then puts it down.

‘Professor Rosenthal’s not expecting us, is he?’

Back in the lab,

‘I hear you lost Julia.’
‘We have this ‘I told you so’ thing in this unit. So, anything here to tell us where they might be?’

He looks through the cheque stubs and there are loads of nicely written one s with details, and a load of blank ones, and they start cross-referencing them with the bank statements.

Back in the woods.

‘Have you lost your job or something?’

As the saying goes, can’t lose something you never had…

‘No, course not.’
‘Then what is it?’
‘It would be irresponsible of me to tell you in your condition.’

She starts to walk away and he loses it a bit. God, he’s annoying.

‘But you’ve got to tell me the truth.’


‘I’m on compassionate leave. I have been for six months, it as just after we found out you…’
‘Burden with what?’
‘I’ve got cancer. Cancer of the stomach. I know, I know I should have told you.’

O M G W T F?

Luckily her head is a bit more screwed on, and she says she doesn’t believe him and then walks away, which is sadly not a very clever thing to do as he hits her on the head.

And then he asks her if he’s okay.
So he gets her in the car and is driving along, and she wakes up.

‘Ah, my head.’
‘You took a bit of a tumble, but you’ll be alright.’

Back at the office.

‘The fire that killed Henderson’s parents was treated as suspicious.’
‘Who did they go after?’
‘Some bloke with a GBH conviction.’
‘What about Henderson junior?’
‘He wasn’t a suspect.’
‘He was at home though, wasn’t he?’

And then Boyd and Stella say in tandem,

‘Yes, he was revising for his finals.’

Which is very cute, in the kind of way that WTD is cute, iykwim.

‘And he completed his first exam the day before the fire.’
‘I’d quite like to see that exam paper, see how he got on.’
‘What are you saying, the pressure of finals made him kill his parents?’
‘It has been known.’

For my degree, we got our marks as we went along, so I didn’t have finals. YAY.

Spence walks in looking smug.

‘Ah, you’ve got the cream.’

They now know Henderson has been renting an allotment in Hounslow for the last 5 years, and we see him dragging his wife there, telling her that they’re going to meet Rosenthal.

‘It’s a safe house. Well, safe shed.’

He tells her he hasn’t been there before. Oooooh he turns the gas on but then can’t find any matches. And then he’s all losing it, and she tries to get out, and really, does anyone else just want to smack him one with a crowbar to shut him up?

Boyd and Spence are walking down through the allotments.

‘Why didn’t you let me take that job?’
‘I needed to know more.’
‘But why?’
‘Because it was on the other side of the world.’
‘But we’d be safe now.’

They’re getting closer…

‘I can smell gas.’
‘It always smells like this.’
‘I thought you’d never been here before.’

So Boyd and Spence are there, and they knock on the door and get him out, and arrest him for murder.

Interview room, and he says he’s a senior researcher for a German company.

‘Until recently you worked at the International Health Authority under Professor Rosenthal.’
‘Fr how long?’
‘Twelve years.’
‘How do you explain the fact there’s no record of you ever having worked there?’
‘It’s called airbrushing history. The Russians were rather good at it.’
‘Sure you’re not the one doing the airbrushing, Doctor Henderson?’
‘You’re not a doctor in any shape or form and you never have been.’
‘In 1986 you pulled out of your finals, telling them you were going to retake them the following year. You never did.’
‘I’m sorry, this is ridiculous.’
‘Your heavily pregnant wife has suffered a head injury, were you responsible for that?’
‘No, she slipped and fell.’
‘Right, I’m going to show you some pictures of Michael Sharman and Russell Tate.’
‘I’m sorry, I can’t help you.’

Then they have a bit of a stare contest, and then Elliebitch comes over the ear thing saying she needs to talk to Boyd.

I must find my tape with the anger management episodes on it…

Ooh bugger. The stuff Elliebitch sprayed onto the floor that seemed to indicate blood is actually horseradish (mm, wasabi) because that also has a peroxide content (?)

‘So Russell Tate’s blood is not splashed all over Henderson’s kitchen?’
‘Well, if it was there, we’ll never know, it’s been cross contaminated, I mean it’s worthless as a sample. Henderson’s either very lucky, or very smart.’
‘He’s probably both.’

Boyd is, unsurprisingly, pissed off.

So, back in the interview room, we learn that the doctor friend (the smug one) gave Henderson 16k to invest, and there’s no record of this other than a deposit into his current account. Boyd tells him Lynch is outside and wants to speak to him.

‘I don’t want to talk to him.’
‘Why is that? Is it because he’s a real person, a real doctor and he’s looked up to you for years, because he thought you ruled the IHA when all you were really doing was pissing away time in their library?’
‘Shut up!’
‘Ah, a real moment, eh? [Henderson snorts] Still, it beats hiding away in an allotment shed, doesn’t it Doctor?’
‘I’m sorry, how long do I have to sit here and listen to this?’
‘You’ll sit here as long as I want you to sit here.’

Outside the interview room, Boyd is talking to Grace.

‘He might be one of the all time liars and dissemblers, but all he’s got to do is sit there, and he walks.’
‘His wife’s our only hope, really, isn’t she? Perhaps if we can convince her, she can convince him.’
‘You think it’s going to be that easy?’
‘Well what the hell else are we going to do?’
‘Okay, so, if she’s in denial, which I have no doubt whatsoever she is, she’s only going to want to hear the truth from him, not us.’
‘So if she wants to see him, we agree.’

Stella comes in and says that Julia is on her way in and a Dr Wallis has returned Grace’s call.

‘We’re going to have to prime her.’
‘How are we going to do that?’
‘Well, we’re going to have to bend the rules just a little.’
‘You mean you’re going to lie, Grace?’

And then he tuts at her, and he’s smiling ^_^
‘We’ve got to win her trust.’

Boyd and Stella interview Julia. She insists he works at IHA and she’s been to his office.

Grace interviews Henderson. His first exam paper was blank, and the professor who called Grace earlier said he expected Henderson was going to have a breakdown the whole time he was there due to parental pressure.

‘So you burnt down your parents home, rather than disappoint them.’

Boyd is pressuring Julia, and woo shouty argument. I’ve stopped quoting so much because when they start talking over one another, it gets really bloody difficult.

‘Michael Sharman was in a cage for five weeks, the flesh ripped off his hands, alright, how do you think that felt?’
‘My husband had nothing to do with it, and it is laughable –‘
‘Laughable? Laughable?’
‘ –That you’re suggesting that he did.’
‘You are deluding yourself, Julia.’

‘Killing your parents didn’t get you off the hook? There was still Julia, Jonathon Lynch and your peers to worry about. You were in no fit state to retake your exams. You couldn’t tell them the truth, even if you wanted to. I can see how much this is costing you. I can see how tired you are with the lies.’
‘I know…I know you mean well.’

He has a very expressive face, this guy.

‘Russell Tate – it was a heat of the moment thing. Michael Sharman just in the wrong place at the wrong time.’

He takes off his glasses and rubs his face.

‘You know, even though I love my line of work, if I had my time again, I’d like to specialise in weather systems.’
‘Weather systems?’
‘People used to think they could predict the weather. All you needed to have was a fast enough computer, and to have the equations absolutely right.’
‘Don’t do this, Nick.’
‘But with true chaos weather, equations means nothing. No system, no matter how many variables you assign, stretches the tiniest error, amplifies the most infinitesimal mistake, and so you’re left with nothing.’
‘Is that where you are? Nowhere?’
‘We’ve all had days like that, haven’t we? You make one small mistake, and because of that you make a bigger one. You leave your wallet by the bed, you get up to get it, trip on the rug and break your leg. Next thing you know, you’re in hospital with a fatal infection. Just because you forgot your wallet.’
‘You talking about yourself?’
‘No. I’m talking about weather systems.’

Somehow, she manages not to smack him on the head with a big stick.

IN the other interview room, Stella gives Julia a glass of water, which Boyd then throws over the table when he comes in. Stella flicks some water off her hand, looking beyond unimpressed.

‘This is the torch your husband used to incapacitate Michael Sharman, have you seen it before?’
‘No. It looks like a hundred other torches.’
‘I didn’t ask you what it looked like, I asked you if you’d seen it before. It’s a very simple question, just demands a very simple answer. Have you seen it before? The answer is yes or no.’
‘I don’t believe you. This is Nick’s torch, isn’t it, it was in the glove compartment and one day, it went missing. LOOK AT IT!’
‘I don’t know.’
‘I’m trying to help you, Julia. How’s your head?’
‘What happened, Julia?’
‘I fell
‘That’ not what the hospital think happened. TELL ME, HOW DID YOU HURT YOUR HEAD?!’
‘I’d like to see my husband now.’
‘How did you hurt your head?’
‘I’d like to see my husband now, please.’

There’s a pause and then he says okay.

‘Next time, you give her water when I tell you to give her water.’

Outside the interview room, Boyd, Grace, Spence and Stella are talking. Julia is insisting Henderson never met Sharman.

‘How can she defend him after what he’s done to her?’
‘She got a glimpse of the truth, it scared the pants off her.’
They talk about Russell Tate, and then Elliebitch comes in with a letter from Henderson’s computer – a job offer to himself.

‘Ok, get Mari Sharman into the interview rooms, get Henderson into the cells, and get Julia in here.’
‘ON what pretext?’
‘No pretext.’

Boyd talks to Mari Sharman with Julia watching. He tells her he doesn’t think they’ll be able to charge Henderson due to lack of evidence.

‘Do you think he is guilty?’
‘I’m going to ask you a question, Mari, and I want you to think very carefully before answering.’
‘But do you think he’s guilty?’
‘Did your husband, Michael, did he ever mention meeting this man, Nick Henderson?’
‘If I said yes, would it help you?’
‘I can’t answer that question.’
‘Why can’t you be honest with me? You promised me you’d find the man, who did this to my husband, and you have, and you know you have. What am I supposed to tell my children for the rest of their lives?’
‘Did Michael ever mention meeting Nick Henderson?’
‘No. He never mentioned it.’

Julia agrees to talk again.

‘Nick had met Michael Sharman. I introduced them.’
‘When was this?’
‘It was a couple of months before Michael went missing. We bumped into him in this car park behind Guildford High Street.’
‘And the torch?’
‘Adam gave it to him as a birthday present. He asked if he could borrow it, and Nick said he’d lost it. Adam was so upset. He’s seven. Michael died because of me, didn’t, he, because Nick thought he’d tell him that saw me?’
‘We believe so, yes.’

Funnily enough, she’s a bit upset at this.

Boyd tells her that they need Nick to confess.

‘We believe that if he knows you know, he’ll give up, and we need that to happen.’
‘You were going to make a trip to Australia. What happened?’

Then Boyd comes into the other interview room, followed by Julia. Henderson looks confused.

Boyd shows them the pictures of Michael Sharman and Julia sounds like she’s going to be sick.

‘Hands worn to the bone where he tried to claw his way out of the place that you put him in, Mr Henderson. Right now, everybody thinks that you’re an evil, sadistic killer. Even your wife thinks that.’
‘Well I’m not. I’m not.’
‘But you were so inadequate that these feelings of inadequacy drove oyu to kill Michael Sharman because he was successful, you wanted him dead, that’s what everybody thinks. That’s what I thought. Until…until I read this. You know what it is. Read it.’

He reads the letter, which he wrote to himself about the job, giving him two weeks to get to Australia.

‘There’s no such place, is there?’

‘And I thought, why is there this urgency about this job offer, just a fortnight away, why is this? Then I realised, that you had a plan, didn’t you? You actually had a [plan to save Michael Sharman, to tell the police where he was, after you’d disappeared to Australia with your family. You eve bought plane tickets. It’s a crazy plan, but it had certain nobility about it. You were prepared to risk everything to save him. Cause it was hell for you, wasn’t it? Going to bed every night, knowing he was down there in the dark, dying slowly.’

Flashback to Sharman in the cage.

‘You get to kiss your boy goodnight; his little boy was lying in bed, all alone, wondering what happened to his father. It must have been hell for you. You’re not a monster, are you?’

Henderson kind of sobs out the word ‘no’.

‘And the day you were forced to cancel the flights because Julia wouldn’t go to Australia, that must have been a bad, bad time. Bad as the time you had to drop the bottle of paracetamol tablets through the grille so Sharman could kill himself. That must have been the worst, the absolute worst moment of your life.’

‘I didn’t want to hurt him.’
‘No, I know you didn’t, you just wanted to put him down there, you were deferring, putting off a decision, waiting while you could work out a solution that would please everybody, including your wife.’

Julia and Henderson are both crying, btw, but I can’t think of a way to illustrate that in the speech bits…

‘You wanted to save him, didn’t you? You would have done, wouldn’t you, if I’d agreed to pack up and leave. Nick, tell me, please.’
‘No, it wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t your fault. I’m so sorry.’
‘Are you confessing to the murder of Michael Sharman?’
‘And to Russell Tate?’

Boyd turns round and looks at Spence (ah, I hadn’t noticed him b the door, I was wondering why only Boyd was there)

‘I just wanted things to stay the same. I just wanted you to love me. I love you.’

And then she gets up and walks out. Boyd stands up and gathers up the photos and looks at Henderson (ho is now just sobbing) but doesn’t say anything.

IN the lab, Stella and Elliebitch go through Henderson’s stuff.

‘That’s everything from Henderson’s cottage, so what am I looking for?’
‘Anything that might explain Nick Henderson.’

They find some old home movies and get them transferred (?). As the others are watching them, Boyd comes in, and Spence takes all the photos down off the glass wall thing.

Oh, thank GOD it’s finally finished. This has taken me HOURS. And I haven’t even started on Spooks 405 yet AND there’s another two parter starting tonight. *is dead*
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