Killjoys and New Blood

TV has been good to me this week :D. Just hope I can write some decent fic from all this.

So Killjoys came back and it was AMAZING and did basically everything I wanted.

Spoilers below

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In other news, there's a show called New Blood which is on BBC One and iplayer which EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH. It's a crime procedural with an odd couple and it's ridiculously charming.

The premise is as follows:

He (Stefan) is a Polish guy working undercover for the Serious Fraud Office! Other he (Rash) is an Iranian guy who’s a trainee detective in the Met! They fight crime!

There are spoilers below, including one for a really tense scene, so I don't recommend reading on if you haven't seen the first story yet.

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Reposted from FB. 

So. There’s a little black cloud following me round today.

 Today is the 20th anniversary of my mum’s death. I don’t talk about it online every year, but twenty years is a really, really long time (yesterday I found a comment from 2005 where I said nine years felt like a long time!) and I felt like I needed to mention it. It’s been on my mind all week.

I miss her a lot, and it has been such a long time that these days I am mostly just sad that she didn’t get to see how Bex and I grew up, she didn’t get to see what we’ve done with our lives, she didn’t get to see her grandchildren. I know she would be proud of us, though.

It’s an odd anniversary to have at our ages, it’s not the kind of thing that people expect, and it’s difficult to know what to say about it (especially to people who don’t know, which will include some people reading this, because there is no subtle way to tell people that your mum died when you were 14 and your sister was 10). It’s a heavy thing to bring into a conversation, even if you’re mostly okay because it has been years and years and years.

It’s also difficult because it changed everything, it wasn’t expected and if she hadn’t died when she did, our lives would look entirely different today. So different I can’t even guess where we would be.

I’m not going to go, but I just wanted to say that her death was devastating, but one thing it taught me was not to take people for granted. Make sure that the people you care about know that you care, and be kind. The world is a miserable enough place as it is, and you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so sometimes all you can do is try to improve the lives of the people around you.

Love to you all xx

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Emmerdale, Killjoys

Emmerdale thoughts from yesterday:


God, Emma is the WOOOOOOORST. I was quite amused by Bailey dropping Emma in it, but he's still fucking awful. And so is Emma.

God I hope James leaves her properly.

However!  Lawrence and Ronnie flirting over a digger being in gear was great. I don't want Bernice to be sad but it is so cute. 

Also, Chas' bed is amazing. 

And today:

Fucking Emma. Literally why does anyone in Emma's family ever, ever trust her with anything? Oh boo hoo, Emma, just fuck off. 

Oh, poor Chas :( (don't go to Emma for help! She's the WOOOOOORST!)

Oh, Bernice :( :( :( 

Oh, Lawrence, DUDE. Duuuuuuuuuuuude. 


How are Joanie and Zac going away on holiday when they have zero money and this has recently been a plot point? Why/how can they just dump Kyle on Cain when he has basically no relationship with the kid??? What is wrong with the people in this soap??

I have literally no clue why James even likes Emma, let alone reckons he loves her. 

"I'll do anything for my family." REALLY, EMMA?

Jesus, and I thought I couldn't hate anyone as much as I hate Dr Bailey.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?? Why is she staying, OH GOD? What is wrong with James? 

Fucking hellllllllll, Emma.

OH FUCK OFF, LAWRENCE. Bloody hell, I am trying to be sympathetic, stop being a shit to Bernice.

In other TV news, Killjoys is back on the 1st of July, OH MY GOD. I can't wait (although I am not on board for at least one of the developments). I have yet to find any mention of Fancy even though the end of s1 clearly suggested he would be involved, and now I am quite worried he will just not be back and then I will be very, very sad. Pleeeeease don't let him be killed offscreen. I did read something today that said there is a bit of a time jump in the new series, so maybe he's just off back out in the world or something. 

Oh bugger it, just found out I've missed New Blood, I'll have to get it on iplayer. 
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Emmerdale again

I'm having some terrible trouble with internet updatey things this week. 

Anyway! Emmerdale happened. Rhona can fuck right off (and has terrible taste in rebound relationships), Dr Bailey has suddenly jumped to the top of my list to become THE WORST THE WORST THE WOOOOOOORST, Lachlan is still a shit and a creep, Emma is still awful, Charity is amazingly awful, the set up in David's shop makes no sense and Dr Bailey is awful

And finally: DR BAILEY IS THE WORST. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn.  This entry was originally posted at


Quick update: enjoying Mum, a sitcom about bereavement with a sweet core. It's not hilarious funny but I love the characters. 

Finally finished Scott and Bailey (loved it) and Line of Duty, which is possibly the best thing I've watched so far this year. I have still not finished Happy Valley, or started Penny Dreadful (Shazad Latif is in it this series, so I am VERY excited). 

Emmerdale update, as I've just got up to date:


Still really annoyed by Jimmy's failure to take Ashley's condition seriously, and it makes NO SENSE.

I was seriously rooting for Cain and then he started being a dick again. HOWEVER I do not have any sympathy for Holly given that she was essentially emotionally blackmailing her mum by going 'I know I did the horrible wrong thing, but now I've bought some drugs and if you don't call back I'll take them.'

I'm confused by Aaron and Robert apparently being on speaking terms (or back together). Did I miss a day somewhere? 

Not massively impressed with the writing over the last week, tbh. There's a lot of plots coming out of nowhere. 

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