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The Bridge series 1/The Killing series 2 (spoilers) - I'm only going to say this once
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2012-06-24 14:47
Subject: The Bridge series 1/The Killing series 2 (spoilers)
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I loved this show so very much. Absolutely adored Saga Noren, and Martin Rohde slightly less but probably not so you’d notice a difference, hahaha. Oh, and the way Sara’s colleagues reacted to her was brilliant (about Martin 'does he know she's...a bit odd?'). I liked the setting, the slightly odd first crime, the fact that the crimes were motivated by perceived failures in society (AMAZING), and I loved the character development that ran the whole way through the series.

I also liked that it had enough twists to keep me guessing but not so much white noise I was left completely floundering. I did manage to get a few key plot points before they came up.

The last two episodes are particularly brilliant, but really watching the whole thing is worth it.

Guardian TV blog recaps: www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/tvandradioblog/2012/apr/21/the-bridge-season-one-episode-one (massive spoilers, obviously)
Forbrydelsen II

This is a bit of a mishmash of thoughts, because a) it’s been a little while since I last watched and b) I was also watching Borgen at the same time (and tbh I love Borgen with all my heart) and all the Danish stuff is getting mixed up in my head. I would still like a giant crossover of Borgen and Forbrydelsen and possibly The Bridge.

NB: thank goodness for the Guardian’s series blogs, hahaha

i. Nicholas Bro (as Thomas Buch): LOVED. HIM. Favourite character. I firmly believe that you could do a crossover season of Borgen where he ends up PM completely by accident and is slightly confused about it all. 

ii. Sarah Lund needs a holiday SO MUCH. Or just needs to get out more. When Saga Noren’s got more of a social life than you, that’s a massive honking warning signal.

iii. Also, don’t leave your mother’s wedding! Rude.

iv. Oh, Strange. Cleary as you were attractive and nice it would all go horribly wrong, and OH LOOK AT THAT YOU’RE THE BAD GUY. Sigh.

v. I still miss Jan Meyer *sniff*.

vi. Quite pleased about the cut in number of episodes – it was much tighter overall and they didn’t wander down EVERY POSSIBLE AVENUE to get to the end (ok they wandered down a few, but if you think I’m exaggerating go back to s1)

vii. Brix! Brix is awesome.

viii. Special forces, fake identities, spies (sort of – the subtitles translated it as Special Branch but see this note):

The PET has been translated as the special branch. PET is the Danish equivalent to MI5, the security service, which better explains the hostility between them and the police.


ix. Some of the army stuff fell a bit flat – I can hardly remember it now whereas most of The Bridge (for example) is still pretty clear in my mind.  

Guardian tv blog: www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/series/the-killing-episode-by-episode (again, massive spoilers) This entry was originally posted at http://hestia8.dreamwidth.org/31927.html.
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