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I have 'On the Floor' by JLo stuck in my head :(

There are far too many films that I want to see atm, people:

Thor (probably going on Tuesday, I want to see Idris Elba on the big screen)
Source Code
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

I’m sure there’s another one I’ve forgotten.

I also watched to the end of series 1 of Fringe (I will try to make an update about it at some point, but yes, AMAZING), rewatched Doomsday with Bex & Brett (it’s still amazing, Eden Sinclair still rocks, I have to finish screen capping it for a picspam at some point), and watched Scenes of a Sexual Nature which was British, starred everyone ever (there was ONE person I didn’t recognise in the whole thing), and was ridiculously twee. It was basically all the clichés about London film-making (SUCH a London film, it actually got tiresome) in one handy package. Not worth it.

(I have a bet with myself about the person who wrote it, I think they directed it as well – I have to look them up later to check if I’m right)

Sometimes I think that long period where I didn’t have Flash on my work PC was the best thing ever, because it means that I got into listening to BBC Radio iPlayer instead of listening to episodes of It Takes Two (when Strictly is on). There is SO MUCH stuff on there, honestly, I just keep emailing links to people.

(current highlights:




Also over the weekend I watched Vera and Case Sensitive, and there is an entry coming about those. Everyone else in the world seems to have watched Exile, but I think I’ll catch up on that at the weekend when I’m over at the parents.

Oh, and we’re up to ep 10 of Engrenages, and everything’s kicking off just a bit. The last two episodes should be pretty damn good.

(at some point I watched The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, which was very good, and half of United, which was great as I was watching with my Dad who not only remembered the team and the players. but also the politics surrounding it all)
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