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Date: 2014-12-24 09:56
Subject: Fic posted!
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Tags:fic, luther, rivers of london
 I have some entires planned around this fic (when I work out which Google Drive I've got them saved in, ahem) but for now, holy crap I have posted a thing:

Regret, or 14000 words of Rivers of London/Luther crossover casefic

I have been working on this fic for about two years (including a huuuuuge rewrite) and am so fucking glad to be done with it. 

Also I've been putting off reading Foxglove Summer until I finished this so I can now go read that yay! This entry was originally posted at
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Date: 2014-10-21 21:02
Subject: TV rambling
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Tags:lewis, tv
I have watched a bunch of things recently. Currently I am watching the third episode of The Driver, a David Morrisey vehicle (PUN SO INTENDED) which is essentially what would happen if you set The Transporter in the real world and then gave the guy a family to stress about. I love it. OBVIOUSLY. I now fully intend to watch The Transporter this weekend, if not 2 and 3 as well. It also made me dig out my most self-indulgent wip and do some work on that (yes, I am still writing, and yes, I do intend to post things eventually).

(I am still avoiding the TV series on the presumption it will be utter rubbish, but if anyone knows different, do tell!)

I am also watching Our Girl, though I am currently three episodes behind. Enjoying it a lot - I think Lacey Turner is great in everything and it is nice to watch a military-based show with a female lead character. 

I have watched the first three episodes of Brooklyn 99, all of which were as great as series 1. SUCH a funny show. 

I watched episodes 1 - 3 of Gotham while we were away and really really enjoyed it - far more than I expected to as I was literally just watching for Sean Pertwee (who is lovely as ever). I actually really like Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon but have seen a bunch of reviews talking about him being boring, oh well. 

I have also picked up Emmerdale again recently and am loving/hating shouting at the screen as per usual. Declan is SUCH a bastard. The Dingles can mostly fuck off. I keep forgetting both Alicia and Leyla are in it again. 

Lesley and I watched the first two episodes of Grantchester but then gave up because a) we did not find the main guy sympathetic, b) it didn't really hang together and c) everyone was very much a stock character with one or two personality traits. And when both Lesley and I lose patience with a show that is a pretty bad sign. 

The latest series of Lewis started up two weeks ago, (I still don't like having it on Friday nights in chunks), and hm. Well. I had gone off the show a bit in the last series (it just didn't seem to be going anywhere new) but now apparently all my Hathaway feelings have come back. OH, HATHAWAY. DAMN YOU. Anyway, I really enjoyed this story (I hate calling them 'stories' when they split the episodes but I can't think of a better word) and am considering going back to rewatch the last series. Perhaps I judged it too harshly. 

I am sure there is more - I must have watched other TV - but can't think of anything right now. 
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Date: 2014-10-08 23:04
Subject: Restaurant recs
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Tags:food, holiday, rec
This is so niche - even more so than my London stuff - but I am currently on holiday in Eastbourne with kikishua and have been to some fab restaurants (have also cooked some nice food too but I cook nice stuff all the time). So in case you ever find yourself on the south coast of England, here are some restaurant recommendations:

The Cavendish Hotel, Eastbourne (

What I ate: seafood platter - amazing grilled salmon, smoked salmon, green lipped mussels, prawns, scallops in ham, salad, potato salad. I know this one was good because kikishua tried some stuff and liked it and she doesn't even like fish. 

Baltica, Lewes (

What I ate: Leek and Potato soup and Fasolka Po Bretonsku, a dish so good I wrote down the name so I could look up the recipe later on. Butter beans, bacon, Polish sausage, tomato. I plan to add this one to my stock dishes. 

As an excellent bonus, the cafe is attached to a pottery shop with some lovely lovely stuff. I got a lemon squeezer, a little plate and a decorative candle house thing (I will take a photo at some point). 

Chaula's, Brighton (

What I ate: Lunch menu (two curries, rice, chappati, snack << their words, it was a samosa, chutney)

This was lovely. We got to Brighton for around 2.15, which is firmly into 'oh my God I need to eat something' time, and this restaurant was just outside the car park. The waiter did attempt to ask me what I wanted but I was basically at the point of going FOOD. I WOULD LIKE FOOD. 

I ordered the small lunch menu and got a chicken curry, a lentil curry (which was yum), a samosa, some really nice chutney and a chappati. It was very good and stopped me from falling over with a massive headache for the rest of the afternoon, and was very reasonably priced (£7). 

The Belgian Cafe, Eastbourne (

What I ate: All you can eat mussels (NB they may not have been prepared for how many mussels I can eat). 

So The Belgian Cafe does mussels, as all good Belgian restaurants do, and they have an offer on Wednesdays where you can pay £13.95 to eat as many types of mussel dish as you want (same type of mussels, different sauces). I went this evening and I had the following: thai green curry, herbs, lemon, capers (unexpectedly gorgeous), lobster bisque, teriyaki, seafood pot, paella. Oh and it came with amazing fries and bread. 

Yes that is six sauces. They weren't full dishes - I'd say they were maybe around a quarter or a third of a normal dish - which is just as well, as even I would struggle to eat more than two. I had a fantastic time continually requesting more, and the rest of the menu looks pretty amazing as well. 

I was not actually expecting to have this many fantastic meals on this holiday (I usually save the foodie stuff for when I am in Europe) but it has been amazing so far. I am probably done with restaurants for this week but if I do go anywhere in the next few days I will update this post :D

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Date: 2014-10-05 21:00
Subject: Beta request
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Tags:beta request, fic
 Is anyone interested in betaing a approx 16k Rivers of London/Luther crossover? I want to get it posted before the next book is out (I already redid it after book 4 came out and then stopped writing for ages while flat stuff was going on). It should work if you're only familiar with one of the canons - I can explain the other. Should be ready at some point this week. TIA! 

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Date: 2014-09-24 14:52
Subject: PopCo by Scarlett Thomas
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Tags:books, review
It’s been a while since I’ve been properly disappointed in a book. I must have been lucky because I’ve had a run of books recently that I’ve really enjoyed (I have reviewed some of them here but I have some more to do).

The book is PopCo by Scarlett Thomas. It’s all about a girl called Alice Butler who grew up with her code breaking grandparents (after her mother died and her father disappeared) and who now works for a toy company designing new toys. It is a novel with two distinct threads – the coding, mathematics and patterns of the world Alice grew up in, and the team-building nonsense of a PopCo retreat which turns into something a bit more sinister (just a bit, though).

SpoilersCollapse )

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Date: 2014-09-02 19:46
Subject: The Blue Rose (TV recommendation)
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Tags:the blue rose, tv
Originally Crishna watched this show, I believe, because Antonia Prebble was in it, and as any fule kno, she was Trudy in The Tribe. She then passed it on to me as she thought it would be something I’d like.

Oh boy, was it something I liked.

(Crishna is probably going to be disappointed by this review as it’s taken me so long to post it, so sorry Crishna)

Here’s the trailer:

Jane (Antonia Prebble) is an office temp who gets a job working at a law firm and soon finds out that the previous holder of her job – Rose – is actually dead and hasn’t just moved on to another job. Rose’s best friend Linda suspects that Rose was killed and quickly recruits Jane to help her find out what happened to Rose.

The question of what actually happened to Rose runs through the whole series is the series arc, but there are also cases-of-the-week as Jane and Linda start working with Ganesh (an IT manager at the law firm) and Sonya (an accountant who also used to work there) to investigate other mysteries/cases of corporate dodginess, and to paraphrase Quantum Leap, to try to put right what once went wrong. And also to get tattoos and call themselves the Society of the Blue Rose. OF COURSE THEY DO.

I can’t give too many details as I don’t want to spoil the plot, but one of the things I liked most about the series was the pacing of the main plotline and the individual mysteries.

The real strong point of the series for me is the characters. If you want rounded, developed female characters, this has them in spades. Jane is a sympathetic protagonist who develops her own strength over the series. Linda is an amazing HBIC who has flaws aplenty and isn’t bothered by them. Sonya is a really interesting older woman who decided that she’d toed the line for too long and that she’s going to start living for herself. Krystle is hilariously self-centred. Varsha knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

On the male side of things, there is Ganesh, who is a low-status IT guy in a company of flashy lawyers who starts off being reluctant to get involved with what Jane and Linda are doing. Charlie’s one of the junior lawyers who comes from a rich family, and Simon, Rose’s/Jane’s charming boss who comes complete with a jealous wife.

(I struggled to come up with the stuff about the men other than Ganesh – the women are more interesting, which is another thing that makes the series worth watching)

Other plus points: it’s smart, it’s funny (the episode with the mobile phone game was particularly good), the plot and character developments are believable and it’s just overall very satisfying viewing. The main characters are trying to solve problems and do the right thing, which is basically catnip to me.

The downside: it doesn’t look like there’s a second series coming ever, which is a damn shame. There is no fandom and therefore no fic which is a shame as I would read it. Also it’s a TV show from New Zealand so the DVD is unlikely to be coming to stores near you any time soon. But! Never fear, for I have a 4shared account and I’m not afraid to use it:

So, tl;dr - interesting, entertaining Bechdel test-passing drama with varied characters and a plot that does get wrapped up at the end of the season, thankfully. Give it a try and then come and chat to me about it if you so wish :D.

NB this is the first time I’ve linked to something on 4Shared so yell at me if it doesn’t work.

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Date: 2014-08-25 20:42
Subject: Utopia s2 and (most of) Penny Dreadful
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Tags:penny dreadful, utopia
So this weekend in between making ALL THE JEWELLERY (and other stuff) I have been watching s2 of Utopia and s1 of Penny Dreadful (eps 1-6, anyway, so please no spoilers for last two episodes!). 

I am enjoying Penny Dreadful an awful lot - everyone has ridiculous amounts of chemistry with everyone else, and somehow even Josh Hartnett is doing a good job. It is daft and over the top and incredibly bloody (seriously, so much blood) and OH MY LORD Billie Piper's accent is terrible, but everyone else is great and I love Vanessa and Caliban especially (Victor, however, IS A DICKHEAD). I am glad it is getting a second series. 

I am not so sure I enjoyed Utopia. I appreciated certain things about it - it's very striking, and it's certainly a unique show and I do like conspiracies, but on the other hand it is very very bleak and Carvel - excuse me repeating myself - is such a dickhead. I think after episode 1 I hated him so much (although Tom Burke is still very good at looking wrecked and desperate) that it affected my enjoyment of the rest of the series. I didn't really recover from that. I felt quite distanced from it all as well, which may be partly down to the styling of the series. Still, it is very well written and I do like how they wrap things up in each series. After series 1 I couldn't really see what else they could do but having now watched it, it does seem to make perfect sense. 

I am also watching The Honourable Woman at the moment but I have three episodes of that left so I will post at the end when I can say something other than asjf;jsd;flkds;lkg;ldkg; and why don't I own The Shadow Line yet? 

(the answer to that, as usual, is that I keep forgetting to go and look for it in the shops)
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Date: 2014-08-23 23:03
Subject: Funny how things work out
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Tags:rambling, rl, work
Earlier in the week I was talking to the guy I sit next to at work about school because it was GCSE results day and we work on exam papers. 

During the course of the conversation I explained how I only ended up doing Classics at school because I changed schools between Year 9 and Year 10 (beginning of GCSE course for those outside UK) because my mum died and we moved back to London. I'd originally planned on doing French and German but the timetable didn't work out at my new school, so I chose German and then did Classics as well. 

I hadn't thought about this for years, but back in Somerset I had planned to keep studying languages and to then eventually work in languages in some way, although back then I didn't know what I was planning to do with them or where I was planning to go. As we were talking I realised that actually I changed course a few times during my education, either because of circumstances or getting fed up with the subject and then finding something new (Heritage Studies <3) and then when that was done with I changed again because I realised I wasn't willing or able to work for nothing while I got relevant experience in the Heritage industry. 

So after my degree I had some office jobs, including one that was rubbish that had a good bonus system (which helped me afford the flat, because I'd been saving my bonuses and as much of my salary as possible), and then seven years ago (!?!?!?!) I got my current job, working on exam papers. And the papers I worked on changed over the years (some languages, Economics, Engineering & Manufacturing, Accounting etc.), until last November when we merged with another team (we actually split away from them about 9 years ago, I think, but they do love fiddling with stuff in my company) and I took over working on International GCSE language papers. This is the first time everything I work on has been MFL papers, but it wasn't until talking to my colleague that actually, I am doing what I wanted to do when I was 14, even if back then I only had the vaguest idea of what would be interesting. 

I can't even tell if this is serendipity or if it just proves that I am a very predictable person (I totally am though)! 

I am in currently in the frame of mind where I think that generally things work out, but sometimes it takes a little while longer than you'd like. I am currently in this frame of mind mostly because I'm typing this in a maisonette - my maisonette - which is super quiet on a Saturday night and is generally quiet enough for me to sleep without earplugs, which is something I thought was going to be a long way off. So yeah, it took a while and it was really fucking difficult at various points along the way, but I got there in the end. 
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Date: 2014-08-14 20:41
Subject: Quick update
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Tags:holiday, moving, rl
I thought I had an entry drafted somewhere but nvm. I have been away (Hastings as usual) but now am hoooooome. So, a few things: 

1) I have moved in
2) It is PERFECTION. I love it here, so so much. 
3) I have lost my camera battery charger so no photos yet, though I have borrowed a camera so possibly photos at weekend
4) New bed is excellent, new sofas also excellent
5) Bathroom is amazing
6) Me/solitude = OTP (to put it in slightly more words, I really really really like being on my own)
7) Still no nickname. What rhymes with maisonette?

More at the weekend, probably. Hope you are all ok!
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Date: 2014-07-21 20:59
Subject: Slated by Teri Terry
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Tags:books, review
So we have a book club at work, which has had some *cough* variable results (anti-rec: The Husband's Secret, AVOID) and the last meeting was to discuss Ben Okri's The Famished Road, which I found dense and monotone and which I could not finish (ditto most of the group).

By contrast, I read the latest book - Slated by Teri Terry - in about two hours flat. I was going to make a list of the things I like versus the things I didn't, but really I basically loved all of it. So here's a very positive review, hurrah!

Cut for plot spoilersCollapse )
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Date: 2014-07-11 22:27
Subject: I am a homeowner again!
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Tags:rl, wonderflat but not really
 My purchase of the currently-without-a-nickname maisonette completed on Tuesday (there's nothing that rolls of the tongue the way Wonderflat did, sadly). It's mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine!

Sadly I have not moved in yet as my stuff has not been delivered but I am using the time to paint just to brighten things up. Also I am having the bathroom redone next week so that is exciting! 

Other exciting things:

1) I have two bedrooms, or a bedroom and a craft room :D
2) I have a garden! Which Lesley is very sweetly doing a lot of work in for me because she is ace and I am not a gardener
3) Relatedly, I now own a lawnmower
4) I have bought a new bed (has been delivered but was damaged SIGH) and new sofas
5) I met all my neighbours on the first day and they are a) mostly women and b) mostly older (this is good for my noise worries as the people I had problems with before were generally male and young to middle aged)
6) It's really bloody quiet!!!
7) I now live in Greenwich!! Admittedly this is no different to the last four months OR the time before the four years I was in Lewisham, but really that just makes it better because Greenwich is home. 
8) It's not up a steep hill!
9) It's also not on the second floor! It is, in fact, on the ground floor, YAY!

So that's it for now - I will have more updates and photos as stuff progresses but atm it's quite empty and echo-y. Soon it will be full of all my stuff though :)
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Date: 2014-06-12 20:07
Subject: The 5 best things about the Psy/Snoop Dogg Music Video
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Tags:i want my mtv, music
Oh, I had such good intentions, people. I was going to post about flat stuff, I was going to post about X-Men and Edge of Tomorrow, I was going to post on Metropolithan. I was going to post actual content about stuff I've been doing recently. But no.

Earlier I was exercising and flipping through music channels as I usually do, and I saw this:

This is the new song from Psy ft. Snoop Dogg, which is the best Snoop Dogg collaboration since Signs with Justin Timberlake (here if you're unfamiliar: 

The video matches well to the concept, which is to say it is quite bonkers. Here are the best bits:

1) Snoop Dogg sitting up in the bath right at the beginning

No Snoop Dogg:

Snoop Dogg!

2) shot glass dominoes!

3) Snoop Dogg's dancing

4) The boys go out for drinks and meet some ladies

5) The boys and their ladyfriends skipping down the road

...and A light up tambuorine that I could not get clearly in a screenshot. Excellent work, everyone. 

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Date: 2014-05-17 20:56
Subject: I GOT MY RING!!
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So in this post ( I mentioned that I was having a particular ring made and now I HAVE IT AAAAAAAAAAH :D :D :D 

I first saw this ring just over five years ago at a craft show I went to with Crishna. I loved it but couldn't afford it at the time, so I did not buy it but unusually for me did not totally forget about it over the years, and occasionally checked back to look at it and sigh wistfully. I honestly could not be more excited about finally owning this ring. I spent the years in between presuming that actually I was never going to be able to justify the cost to myself when there were so many more practical things I could spend that much money on. And then, when I'd sold my flat, my manager suggested I get myself something I wouldn't normally buy. Something like expensive jewellery (she'd only been my manager for about three months at this point but I am pretty easy to read). And suddenly I remembered That Ring. That Ring I Had Tried On Five Years Before. 

The ring is made by Poppy Porter ( Like the other jewellery, this ring is made from anodised titanium and the decoration is some sort of photo inlay lacquered onto the titanium. I got it in purple with a satin finish, though depending on the light there are strong red and gold elements to the ring. It's comfortable to wear (have so far taken it to work twice) and gets in the way much less than you'd think. It is also, obviously, beautiful. 

And now for the photos!

lots of picsCollapse )

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Date: 2014-05-13 20:15
Subject: Atomium
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Tags:brussels, holiday, pictures
The Atomium is a massive structure...thing out near the end of one the metro lines in Brussels. It was originally built for the World Fair in 1958 (also known as Expo 58, which is a far cooler name). It's 102 metres high, and the shape represents an iron crystal multiplied 165 billion times (!!).

It was originally only supposed to last for the duration of the Expo but it proved to be so popular that it stayed open  to the public afterwards. It was closed for a big renovation in 2004, which included replacing the original aluminium spheres with stainless steel. It reopened in 2006 and now gets about half a million visitors a year, iirc (not nearly enough imo, more people should go). 

There are nine spheres in the Atomium, of which five are open to the public (although one of those is the Children's Sphere which is only for school groups). We didn't go right up to the top sphere (despite the temptation of a panorama) because the queue was massive and we'd already been in a queue for a stupid amount of time (that's the problem with tall buildings just made for climbing). 

View from outside, anyway:

outside viewsCollapse )
Inside the Atomium:

inside the atomiumCollapse )
There was a viewing platform in one of the spheres so you can get a higher view without going up o the panorama.

looking out from one of the spheresCollapse )
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Date: 2014-05-05 13:51
Subject: Brussels photos pt 1! Hotel & view
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Tags:brussels, holiday, pictures
This weekend Crishna and I went off to Brussels for a short trip and we had an EXCELLENT time. We went on the Eurostar (always a win) so it took just two hours to get there (I really love the Eurostar, people). In a lot of ways Brussels is a fairly typical European city, in that there are a lot of old tall narrow buildings, a whole heap of churches and a massive pile of chocolate to be had (SO MUCH chocolate).

We stayed at the Pantone Hotel (, which is a decent hotel if you're on a low-budget but you want an interesting concept. Pantone are the people who standardise colour swatches for manufacturers. They also make a range of home products such as mugs and coasters and pots and all sorts of things I really want to own :D (I bought two little flowerpots and a card holder at the hotel and it was a strain not to buy more, haha!).

inside the hotelCollapse )

view from the hotelCollapse )
More photos to come later of the Atomium, other bits of Brussels and some of the stuff I bought. 

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Date: 2014-04-23 21:46
Subject: Musketeers fic recs pt 2
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Tags:rec, the musketeers
This post has taken me ages and is ridiculously long. However it is for a really really good reason.

More Musketeers fic recs for a few reasons:
  • the show ate my brain and continues to do so even though it’s finished (whhhhhy did filming have to start so soon? I was looking forward to not being obsessed)
  • the fic is really good
  • I told delgaserasca I’d do some het/gen/AU fic recs
Unfortunately it then turned out that I had too many recs that could cross those categories so this is just a massive list, sorry not sorry.

Fics are organised by author name and I have tried to mark whether they’re gen/het/slash/AU/wip, though this list is so long now I’ve probably got something wrong. Any errors in labelling are mine, obviously.

Devouring Time and Chageful Chance by akathecentimetre and JakartaInn (mostly gen with implied slash/het, AU)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy AU. Would have liked this to have been longer, it’s great :D

His Smile Me Draws, His Frown Drives Me Away ch 9 by akathecentimetre (gen)

Cute prompt fill about Treville and Anne (title has nothing to do with content, it seems to be the series title). I don’t want to say anything else, haha!

Turn and Turn Again by AndreaLyn (slash, chapters at time of posting: 7/?)

I am LOVING this modern reincarnation AU. Loving every bit of it.

A night in London by Ariana (het)

Short Athos/Milady post s1

Complementary by breathtaken (het)

Athos/Milady d/s pegging fic, yay

Silk, Velvet, Feathers, Furs by breathtaken (het)

Hot Aramis/Athos/Ninon fic (alternate scene for 107)

At Her Own Hand by breathtaken (het)

Aramis/Constance (sort of)

I know the weight of your throat by cartographies (slash)

The summary for this fic ‘Porthos beats Aramis up, beats him up again, sex.’

And such is the torment (of giving your organs) by cartographies (het)

Featuring an Anne who knows what she’s doing (and how risky it is) and knows what she wants.

every time i see your face by cherryfeather (het, slash)

Incredibly hot D’artagnan/Constance fic. The second part (OT5, hello) has now been posted and is just as good

Let your bones show by cherryfeather (slash)

Very hot and hopeful (sounds odd I know) OT3 fic

Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno by cherryfeather (AU, WIP, het, slash, chapters at time of posting 6/?)

Slightly odd modern uni AU (possibly because I actually know bugger all about fencing so all that stuff goes right over my head) but getting nicely involved and emotional as it goes on.

Balizarde by Cunien (gen)

Porthos-centric gen, I really liked this fic’s characterisation

Call it your day number one by evewithanapple (femslash)

Really good coming out fic featuring Fleur from 108

all you’ve been allowed by evewithanapple (het)

Bonacieux/Constance, TW for emotional abuse, depressingly plausible but with a hopeful ending at least

(Un)Fulfilled by Evening_Bat (slash)

Aramis/Porthos. Pining.

Of Peaches and Feathers by FeatheredShadow (het)

A really interesting look at a few months in the life of the queen (before 109)

A Dangerous Liaison/A Dangerous Game by Fredbassett (slash)

Athos/Treville fic, not a pairing I’d thought of before reading but I really like these fics

Cold and Closed by FunkyInFishnet (het)

I really like Aramis in this fic

As Good As A Rest by FunkyInFishnet (het)

Interesting look at Alice Clerbeaux after 108

Stay Awake With Me ( You Know I Can't Just Let You Be) by glowcult (het)

Angsty Athos/Milady

Thou Like Adamant by icarus_chained (slash)

Porthos/Aramis (just) after 103

I Pay It Gladly by Jevvica (gen, wip, chapters at time of posting: 3/?)

Really intriguing gen mission fic with an interesting OFC - really looking forward to seeing where this goes (NB have only read chapter 1, so yay, two new chapters for me!).
One Breath by Kerosene (het)

D’artagnan/Constance porn after episode 7

Heal by Degrees by lynndrye (gen)

I know it’s not a surprise that this is a really good fandom for h/c, but this is a really good fandom for h/c. In this fic, Athos and Porthos have to patch each other up without Aramis.

To catch your eyes by Mackem (slash)

Aramis pining. I keep hoping there will be another part to this where he actually says something but it’s not happened yet (although this really applies to any pining fic in this fandom, I just want it to have a happy ending!).

in love with your careless moments by magisterquitum (het)

Anne/Aramis expanding on 109

No strings to bind your hand by Magnetism_bind (het)

Brief Athos/Ninon piece with nice character work

At the end of it all series by Mithlomi (het)
A Very Fine Hat 

Fluffy D’artagnan/Constance series, I really like the third one (and only realised today that they’re a series, hahaha)

Cutting a Dash by mnemosyne (gen)

D’artagnan is a tactile drunk. Light gen fic.

The language of half-lidded eyes by Ponderosa (slash)

Weirdly there is barely any Athos/Aramis fic to speak of (outside of OT3/OT4), but I thought this one was good

For Want Of A Needle by pristineungift (slash, AU)

As mentioned elsewhere, there’s not much proper angst in this fandom, but here is an AU ending for 103. Super pleased it’s just an AU, that’s all I’m saying.

Forged Bonds by Red_Tigress (gen)

This is an excellent long gen fic about the long road to Porthos becoming a Musketeer. It’s really well-paced and a very satisfying read.

I Dream Of The Court by Red_Tigress (gen)

Porthos angst. Reading this made me realise how little pure angst there is in this fandom, and also that I’d quite like some more. 

About Grace by romancandles (slash)

Although this is Aramis/Porthos it’s not really the focus of the fic. It’s more about Porthos being a Musketeer.

And All Is Well by schweinsty (gen)

D’artagnan h/c after episode 1

Actus Contritionis by schweinsty (gen)

Angsty Athos gen, very in character

An Anatomy Of The Human Heart by spycandy (het, chapters at time of posting: 3/4)

Really enjoyable Athos/Ninon fic post series 1

(ETA: complete now and really good!!)

Before the Night Will End by stardropdream (slash)

More Aramis/Porthos post 103. I really like the way this fic looks at their relatioship.

Due Punishment by Suzie_Shooter (slash)

Excellent, long, satisfying h/c fic leading into OT4

Captive Audience by Suzie_Shooter (gen)

Gen featuring Athos and the Mother Superior from 109

Subtext by Suzie_Shooter (slash)

Excellent Porthos/Athos fic, one of my favourites

Starts With Goodbye by sweetrupturedlight (het, chapters at time of posting: 3/5)

More post series fallout from the queen’s pregnancy. I really like the Athos and Aramis interaction in this one.

We sleepy children series by whiplash (slash) (link to part 1, smooth our thoughts from our brow)

A very slow burn leading to OT3 (not sure if the series is finished, three parts so far)

(not quite) a walk in the park by whiplash (slash)

Another fic based on the same prompt as Heal by Degrees - Athos and Porthos have to patch each other up without Aramis there

Kink Meme Fill #9 by whiplash (gen, au)

Far too short fic in which Porthos is basically Sherlock Holmes

Kink Meme Fill #11 by whiplash (gen)

I read this last night and absolutely adored it. Short fic prompted by the idea of them all living together as per the most recent Musketeers film (which, btw, I watched recently and it was GREAT)

A Rebellious Woman by theworthofhollin (au, wip, chapters at time of posting: 7/?)

D’artagnan is a girl in disguise! Gosh I love this trope, and am enjoying this fic very much.

Never Quite Eden series (currently includes A Mermaid Has No Tears and Off the Edge of the Map) by writteninhaste (au)

Thematically linked fics best described as magical creature AUs - both stories are complete at the moment but I hope there might be more. Not an AU I’d been thinking about but a different take on things and worth a read.

...And now I need to go and comment on these fics!
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Date: 2014-03-01 20:18
Subject: New jewellery!
Security: Public
 So, one of the things I decided when I sold the flat was that it would finally be time to buy myself this piece of excellence:

It has since been ordered and is being made and will be with me in 6-8 weeks HELL YEAH. In the meantime, I ordered a couple of other pieces which arrived today and oh, they are beautiful.

I got the blue chrysanthemum cocktail ring and necklace, made in laser-cut titanium with electronically layered colours (!!!!). The necklace is also made with freshwater pearls and the centre piece of each flower is a large pearl. 


Ring picsCollapse )


necklace picsCollapse )

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Date: 2014-02-16 22:09
Subject: Musketeers fic recs
Security: Public
Tags:fic, rec, the musketeers


So, The Musketeers (BBC version) is great. I presume you’re all watching it but if not, it’s really worth it :D. There's lots of fighting and some really, really attractive men (yes, yes, there's plenty of other things to recommend it, but I'm currently separated from my Transporter/District 13 DVDs, give me a break). There’s no new episode this week thanks to the BAFTAs (damn you, BAFTAs!) so you’ve got time to a) catch up and/or b) read fic.

I myself am currently rewatching episode 1 while writing this post. Excellent choice of activities for the evening.

I actually managed to last about three episodes before going looking for fic, which is quite a long time for me. For a small fandom it’s steadily growing and already contains some really good stuff. This is the stuff I’ve enjoyed so far.

Sewn by Stardropdream

This is my favourite fic in the fandom so far. It’s a lovely look at Aramis and Porthos post 103, hot but with some nice character work.

He kisses him, distracting, one hand sliding down over Porthos’ naked chest, his sentiment meaning he must trace over every scar he encounters, and his other hand resting on his shoulder, to keep him down – the touch light so as not to hurt him.

One of Us by breathtaken

Foursome fic. Basically Aramis wants to seduce D’Artagnan and convinces the others it’s a good idea (there’s now a second part of this I haven’t read yet).

"And where am I going to get good wine from in a day and a half?" Aramis affects annoyance, but Porthos can see his eyes are suddenly alive. He’s long observed that for Aramis, the risk inherent in such a liaison actually enhances the pleasure, which for Porthos doesn’t really bear thinking about. "Like he would know the difference anyway."

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa by chaletian

Short Athos gen.

There is almost some poetic justice in being so judged. He can embrace it. Perhaps in this his earlier guilt will be expiated.

Prodigal Son by Suzie_Shooter

Fun gen fic

"Go home, D'Artagnan," Athos said coldly. "And stay there."

Not trusting himself to speak, D'Artagnan turned his back on them, mounted his horse and spurred it on, clattering out of the courtyard in silent fury and humiliation.

There was a pause.

"That was harsh," Porthos said, giving Athos a look that was half rebuke and half puzzlement.

"If a few hard words put him off, he's got no business being here in the first place," Athos said blandly.

My Brother’s Keeper/My Keeper’s Brother by sinistrocular

Gen fics about what the aftermath of Savoy, set directly after.

“He’s lucky to be alive.” Athos sat down on Aramis’s other side once again, neatly redressing the ghastly wound they both blamed for their friend’s stupor.

What they didn’t expect was the snort of air Aramis blew out of his nostrils. It seemed almost like it was meant to be a laugh if he’d had energy enough to do so.

Secrets and Skirmishes by dreamlittleyo

Athos/D’Artagnan with a good Athos voice

Tomorrow he will remember to be appalled with himself. Tonight he needs only this.

Afraid of Being Alone by Mackem

Nice Porthos/Aramis fic set after 103

“I didn’t mention innocence,” Porthos grins. “I don’t believe you were ever innocent, Aramis. I’ll bet you smirked before you smiled.”

Take my milk for gall by Chaletian

Really good Milady gen

She has never been a good woman. Virtue is not in her nature.

There is nothing on earth that we share by Chaletian


“A night-time assassination?” she replies, reaching out, lightly touching his hair. “How very tedious. You’ll suffer when I kill you, my dear Athos.”

Sure by deinonychus_1

Athos/D’Artagnan fluff, I really like this

“I was starting to think you’d never wake up.”

“I’m starting to wish I hadn’t.”

A Friend In Need by Suzie_Shooter

Athos/Porthos post ep 1

Porthos lifted his hat and scrubbed a hand through his hair, wishing Aramis was there. He was generally the one more suited to flights of philosophy.

Fair Trade by Suzie_Shooter

Athos/Porthos/Aramis fic, another really good one

"Suppose we'd better make it quick," Porthos sighed. "Or he'll be back looking for us."

"So are we doing ourselves, or each other?" Aramis enquired, and Athos snorted.

"And to think they call you the romantic one."

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Date: 2014-02-04 21:33
Subject: Moving news!
Security: Public
Tags:moving, rl
Just a quick message for anyone who might need to know - I am moving out of my flat next Weds and from then on will be at my parents' until I find a new place (I am looking but nothing that's caught my eye so far).

It's still all slightly tedious but I am finally a) getting through the work and b) getting to the exciting part. Having spent the last five days being very, very ill, I am looking forward to having a bit of a rest when I get to my parents'. 

I have looked at a few places but nothing that's particularly caught my eye so far...
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Date: 2014-01-02 10:19
Subject: If I only had a potion, some magical notion
Security: Public

Hello, all! Hope you had a good Christmas period. Mine was pretty good, although much noisier than I’d have liked.

Perhaps most excitingly, (try to work out how much I’m joking – even I’m not sure) I got back on the chocolate after 2 ½ months off. And DAAAAAMN, it was good.

I was over at the parents’ as usual, and got lots of lovely presents including oodles of new stuff for my kitchen. Sadly that stuff is all in my parents’ loft as I am packing up my place at the moment (anyone wondering why I am doing this without a moving date: it is just me, so if I don’t do this stuff, it is not going to get done).

I also had a good birthday, during which I did bugger all. I got some fab books, which so far are not packed away, hurrah! The weather was a bit rubbish, which meant I couldn’t go out for a long walk as planned, so I mostly faffed about with my niece’s tablet (she did not seem that bothered tbh), swore at my phone for being a git (have since reset it to factory settings and all is well now), ate chocolate and drank champagne (bless my Dad for buying champagne this year - white wine just makes me sleepy at the moment).

I was supposed to work on the 27th but the trains weren’t running so I did more sitting about doing nothing (well, I did do some writing) and playing with my nieces.

On the 28th I took my niece to see Frozen, which I really enjoyed (<3 Elsa) and then my BIL took me home back to my lovely quiet flat omg yay so quiet (until Downstairs Man started up). I then did more sorting/packing and playing about with laptop. Repeat that for the 29th.

I was in work on the 30th, and I realise I am incredibly boring but it was nice to have something normal to do (also quiet, as Downstairs Man was being noisy on the 29th as well). Also meant I got round to sending a bunch of flat-related emails that my parents have been bugging me about.

31st I cooked (macaroni cheese with apples – tbh both parts lovely but would have been just as good separate), cleaned and did more faffing on the laptop (I installed Bluestacks and then Candy Crush Saga because my niece had it, hahaha). Crishna came over for NYE as is traditional, though Downstairs Man was annoying (again) and next door started playing music AT MIDNIGHT, as you do (he did stop at 1, thankfully). It wasn’t the greatest NYE ever because we were both very tired, and had it been a normal night I’d have probably gone to bed at 10.

2013 wasn’t great, so I am hoping that 2014 is better and at the very least involves less dickish neighbours. I have made a grand total of one resolution, which is to eat less meat. I don’t think I can give up entirely, but I am going to try to reduce the amount I eat. All my other aims for the year (write, see my friends who live further away more often, find a house) aren’t really resolutions as I already had them in mind. And I already exercise at least 6 times a week – it’s not really a resolution if you’re just going to keep plugging away, is it?

Yesterday I did – no surprise – more packing, and the weather was shit, so we stayed in. I put my giant sofa on FreelyWheely and amazingly have had three replies, even after pointing out in the listing it would be a pain to clear. Hoping I might even get it picked up this weekend, which would be super useful. Hurrah for that, anyway!

Today I am at work (typesetting yay) and then over to my parents’ tonight. The weather forecast for the weekend is rubbish, which is a shame as I would have liked to have gone out somewhere. Ah well, more packing (there’s still an entire bookcase to tackle). And if I can get the sofa picked up I’ll have a decent amount of space for the boxes, woo.

With regards to Christmas TV – thought Who was ok but not great, enjoyed Death Comes To Pemberley (oh, Tom Ward, so lovely <3 <3), enjoyed Last Tango In Halifax a lot, thought Strictly was fun (and I loved a. the shameless overmarking of Elaine Paige and b. Rufus and Flavia’s dance), and struggled my way through Downton (I don’t watch it, but Lesley does so I was being nice), although I did like Paul Giamatti. Call the Midwife was as fantastic as usual.

I watched Sherlock, which I found more irritating than anything else, and were it not for Lars Mikkelsen I’d just give up now. Meh. I did also watch episode 6 of Sleepy Hollow, which I am really enjoying. And I know this isn’t news but goodness me, Tom Mison is attractive.

Was there other stuff on? Probably. I haven’t watched Big Fat Quiz of the Year yet, although I did see a little bit last night.

Excitingly a new series of Silent Witness starts tonight, yay! Not entirely sure about Emilia Fox’s hair this series – will have to wait to see it in motion.

I really must take a photo of one of my presents to use as a new default icon. 

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